Tuesday, December 25, 2007

feliz navidad

Merry Christmas & an exciting 2008 everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

going home

Less, than 8 hours to my flight from JFK to DXB and hopefully I shall be on my way home for Christmas. Busy with packing and some re-packing. I am almost done with last minute shopping, or so I thought, till dad threw in a few stuff (whilst I was on the phone with him ...... and packing)

Christmas in New York City is just amazing. Though, I have not spent a Christmas eve in NYC there is an amazing cozy yuletide cheer in the air. The city is brilliantly lit up - people shopping midst Christmas trees, lights, soulful carols and family get together. There are bits of snow and cold chilly breeze and at times crisp fall days with brilliant sunshine and blue skies - it all adds to the yuletide. A drive thru to the suburbs and you shall see beautifully lit homes with Christmas trees, lights & snow filled gardens - mom's dads', grandma's/pa's, cousins & friends, all home - in the hometown they grew up - meeting for Christmas, to reminisce the growing days & and treasured memoirs - share laughs, recipes, home cooked meals, love & care and more.

Had a few parties and dinners to attend, and there's plenty more should I stay back, however must spend Christmas eve with mom & dad, family, friends, home cooking, around the pine & presents at home and all else that matters.

Am quite excited this year on my trip - partly 'cause this year I've had a some added challenges with life and at work, however, it's all in the past and well now. At this point, I look forward to spending time with family & friends. Once home, I’ve got plans/trips thought out - hopefully I'll get to some of them. I wait anxiously for this time of the year. As soon as fall sets in, I am super excited as a little kid off on summer holidays - and start counting the days, book my flights - get started with the shopping and all.

At this point, I am all festive & happy - can't help humming away Amy Grant's sleigh ride - love the tune & lyrics ..... "just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling" .... :)


Thursday, December 13, 2007


This one's for you Joe - realize you don't fancy Wham or George, however I think you might like this oldie :)

I realize Christmas doesn't feel quite the same. Hold on/hang on to those wonderful memoirs, do whatever you have to, to move on. Treasure the spirit of Christmas & Nat. This Christmas is a whole new season - chin up & get festive!

Friday, December 07, 2007

accidents & loonies

OK, here's my beef - as the infrastructure gets better, road fatalities increase (?)or so it seems this is what's happening in the UAE. Yup, sure, traffic has increased ten fold - however the UAE, especially Dubai has some world class highways - they may not be perfect (yet),and may need a few touch ups, but it's damn good stuff.

Given the influx of folks from all parts of the globe, there exist the best & worst driving cultures in the UAE. It's amazing the varied driving cultures you shall see on a strip of highway. Accidents happen, but they are preventable - especially, when you know it could be fatal to an innocent party. Hence, I don't understand why some loonies are unable to extend that extra bit of caution.

The government is doing the best they can, so are Dubai cops (wish I could say the same for SHJ, Anjad) - and drivers must take an effort to co-operate. Loonies have got to understand, driving is a responsibility, as much as a pleasure/privilege. Lives are involved - somebody's dad, mom or kids. Way too many loonies on the roads these days - I see several every Christmas. I could go on, but have nothing new to add - there has been much debate on this topic, however little change. When in the UAE - nothing makes me more mad, than a selfish, ignorant lunatic of a driver. Folks need to mature, take responsibility and get on with sane, sensible & safe driving.

Quite sorry to hear some loonie caused you discomfort i*.. - wishing you a speedy recovery. Happy shopping for new set of wheels (me recommend the Hummer)- pleasant thoughts are with you.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy 36th Birthday - Al Emarat. Wish you continued peace, success & smiles ahead - always.

Fellow blogger, Blog Sheikh, has uploaded some fantastic videos on UAE, Sheikh Zayed and the early days - you can view it at his blog United Blogging