Tuesday, December 18, 2007

going home

Less, than 8 hours to my flight from JFK to DXB and hopefully I shall be on my way home for Christmas. Busy with packing and some re-packing. I am almost done with last minute shopping, or so I thought, till dad threw in a few stuff (whilst I was on the phone with him ...... and packing)

Christmas in New York City is just amazing. Though, I have not spent a Christmas eve in NYC there is an amazing cozy yuletide cheer in the air. The city is brilliantly lit up - people shopping midst Christmas trees, lights, soulful carols and family get together. There are bits of snow and cold chilly breeze and at times crisp fall days with brilliant sunshine and blue skies - it all adds to the yuletide. A drive thru to the suburbs and you shall see beautifully lit homes with Christmas trees, lights & snow filled gardens - mom's dads', grandma's/pa's, cousins & friends, all home - in the hometown they grew up - meeting for Christmas, to reminisce the growing days & and treasured memoirs - share laughs, recipes, home cooked meals, love & care and more.

Had a few parties and dinners to attend, and there's plenty more should I stay back, however must spend Christmas eve with mom & dad, family, friends, home cooking, around the pine & presents at home and all else that matters.

Am quite excited this year on my trip - partly 'cause this year I've had a some added challenges with life and at work, however, it's all in the past and well now. At this point, I look forward to spending time with family & friends. Once home, I’ve got plans/trips thought out - hopefully I'll get to some of them. I wait anxiously for this time of the year. As soon as fall sets in, I am super excited as a little kid off on summer holidays - and start counting the days, book my flights - get started with the shopping and all.

At this point, I am all festive & happy - can't help humming away Amy Grant's sleigh ride - love the tune & lyrics ..... "just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling" .... :)



Bridget Jones said...

Very cheery post, enjoyed reading about Xmas in NYC! Have fun with your family for Xmas! There's nothing like 'going home' ha!

moviemania said...

I know how you feel, I'm home right now and I couldn't be happier :) Hope you had a safe flight and are enjoying your time back home.

Haha, tell me about last minute shopping! I had to go to Walmart with my uncle at 2 AM because my mom remembered some stuff she needed.

Merry Christmas! :)

BuJ said...

Hope you arrived home safe amigo.. and catch up with you after all the food is consumed and all the wine drunk :)

Remember the number of bases when you're back home will ya?

Moviemania.. please do not stare too much at the arabs now.. remember ur in the united ARAB emirates :)

the real nick said...


Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Enjoy the barbecue!

i*maginate said...

Happy Christmas with all my heart, rosh

xxx i*

Lilliy said...

This is just a lovely post rosh.. I hope your reading this now while you are enjoying your family and your home safe.. I enjoyed this song it reminds me of this time while shopping in Montreal you hear it in every store while looking at things and waiting for boxing day sales :)
I know what you mean about New York..
I was fortunate to see New York in December and New Years two years ago and really enjoyed the holiday spirit.. it was cold to walk out and about ( picked that phrase from Canada.. lol) but I insisted on seeing the The Rockefeller Center and The Big Xmas tree which was just beautiful I wanted to attend the lighting ceremony but couldn't because of being on call in Montreal and I got to see the ice skating ring and the decorations.. it was really nice.. and every body was happy and cheerful.. the shopping was just fabulous at that time.. I would go again there during these holiday times anytime hopefully in the future.. I love NYC its amazing any time..
Marry Xmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family rosh..

i*maginate said...

nick trick

and rosh my luvly rosh

Happy, Merry Christmas


rosh said...

Allo Bridget, am rosh, rosh darcy :) Thanks, NYC is awesome, so is home - no better place to spend Christmas :)

Thanks MM, I hear yeah, it's an awesome feeling :) wow Walmart at 2am eh, am thinking the place was relatively crowded at 2am. Have fun and remember to chillax at your hood yo :p

rosh said...

Ah Mr BuJ, thanks am good, slept thru the flight and enjoyed the short stay in Amsterdam....lol yes I shall think thru the bases, but am not looking to score a "home run" this time hahahaha :)

MM re: stares, both you and i girl. I am stared at often , mostly by Desis, when I chat with them...hmmm your accent...where are you from?

rosh said...

real nick - thanks mate, same to you ta :) I am doing up my mom's Garden - she did this tiny "experiment" in her garden, and it sorta looks like a nuclear waste dump - most of her plants have died...so am helping her re-do the whole garden. Hopefully we shall be done in the next few days, and have BBQ with good food, carols and some wine.

rosh said...

thanks i*... you are sweetheart. thank you from the bottom of my heart princess! :)

lilly - the Rockefeller Center, X'mas tress, Madison Square Garden, Central Park, all those tiny streets - the entire Manhattan is another world altogether. It's true, the ambience, yuletide cheer etc all, feels amazing. Blessed are the folks who can call it home.

It seems the whole world shops at NYC prior to Christmas, especially given the exchange rate. We saw plenty of tourists at every mall, stores, on the streets, restaurants and the airports taking away tonsa goodies/presents.

rosh said...

IYM, 7S and all else within blogosphere: if you are reading this, hope you are well. Merry X'mas to you. Don't work too hard, stay safe & be good :)

BuJ said...

thanks Rosh! btw, where is 7S? he's disappeared on us.. hope he's not stuck on some border post?!!

have fun dude at home. you earned it!

Lilliy said...

"We saw plenty of tourists at every mall, stores, on the streets, restaurants and the airports taking away tonsa goodies/presents"
lol... spoken like a true New Yorker.. ha.. How do you know they are tourist especially I am thinking there will be lots of canadians?
UAEian and New Yorker.. your a man of many talents.. :)

Lilliy said...

Glad to see your enjoying home and Family..

i*maginate said...

you good soul, may you and your whole family and all your loved ones be blessed this Christmas and New Years...loads of love from the bottom of my heart too...can you express this to your mother please, in some way or another, for bringing up such a wonderful son as you (you didn't think I was serious, did you)?

rosh, you are a wonderful soul, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you forever & always.

rosh said...

lilly - re: tourists given the accents/languages...mostly it's Brits, Russians, French, German...I swear, they are like everywhere....of course plenty of Canadians too. With the US$ down against most currencies, NYC/NJ is a shopping haven. My friends from Toronto, drove down to NYC and got a Ford truck for US$27,500...the same truck had an msrp of CAD$41,000 in Toronto. Given the CAD$ is now more in value than US - my friends were thinking of having another car purchase :)

i*..thanks mate, more of those kind/sweet words - I could get diabetic lol :)

BuJ - 7S, no idea - truly saving the world I suppose :)

the real nick said...

i* and rosh - all this festive luv-in makes me feel warm around my frosty contractor's heart! Stop it already.

i* - thanks a lot, best wishes to you too.

rosh, enjoy the gardening. I remember when I lived in London every visit to my parents' house and garden induced a 'green shock'. It felt bizarrely wholesome to get real dirt under my fingernails. (Instead of the grime from the handrails in the Tube)

i*maginate said...

lol rosh, sometimes I get a lil emotional...;-)

Have a lovely time.

nick....luv ya too!

bye for now all...including 7-up.

ciao ciao...

Al Sinjab said...

Merry Christmas Rosh!! Many blessings to you and your family! Drop me a line if you go Ras Al Khaimah way :)

i*maginate said...

Dearest rosh and nick,

May you have a lovely Christmas - Merry Christmas.

My best wishes and thoughts to you both for the festivities.

Hope you have a lovely time.

Love, i*maginate

Liliy said...

Dont forget to tell us what you got for gifts and who got to wear Santa.. :) Merry Xmas Rosh ( giving you a blogger friend hug) and to all who are celebrating this Eve..

rosh said...

Thanks Sinjab - shall give you a heads up if I head towards RAK. Merry Christmas to you, mom, and all of RAK - hope you have lotsa fun :)

Thank a ton i* & lilly - very sweet of you girls, really - mucho gracias. I shall let you know who was Santa and the sort of gifts that went about :)

Bridget Jones said...

Rosh DARCY huh? :)) This Bridget will always prefer a Mr. Darcy to a Daniel Cleaver ha! ;)

The Blog Sheikh said...

Be sure to post on your trip and more importantly enjoy it!