Thursday, January 24, 2008

casual talk

Given that English language is widely used, and none amongst (my) non-Emi friends correspond wholly in Arabic (or any other language) – over the years, friends and I have sort of developed an informal set of phrases & expressions (friends joke, these can be uaeian phrases/expressions) Below are common & casual few from the uaeian vocabulary. I’ve listed a few, if used in dialogue/or a sentence.

Do pardon if I've slightly butchered two noble languages – however, I put forth (cultural) evolution as a meek defense.

1. Nikka-fied - as in Nikkah between a bride and bridegroom: "A & B were Nikka-fied last week". Likewise, "Talaq-ed" (hopefully fewer shall have to use that)

2. Inshallah-ed/Mashallah-ed: "Towards the end of our conversation, he inshallah-ed our views" or "I think he inshallah-ed it?". - (do note, this can be used positively, as well as a "passive" negative and if things are uncertain).

3. "Kaif halak/halik you?" - as in, how are you?

4. "Ana doing good" - as in, "I am doing good"

5. "Ma'assalama for now" - as in, bye for now.

6. "Tayyeb-ed it" as in Okayed: "We've Tayyeb-ed the weekend plan"

7. "Shukrans" as in Thanks - "Many Shukrans"

8. "Ain you goin" - as in, "where you going?"

9. "Khubz & Jam" - i.e. bread & Jam (well, this ain't new, it's been in place since kindergarten days)

10. Mabrootulations - Mabrook & congratulations conjoined: "Hey Mabrootulations on the baby"

There's more - however, I shall stop at ten, for now.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Nope, I didn't bake that - a friend bought it from this tiny (well kept secret) store in the city.

She's been talking about 'em for ages. The chocolate (with mouse) cake was sinfully chocoholic & beyond - loved it to the core - totally wicked!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

soul talk

Being busy can be an excuse, however, often reality. Am back at work and faced with deadlines, even before I've had the chance to sit on my chair and say "hmmm".

Late evenings (yes already), calls, meaningless meetings - people flying into the city - more meetings on numbers that quite well might make or break a deal - dealing with a hundred voicemails, emails and all. Out for dinner & drinks, appease/entertain corporate guests, small talk, kiss ass talk, empty talk and hollow laughter - whilst simultaneously easing out jetlag, homesickness and all.

Times like these, I ponder away - what is the purpose of life? When shall I get to do more of those simple things that matter as well - have all that sufficient time for family, friends and do things that matter to the heart, conscience and well being?

At this point - the purpose seems (mostly) destined to slave away given corporate slavery. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, and most folks I work with - plus am paid well - not much to complain, I guess. However, there is much more I'd like to do - and have. I am not talking material aspects of life, instead those simple pleasures most often taken for granted - which seem harder to come by as we get older.

There are only so many days we get on this wonderful planet, with people and places that have come to define who we are. When time is up - it's up, there is no going back. How can I have some of that cake and eat it as well - not asking much, is it?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

underwater city

So SHJ has become an underwater city again!.

Whoever is involved with planning of SHJ need to realize, an efficient infrastructure is the lifeline of an Emirate. The lack of what clearly seems insufficient planning towards the city's infrastructure is appalling.

Issues given the recent downpour in DXB is not bad compared to underwater city next door -good 'ol SHJ. It seems we never learn from the past or the neighbour next door. SHJ is a disaster - residents are overwhelmed given the constant pour & flooding. A friend left for work this morning at 8:45AM and got into Dubai Damac offices at 2PM! Another friend's rental car outlet, is flooded, given SHJ's drainage system is clogged and/or overwhelmed.

Across newer areas of Al Nahda & Al Khan (the new Corniche area) there's just way too many construction of high rises and insufficient roads or sewage structure.

As you drive into SHJ(from DXB) - can't help notice close proximity of buildings, often built right on the highway - there is just no room for expansion - in some instances, residents step off the building lobby, right into a highway, I kid you not! There is little (read none/zero)concept applied, similar to DXB, wherein a buffer is maintained for future road (width) expansion.

SHJ can be the beautiful Emirate/suburbia, it once was - people need to stop/scale back on ill fated planning, pointless beautification projects & most often, greed driven high rise construction craze. Take a look at what they've done to the lovely Buhaira Corniche, once amongst the most beautiful places in the UAE. Collectively, it's killing this once beautiful Emirate.

Apologies on the rant - can't help it.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

random thoughts

It's been rather whirlwind couple of weeks - am not sure how (or why) days pass in haste. Christmas, post Christmas/New Year parties amongst casual get together, took a lot of my time. It's quite heart warming to know people sincerely wish to with me, spend time, chat up and have me as part of their celebrations or casual rendezvous.

In many ways, it's been fantastic to be home and reflect upon a few aspects - from self, to changes in people's lives (many of whom I've grown up with) and also changes across the nation. At times, I feel quite distant from most - yet quite attached, just like old times. Confusing and understandable.

However, along with the positive there has been the share of unpleasantness. Most often, I think, I have matured to see & remember the good, and let the unpleasantness pass by. Over the years, I have come to realize, reality can be quite different from (preconceived) perception.

Spending time at home with mom & dad brings most joy. Simple pleasures - as having tea in my mom's garden, casual chats with mom, her home cooking, basic repairs at home or walking into the local café - to a brisk stroll through town or an action packed outing with friends seem precious moments I have always taken for granted back in the days.

Changes across DXB - SHJ leaves me breathless. Am not a huge fan of supersonic changes, however (partly) witnessing DXB transform itself much towards it's ambitious road map is inspiring to say the least. It's not all perfect, however - having lived with it from infancy - witnessing what it has become today feels surreal & inspiring - sort of tells you, nothing is impossible. As for SHJ, well it's home, am quite sentimental - however shall say, if people put a little more thought, a whole lot more can be done for the better.

I have several thoughts to blog/debate on - however (lame excuse) time is quite short. Many more folks to meet, many more newer places to see and couple of personal issues to deal with. I confess I have had some guilt for absence from blogworld.

All said I haven't been this happy for a while. It feels good to have a break, away from the capitalistic madness/rush of amazing New York City (at times I miss it all) and splurge on simple quality moments - quite refreshing, shwarmah for the soul indeed.