Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SAC 2 and AUH

"Abu Dhabi tourism is set to get a boost from the film ‘Sex and the City 2’, despite not a single scene having been shot in the city, analysts have said."

"However, the National reports on Monday, analysts said scenes like the women riding camels in the desert and at a local market – filmed in Morocco – will promote Abu Dhabi’s tourism sector."

Dubai refuses Sex and the City filming.

Not sure if this a good thing. I cannot imagine Carrie or Samantha making it through week one without.. well, you know. OK, seriously, I think it'd work if they strike an appropriate balance being contemporary, yet decent and civilized.

On SAC the movie -- I haven't watched all SAC episodes, however couldn't escape the shows appeal since most single folk in this city inevitable throw around SAC in conversations. Once I caught on, I could tell the show was a healthy casual comic, not just for girls, but the guys + had more than some true to life story telling of the NYC dating scene. Sarah J has (or had) an amazing "chick appeal" -- a feel good fusion of being contemporary and an appealing old fashioned vulnerability you'd love to see in most women these days. And so did each of the other characters. The show hit well with singles in this city. Personally, I think the series had more soul back in the day to the movie.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

bling bling!

Ay Caramba! Is this for real?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

much love

Despite the cooking lessons and more, I've not 'developed' beyond the burnt toast, jam and the coffee phase -- yes, I am 'challenged', with cooking. Hence, the primary survivor instinct in this city -- make friends with folks (read, mostly women) who are brilliant cooks. Despite the drama & diva DNA, they whip up the most amazing stuff effortlessly. This weekend a couple of girls baked a birthday cake for a close common friend. It was sort of girly looking thing, however pretty well made. Someone had a slice of the 'bitch' (the cake). It was delicious, so good - almost evil. Here's the before picture.