Friday, June 25, 2010

# 4 on the current wish list

Now, only if they'd apply the rule to all public transport systems, Starbucks stores, most local restaurants & eateries, Banana Republic & J Crew stores..hell just about everywhere in this city. Attempted to knock down a tourist lady on my way to work this morning. Felt good, like evil goody good..muhahaha!


Al-ain Rose said...

oh please rosh I have one of the supervisors at work who will be in NY city soon, please find her and knock her down for me, I don't wanna see her next year

rosh said...

Rose, I shall have my people hand her the wrong subway maps -- put her on the wrong train, give her inaccurate directions, recommend the worst Broadway shows and direct her to the most expensive places to shop --the whole 9 yards of an evel knievel plan!

*walks over the office window on the 34th floor, stares down at the street*