Thursday, April 15, 2010

bling bling!

Ay Caramba! Is this for real?


El Shahlab said...

Bling bling big time!

I wonder what's indicated as the car's color in the registration card.

Veh Type: Mercedes
Model: SLR
Year: 2009
Color: Bling bling!


rosh said...

haha! yup bling bling indeed. I didn't know the colour was LEGAL? He / she could have topped it up with diamond studs - La Paris H :) I wonder if it was customized or direct from the factory?

El, may I ask what colour is your baby? Mine is silver.

Jayne said...

Can you imagine this being driven during a Middle East summer? The owner wouldn't even be able to open the door!
Daft git (owner) has got more money than sense!

El Shahlab said...

It's not legal. He must have a 'bling' last name to pull off something like this.

Silver? It must be a BMW :)I love royal blue color, and the metallic light blue color known with BMW's cars.

But my car isn't blue ;)

rosh said...

Ai Ai Saffie I hear ya! :) Long time no speak. How have you been? It's true, how would he drive about in the UAE summer..jee?

El, that is true. He must have the 'bling' to pull it off :) I like the colour - Aruba metallic blue. I agree It's a feel good / healthy colour, though not every car can carry it off eh. I think an Audi can carry that colour better to the BMW. Perhaps it's coz I'm not a fan of the over priced, hyped Beamers :) I'm guessing your baby is either black or white a-ha? :)

Anonymous said...

It's one of shaikh Hamdan's cars. The silver tint, or "3akis" (Reflective), means that the car is registered to a member f the Al Nehyan family OR a select few with the term Sh. or H.E. in front of their names.

But that, that's one of shaikh Hamdan's 2000 cars as I recall.

BuJ said...

no offence, but too much money, too little sense.....

unless it's a scientific galvanizing experiment of course.

Mr Rosh.. always good to read ya!

hemlock said...

rosh man! you are blogging - and not like, once in six months... what gives?

rosh said...

ABIT, pardon, but I don't know who (or which) Sheik Hamdan in AUH? 2000 CARS? Really? Are there that many different makes / models to begin with ...jee..

Touche Mr BuJ!

Hems, I try dudy, I try. Time is precious little in my life these days. Oh well. Hopefully will another one up soon.

Anonymous said...

wow! that is a very nice bling. who own it don't have to wear bling bling anymore. too much is not good. :)