Monday, June 26, 2006

Native Expats or a UAEian

Native expatriate - souls born & raised in the UAE - second/third generation UAE expats who perhaps are at a rather unsettling position. Wanting to call a place home they've lived their entire lives - however cannot - primarily given the naturalization & immigration laws (or lack there of) in the UAE - hence may have to rather move on for stability - often out of choice and/or stay on and hope the future brings 'em some much needed stability.

Given the current development & growth and bearing in mind the future of this nation - I truly feel it perhaps is high time the UAE government pay attention or give some sort of recognition to Native expat souls - who've been born, raised and have lived in the UAE all their lives. Individuals who have fantastic global experiences and education from reputable international schools be given some sort of a stable preference/recognition.

I am not calling for immediate citizenship and rights equal to Emaratis - however some sort of stability to work and live in the nation of their birth - something that offers them more stability - if not immediate rights as citizen.

I request Emarati souls to put themselves in shoes of "expat" souls similar to myself - who are 2nd/3rd generation expats residents of the UAE - going back 30 – 40+ years. We may hold international citizenships - may have fantastic careers elsewhere - and perhaps not be choice. However, how do you tell someone and their parents who have spent their entire lives in a land - thank you for your wonderful help, it is time to please move on and by the way you have got xx amount of time to do so?

The UAE government has a plan to grow this country - they need permanent human resources who are familiar with the land, the ways of working - and respect the place, second to none. I know there exists second & third generation expat souls who, as much as Emaratis are willing to participate in order to put the UAE above all (and some above their own self development) - so that this nation and it's future generations both Emaratis and "Native expats" alike can have a solid nation supported by a buoyant and growing economy with peaceful coexistence.