Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm often critical of adverts, especially on Television. This post at UAECB has an interesting comment thread, well so far.

Topic revolve around level of nudity associated with print adverts in UAE Media. Below are some pictures in debate, as well as my comment at UAECB.

'Run yourself slim' hmm..seem to focus on the chest, shouldn't the tummy be a focal point?

'Dental health' - I'm not sure if she's got the healthiest teeth? She doesn't seem to have any at the left-end corner? But hey! cleavage rocks!

'Summer style updates' - get into a pool with all the jewelery (safety), whorish make-up, adorning micro-miniature 'swim wear' - a pair of stunning eyes and provocative pout! yum yum!

'Girly getaway' - let's not even go there..

Here's what I don't get. Ever seen one of those car adverts where you've got a pretty girl lying on top of the car, twirling around the car, throwing her hair and smile at you, enticing you to get that car? Does she come with it?

*sarcasm over*

When did a little modesty go out of fashion? A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Sort of defeats the purpose of having media or journalism censorship and restrictions when this stuff is out in the open.