Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SAC 2 and AUH

"Abu Dhabi tourism is set to get a boost from the film ‘Sex and the City 2’, despite not a single scene having been shot in the city, analysts have said."

"However, the National reports on Monday, analysts said scenes like the women riding camels in the desert and at a local market – filmed in Morocco – will promote Abu Dhabi’s tourism sector."

Dubai refuses Sex and the City filming.

Not sure if this a good thing. I cannot imagine Carrie or Samantha making it through week one without.. well, you know. OK, seriously, I think it'd work if they strike an appropriate balance being contemporary, yet decent and civilized.

On SAC the movie -- I haven't watched all SAC episodes, however couldn't escape the shows appeal since most single folk in this city inevitable throw around SAC in conversations. Once I caught on, I could tell the show was a healthy casual comic, not just for girls, but the guys + had more than some true to life story telling of the NYC dating scene. Sarah J has (or had) an amazing "chick appeal" -- a feel good fusion of being contemporary and an appealing old fashioned vulnerability you'd love to see in most women these days. And so did each of the other characters. The show hit well with singles in this city. Personally, I think the series had more soul back in the day to the movie.


BuJ said...

yeah, what's this about sex movies being shown in the city of abu dhabi?!?!

me thinks this is haram, or at least eye-brow-raising stuff!!!

Jayne said...

Will they show the film in Abu Dhabi?
I won't rush to see it when it reaches here - I enjoyed the series on the box but didn't rank the (1st) film too highly. SJP has certainly gone down in my estimation - any woman who gets a surrogate to carry her babies because she's "too busy" (filming) needs a wake up call.

El Shahlab said...

I would be mad if I were Morocco. SAC 2 will be filmed there, but AD will get all the credit.

But something sounds wrong; having the name of Abu Dhabi, Sex, and Tourism in the same sentence. Could imply a 'different' kind of tourism..

I am not a big fan of SAC, but I am sure, just like any other American movie filmed in the Middle East, there will be negative depictions of Arabs/ Muslims..

Speaking of movies, I just saw Precious, which was really outstanding. Monique winning the Best Supporting Actress Award was well deserved. Mariah Carey's performance was not bad too.

rosh said...

Allo guys and lady. Subsequent to your comments, I edited / rearranged the flow of the post a bit.

LOL BuJ. SAC was one of the many successful shows on HBO. It aired sometime in 1998 for 6 seasons, I think. Since it was shot in NYC and dealt with the common practicalities / drama in the city dating scene the show caught on well with most everyday folk. For me, the couch potato, it was a casual, easy on the brain cells story telling. As you know, HBO likes to pushes the boundaries. SAC's comic appeal though related to sex mostly was balanced and tastefully done, not crude -- plus it seemed to resonate with most singles and their hunt for the better half in this little Amazon Island :)

Jayne: I don't quite honestly know..depends on Samantha's rendezvous in AuH, err Morocco I suppose? :) Yeah, I'm not dying to catch this one. The first movie, a bunch of girls took a few of us, the men, as a group movie & dinner outing. It was alright. SJP in the real life seems bit of a wild duck, doesn't she? But then so are most folks in Showbiz eh.

rosh said...

El, my thoughts precisely -- especially with the culture and decency awareness, campaigns, news etc in the media on Dubai / UAE these days. And why AUH of all places?

On the flip side, it might be a good thing for Morocco, Since more than some folk may actually buy in to the make believe AUH landscape and the city's skyline as Casablanca or Marrakesh and choose to visit Morocco :)

rosh said...

BTW, EL, this is pure eye candy...waiting to 'grow up' stuff there's little substance to the movie script, actors or this post. I haven't been to the movies for many many months. Mafi time, work, work and more work.....

...and then some, take all my time.

El Shahlab said...

rosh, you have to create a work/ life balance my friend and dedicate some time for yourself.

Are you in consultancy business?

From the people I know, consultants are the most people who don't have a work/life balance, and no social life whatsoever. It's work work work 24/7..

rosh said...

Right on El. Balance / a sense of medium seem a tricky thing to find these days. It's almost seasonal in my job. I'm not in consultancy, though did my time with a Big 4 accounting firm when I lived in Dubai a 100 yrs ago, or so it seems. I was in M&A for the longest -- a few backs weeks back, took up a new finance position for the Americas. Travels limited to the US and Kanata, feels nice.

Are you in finance, an engineering wizard like our friend BuJ, or an evil kanevil banker? :D

El Shahlab said...


No, No, and - God forbid- NO!

Government :)

Don't you miss the UAE? Do you plan to come back?

BuJ said...

hey, Shah.. i'm in government too, but government is not a job-title.. just like a owning 4 tyres doesn't mean you have a car, and having a car doesn't mean you know how to drive!!!

i'm an engineer, but working for the government.. however the skill set is engineering not government haha

if sheikh mo hears about you, you'll be in trouble!!

rosh said...

El, bro, please, do not open that Pandora's box :D But seriously, dunno, someday for sure I think. I do talk to my folks & friends back home several times a day -- and there are more than a few UAEians in this city I'm friends with... we work / help balance and keep it all together :)

Government eh? Like immigration? Should I be concerned? :)

uh-oh, it's professor BuJ on reprimand mode, again! :)

El Shahlab said...


LOL Thanks for the clarification, Prof BuJ

I understood rosh's question. But I chose to give half an answer. If that's ok with you:)


Good to know other UAEians are keeping you company :)

rosh said...

uh-oh BuJ, I think El's part of the UAE secret service. Can't you tell him from his 'responses'?

Back to SAC 2 -- a good friend asked me to go with her to the SAC 2 pre-party premier in NYC (she's in to showbiz coverage for FOX news) I don't wanna go, it all feels too cheesy & girly, seeing the billboards an' all...yuckie.

BuJ said...

"LOL Thanks for the clarification, Prof BuJ"

shit !!!

this reminds me of school.. it's just a matter of time until people start calling me "el faylasoof"!!!

sadly, the word doesn't have the same respect it has in english (the philosopher)... ah well.. one of the other nicks i had was prof.. but that was given out of merit and full marks in maths and science hehe

mind u.. a person doesn't get smarter if he is surrounded by stupid students!

El Shahlab said...


"uh-oh BuJ, I think El's part of the UAE secret service. Can't you tell him from his 'responses'?"


Becareful. You might find men in black suits and black shades at your door ;)

Reg. SAC 2, I'd say go! Have fun!
Let us know what you think..:)

rosh said...

"Full marks" as in A+ in Math and Science? Jeez I can REALLY picture you now Mr BuJ :) Are you callig me stupid? I was never good at math -- especially cRaZY geometry stuff, like why WOULD I need to prove X=Y and something that CLEARLY looks a triangle IS IN FACT a triangle? lol :)Anyhoooo it's in the P-A-S-T, phew!

El, I can take 'em on.. I'll just call upon the bossy Italian divas I know in this city wahaha :)

Thanks El, I'd go and have some fun, however when it gets a little too Oprah / Manolo Blahnik..kinda puts me off. Perhaps I'll get to take some pictures and post 'em here.

rosh said...

BuJ, what or who is "el faylasoof"?

El, what does Shahlab mean?

El Shahlab said...


It's a made up word. Which happens to be my nick name.
That's also half of the answer for now :p

Hope I don't get lectured by BuJ again LOL

rosh said...

Thanks El. I'm always curious to learn Arabic words / phrases etc. I attended the Os & As -- no Arabic. Believe it or not, the little Arabic I know is from the professor -- very patient, explains in detail and even translates almost all his Arabic blog posts to English, so we the non Arab speakers learn the language. You know, living in North America, the few times I hear the language.. often when visiting Jackson Heights, NY, Dearborn, MI or Toronto, ON -- it's such a pleasure hearing people speak. I miss that rough Emirati accented Arabic. It's a very rich language..umm..why'd I get talking on Arabic?

And oh, the prof's been correcting / keeping me in check like for ever, all well intended. If you mess, you'd make you fess haha! :)

Tainted Female said...

You know... I have never, EVER been able to get into this show, nor did I watch the movie. I tried once... I really did. Just had no appeal to me I guess.

It's been a long time Rosh. Do hope you're well!

BuJ said...

Mr Rosh.. in arabic الفيلسوف or (al faylasoof) means the "philosopher" which means in slang that you talk a lot of bullshit!

ammaro said...

lol its hilarious how this whole thing has gone down... and they probably wont end up showing it in UAE after all... or maybe call it affection and the city or something

ammaro said...

but again, at least its showing a more favorable view of Abu Dhabi, as compared to say, Transformers 1, which showed Doha as a desert village where people hid mobile phones in locked boxes

rosh said...

Long time indeed Ms Tainted. All's well. How about you?

rosh said...

Ammarrroo! Long time no speak buddy! I hear ya..the movie was kind, well sort of to AUH and its culture..and then just plain old ignorant. Yes, AUH got a better deal to poor DOH haha!