Friday, May 07, 2010


OK, so a complete MORON had his failed escapade last weekend (and chose to fly Emirates, my fav f***ing airline) home. This afternoon, the weather being fantastic, a few colleagues and I skipped over to TSQ for some lunch & stress-break from work and it's DejaVu!

This is frustrating, to say the least. Can everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) please grow up and start being civil, think and just be for a change! It's hard enough being single, dealing with the drama and the dating scene in this city. So let's please cleanse away any further shitty drama (or action) and have some peace and quiet, shall we? Please.

It is (or was) such a brilliant & gorgeous spring day here...



BuJ said...

Mr Rosh :-)

you've really perfected the art of the rant :)


do take a minute to stop and smell z roses.. and enjoy!


Media Junkie said...

....and mission accomplished by the terrorists.

Seriously. Why bother living in the US (i mean the terrorists) if all you want to do is blow it up?

This is where the Dubai advice makes sense: Don't like it, leave.

rosh said...

Mr BuJ, thanks. I wazzz smelling the Roses, when things went all out wAcKO :) It was a gorgeous spring day and we'd all come out of the Q1 budget drama / stress at work. It was like finally had the chance to walk out in DAYLIGHT and have those deep breaths in about a week! And the sirens go on, NYC crazies..err cops, block off TSQ, maxed out with tourist folk...mayhem. Oh well, this weekend was gorgeous, thank god.

You know, half the (mind) battle is dealing with the morons who get in to this sort of shite. The other half, dealing with fellow humans, who step up the Paranoia mode. It's ridiculous what some aspects of everyday life has become.

MJ, spot on! The guy has two beautiful toddlers, a beautiful wife, a job, a home and lived in the multi-cultural capital of the world. And he chose to destroy the one place that would give his family and him a brighter future. Why take an oath of citizenship if you don't intend to belong and do the place some good?

El Shahlab said...

I remember when I were in Washington DC manholes on M st started blowing up hurting pedestrians and damaging store fronts. They thought it was an act of terrorism at first. They they recognized there was an infrastructure issue. Then the blame game started..the Gas company said it was Electricity prolem, and Electric company said it was a gas proplem.
People were horrified. Imagin you're going out for a walk, like our friend rosh, and all of sudden BOOM!! You lose a leg or an arm.

The incident in TSQ is really unfortunate. Poor guy. He is misguided, thinking that he is serving his religion, when religion is innocent from such acts.

rosh said...

El, the man holes went up here in the city too, in fact it was right next to my office on 42 & Lex. It was tghe old under ground heating pipes that burst. I think it was in 2007 or 2008? Thankfully nobody was walking over a man hole at the time, but several folks were covered in crap..god knows what toxic stuff. Of course people thought it was some sort of bomb going off and ran for cover. I heard it from the office window. Not a pretty sight.

Jee.. gulp! I don't want to 'lose' anything, please :)

Yup, unfortunate. Guess somethings you never fully understand eh.

El Shahlab said...

Something to cheer you up rosh

rosh said...

Stewart's hilarious!! Shukrans Mr El.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. stop being frustrated and arrange a nice Broadway schedule for me please..

Will be visiting the big apple soon ;) at least now I know where you office is :P

Al-ain Rose said...


rosh said...

Thanks Rose :) Thoughtful of you kiddo :)

El Shahlab said...

Happy birthday Mr. Rosh!

How come I wasn't invited? And what happenned to the rest of cake?

*Is reluctant about giving you your BD gift*

rosh said...

haha El, no partaaay mate :) I worked all day Monday and flew in to Atlanta Tuesday morning. Though I have to admit, friends and family called or texted from home and mom did invite my twin's friends (yeah, I've got a twin bro) and my friends for dinner at home. Mom whipped up some amazing stuff, I'm told. So there was some sorta partaay I think :)

Huge Shukrans again, very kind of you man. Please throw in a word or remember me in a prayer, that'd be awesome BD gift :)

El Shahlab said...

You are a twin?

Wonder who is the evil one! :)

When you come back to the UAE we'll throw you a proper BD party.

Rose will bring her famous Harees and Khabees dishes with candles on top.

Al-ain Rose said...

sorry el shahlab we didn't know that you are a party boy next time we will consider this and invite you.
tell us your b'day date so that when it's the time we celebrate with you.

rosh said...

El, Mucho gracias for the kind thoughts. The good twin, that's a given eh :) But seriously the twin's mighty tempered and type A. I'm the mellow one, until some NYC diva & drama crosss my path lol :)

Rose, ya Ms Rose, I don't think Mr El's a partaay boy, at all :)