Thursday, December 13, 2007


This one's for you Joe - realize you don't fancy Wham or George, however I think you might like this oldie :)

I realize Christmas doesn't feel quite the same. Hold on/hang on to those wonderful memoirs, do whatever you have to, to move on. Treasure the spirit of Christmas & Nat. This Christmas is a whole new season - chin up & get festive!


Inspire Your Mind said...

Marry Christmas Rosh

kaya said...

Brokeback Mountain in winter.
What memories you have dredged up Rosh.....O levels and before dear old Georgie came out of the closet.

rosh said...

HahahahahahahA Kaya - h-o-l-y, nuffin of such sort........the cheesy oldie is dedicated to good pal Joe, nursing his break with Nat(asha). He's having a blue Christmas, hence my two fils worth cheer-up effort :)

Saaooo, seems you've had something for Georgie back in the day eh? hmmmm I dedicate this song to those lovely ladies & hearts which hurt when he walked off the closet hahahahahaha :)

Merry Christmas Kaya - me coming into AUH for your home cooking!

the real nick said...

There's only one Christmas song if you're not into gay pop, and that's David Bowie & Bing Crosbie's 'Drummer boy'!

Da rantantam tam.

rosh said...

A Christmas carol about a little boy playing his drum at the stable where Jesus Christ was born. Two men from different generations approach each other with the greatest of apprehension. They begin singing and all the walls come doubt, the best moment in David Bowies musical memories. A Christmas classic that will long out live us all.

Da rantantam tam indeed Nick!

BuJ said...

wham bham, thank you maam!

loved that quote!

Marry Christmas Rosh (sic)


Lilliy said...

Happy Holidays Rosh.. I hope you have a nice warm and happy time with your loved ones during this holiday season and every day be blessed with a good life..

i*maginate said...

looooooool Buj, - I second your comment: entirely.

You got away with the first line far better than I could have.

Shall the party be at nick's? We can have some authentic chapatis there...if he agrees to put aside his hard hat for an evening.

BuJ said...

I'll only come to the party if it's at Rosh's house and if I can see Art :)

Bridget Jones said...

I can't 'read' the song. Is it Wham's 'Last Chritmas'? This is Bridget's song to bid the past adieu this christmas :)

Lol @ Nick's comment on 'gay pop'. George (and Andy too I think!!) were two very gay men ha! ;) Drummer boy rocks indeed!