Friday, January 18, 2008


Nope, I didn't bake that - a friend bought it from this tiny (well kept secret) store in the city.

She's been talking about 'em for ages. The chocolate (with mouse) cake was sinfully chocoholic & beyond - loved it to the core - totally wicked!


BuJ said...

wait a minute! what a girlie thing to do.. i didn't expect this.. so either it's your birthday.. in which i'm quite offended you didn't warn me, or that you have a gf.. which i would be glad to hear :D

which one is it?

BuJ said...

PS: Posting the picture of a lovely chocolate cake is like posting a picture of a sofa and saying it's comfortable or the picture of some yummy bbq and saying it smells good!

either way.. i would have preferred my cake with a bit of vanilla mixed in it hehe

rosh said...

lol BuJ - bro you read into things waaaaay too much :)

Few friends came over last evening after work - we made salad and cooked pasta for dinner. One of 'em bought the chocolate cake she's been telling us for ages. It looked so good, I took a casual picture. Since it did taste damn good (almost evil, kid you not) thought I'd share a casual post with y'all - so there.

BTW didn't you have a post of Saj (or Zattar) a while back - with pictures of those heavenly Saj/Zattar being placed in the oven? Which by the way enticed some hungry/homesick souls with zero cooking skills (me) - call it even? :)

moviemania said...

wowww that looks heavenly!! I'm a sucker for a good chocolate cake.

BuJ, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ;)

rosh said...

heey MM, you and me, kiddo! Me like chocolate - you know what, am going to take cooking lessons for chocolate cakes. Yes i*... I have your recipe, but I can't cook anything, even if my life depended on it :)

rosh said...

btw - where's Al?

Veiled Muslimah said...

Care to share the name of the store? Im sure they'd appreciate more customers and the publicity.

i*maginate said...

ok I see we even got a cake "label" on this blog! lol

Hey...I do make an amazing chocolate cake, seriously...

As for other food, I really thought I could cook until someone close told me my cooking skills are "university level"...

I hope my future hubby will be the one to don the apron!

P.S. Buj, remember that restaurant mir min that we were talking about? I really wanna go there but it seems a little to congested...mite try it sometime though.

Dya know any of good Greek restaurants in Dxb btw?

BuJ said...

Sometimes detention is just detention.

btw, i had fesinjoon the other day.. yum

I*maginate: well, it's called Mir Amin to start with, and if it's busy then you need to come in the off peak times.. try 3pm for example.

Never been to a greek resto in UAE.. their food is so similar to lebanese or levantine.. so why bother? they just fry more.

ammaro said...

cake is good. i havent eaten anything since yesterday evening and about now anything will do it.

ammaro said...

cake is good. i havent eaten anything since yesterday evening and about now anything will do it.

i*maginate said...

Buj, ok...mir amin. By congested, I meant the tables seem to packed together. Wouldn't want some random dudes listening to our table's conversation! I believe tables should be set a bit wider apart for a comfortable dining experience.

Actually, I'm hooked on calamari at the mo, and Greek-style rocks with seafood! You're right, they fry a lot, but it's not like UAE restaurant go-ers aren't used to oil left right and centre!

After checking, I believe there's a Greek restaurant in Le Meridien Dubai, and a new one in Majestic Palace on Mankhool Road...

A Greek restaurant is quite different to a Lebanese one...for a start, there are less 'kebabs' - the ambience is worlds apart!

It's like comparing sheep-land to Enger-land ;-)

BuJ said...

hello iMaginate
well.. i usually goto Mir Amin with family only, so nothing sensitive is being discussed.. if you want somewhere more intimate, then I'd recommend many other places.. but if you remember I recommended the food only at Mir.. btw, they do a good takeaway service (need to check if they deliver).

Eh, you like Calamari as well? I'm addicted to the stuff! I use it to bait my fish, and to fill my tummy.. and it's best when it's fried. I have to agree the Greeks (and italians) make it best.

As for frying, I meant that the greeks fry a lot of cheesy food (which I don't think Arabs fry too much).. e.g. halloumi and pastries are fried rather than baked.

whenever i goto a greek resto in the UK my clothes stink of fried cheese.. and i have to let my coat hang for days b4 it's gone, never put any coats in a clean cupboard, or bye bye nice smell.

otherwise.. i agree with you.

oh, btw Greeks don't have kebabs.. but they call them souflakis

the real nick said...

talking of chocolate cake and such, I have to say Moussaka is quite nice, too. Is there an Arab equivalent to that?

BuJ said...

My dear nick, Moussaka is actually an Arabic word and means "chilled" literally.. the dish is shared between the arabs and greeks as well as balkans etc..

however it's definitely not a dessert.. hmm

we call it mousaqqa3a in arabic

i*maginate said...

"otherwise.. i agree with you."

so you were disagreeing with me at some point? tsk tsk.

What I meant by less "kebabs" at a Greek resto was that less lebbos would be present. Of course it would be obvious the Greeks have not advanced to such a stage that kebabs would feature on their menu.

As for restaurant ambience, depends on the clientele it's targetting. The best restaurants offer ample distance between tables. Doesn't matter if one is dining with a caravan group or family: same applies to the establishment we were discussing.

Calamari: am hooked on "the meat company" @ madinat jumeirah: totally scrumptious...have had calamari 3 nites in a row, and am eagerly banking on a return to "meat company"!

Tartar sauce is a given...yum yum!

BuJ said...

hehe you're in a good mood today :)
ok, i still wanna know what restaurant in a 5* establishment has pissed you off.. come on!

bon apetit.

al-republican said...


Wassap, buddy? Dude, that is SUCH a girly post! But, guess what man... I am a bit girly too these days! I finally tied the knot (Alhamdolillah!!) and married life is so much more fun!

My room smells like exotic fruits and everything is so clean and nicey wicey! Stark contrast to my smelly socks hanging around my emptyish house :P

It's great to hear from all of you guys! I will be posting a few things on my blog soon regarding my marriage - keep watching!


rosh said...

Hey Mabroooooooooooooooook Al!! :)This is such wonderful news - we sense the joy from your posts, congratulations - am quite happy you and your better half :)

So finally you gave into Molton Brown and/or Crabtree & Evelyn eh hahaha :)

Quite anxiously waiting to read about it all on your blog.

This calls for a get together at Arouj Damascus at Deira - when shall I book my flight?

Congratulations and best towards a blissful future.

rosh said...

Hello VM - nice of you to visit my blog, mar7aban :) The pastry store is a tiny 2 women store at the corner of Lexington & 72nd in manhattan ...i cannot recall the name of the store at this time....never been there, however my girlfriends swear on the cakes & their chocolates.

rosh said...

wmmaro - hope you are feeling better and fed quite well by now : )

Warning: must not consume this cake on an empty tummy - you shall turn into an super-hyper Roger Rabbit : )

rosh said...

Ah my lovely i*, Mr BuJ and Mr Nick - all discussing UAE eateries - just what I need :)

i* - you bake cakes? Wow am impressed, quite impressed. So you know I eat cakes, quite well and offer plenty of accolades to the chef/baker and all - waiting for an invite : )

BuJ - I have never been to Greek restaurant in the UAE - however I think I prefer Lebanese and Turkish anyday/anywhere to Greek - there's just no "taste" in Greek food - well so says my tasty tastebuds :)

Nick - wallah i am sure moussaka is not a desert.....for moussaka is a cooked salad of eggplant and tomatoes, onions and all....and turkish moussaka has minced meat, eggplants, onions and tomatoes, onions etc all....i have not seen/heard of a desert moussaka...?

rosh said...

Almost forgot - you folks must check out the SHJ joint - "Fresh Chicken King" (strict muslim/arab run) joints in good 'ol SHJ. Their food is to DIE (really die) for - kid you not. I am a dedicated slave of the chicken kebabs, meat cubes, bbq chicken and hell even the shwarmahs - yummy yum yum!

Al - so you know, there is a Fresh Chicken King branch on Al Arooba street (the one subsequent to the Al Hamra cinema) - heading to AJ.

rosh said...

less "lebbos" - loooool :)

calamari - eeeh *cough* "ewww/eeek" *cough*


i*maginate said...

calamari whatever!

we got al romantic's recipe to discuss!


CONGRATS AL R!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big fat congrats, and shadi mabrook ;-)

Laddoo you and your beauty's way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rosh said...

hahaa! yes, lado's on their way to you :)

BuJ said...

al republican.. you evil evil guy.. got all shaadied up eh? well dude, i wish you and the mrs all the best for ever and ever.

my du3aaa2 (supplication) at this moment is for Rosh to get married next inshalla.. to a lady hopefully that can make an excellent chocolate cake but no calamari :)

i*maginate said...

Dissing anything including calamari in this time of joy ia inexcusable.

Shadi Mubarak, *al republican.

All the blessings in the world.

i*maginate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
al-republican said...


I do know of Fresh Chicken King! Me and my mullah friend go there after Taraweeh every Ramadhan and HOG it! hehe. But man that fried shyte is some seriously unhealthy stuff!

Thank you everyone for the good wishes! I HATE laddos!! Uff man they taste so sweet! And the texture is like sand! But Gulab Jamun rocks :D

Yeah, you all should get married innit :D And then we can all be uncles and aunts! Lovely!

rosh said...

BuJ - thanks bro - quite honestly, these days, am having du3aaa2"overload" moments, 'cause there's plenty coming from the east (my mom's side), the west (my dad's family) and center (all of UAE) - but thanks, inshallah, I shall find my friend in due course :)

i* - me love seafood, but no can't swallow calamari and it's cousin squid :)

Al - bro, I sorta agree FCK food has some amount of oil, however it's nothing sort of like my ex's Pakistani Punjabi mom dished out. Holy cow - you should see the amount of OIL in the food, I swear it's sufficient to drive a Hummer from SHJ to AUH - no kidding hehehehe. It's ok to indulge in all that FCK stuff as long as you exercise. I love a run by the AJ beach - such bliss, I swear!

btw, in case you didn't read into my devious plan - am trying to get some DXB folks/tourists into SHJ (tourist Dirhams hehehehe :)

BuJ said...

oh, i wasn't aware sharjah allowed tourism.

rosh said...

ha, errm ya they do - have you not seen the "reconstructed" 16 century fort at the center of SHJ's banking district. I mean how ingenious of them to "reconstruct" this HUGE ASS fort (or palace) in the MIDST of SHJ's banking district..........especially when there is no parking and the place is goddamn crowded 24/7 356 days a year.

Plus - have you not seen the billion "beautification" and cultural projects? Quite honestly, the cultural ones are nice, and worth visiting for all those tourists.

i*maginate said...

"Yeah, you all should get married innit :D And then we can all be uncles and aunts! Lovely!"

Hehehehee - so one of us has tied the knot, complete with a supply of yummy gulab jaman!

Who's next heeheee

Ok you guys talking about food, if it didn't all go to my hips, right now I would call KFC, Pizza Hut (beef & pinapple), Hardees (chicken fillet), Wagamama (yaki soba)...and any restaurant that does deep-fried greasy calamari!!!

OK, time for a party and one of us to cook...whose place and where hehe?

Jayne said...

Mouse, what mouse? It's early & I'm wondering what the connection is between a chocolate cake (which looks absolutely divine btw) & a I'm thinking mousse right?

the real nick said...


To those in the know it's not called yaki soba; it's called Number 40.

BuJ said...

hala rosh.. hey,,, his is getting into a mega post.. why not post a new one? yalla come on.

btw, i hate these beautification projects. totally yukkky and a waste of money. to the shj authorities i suggest they do the following:

1-fix your roads
2-fix your sewers
3-fix your surface water drains
4-PAVE the roads in residential areas, we're not in 1968
5-get a proper police service
6-get a proper baladiya
7-hire a town planner

then.. maybe spend what's left over on beautification projects!

rosh said...

hahahaaaa! omg, am falling of my chair Jayne!! Didn't even see "mouse" the whole time - and am yaking away with a mouse in my cake - going all yum yum abou it! Am mortified, and in splits hahahaha!!

rosh said...

BuJ - man, I love how you laid it out! damn - that took the thoughts straight out of my head and placed it quite logically, nice, me like it!

"BuJ for infrastructure minister" :)

BuJ said...

thanks Rosh.. well it's kinda obvious for sharjah.. wallah if there was a prize to predict the future policies of the emirate.. that would be a sure win.

thanks for the nomination.. obviously not as good as president for IYM.. hehe but you know.. i'd love to deal with the foreign ministry.. maybe undersecretary or something? minister has too much responsibility.

BuJ said...

PS: it's weird coz here a minister is no body.. but the actual minister is called a secretary..

no kidding!

foreign secretary
home secretary.. etc

i*maginate said...

*nick, that is MEGA sad!!! Is it #40? Hehehe.

Thing is, if one called yaki soba by its number, would wagagama's staff recognise the order? Don't think so.

Best to pronounce it YYYYAKII soba

and then they bring those greasy facking noodles

Guess we might meet on a sunny weekend either at crowne plaza or at the greens

if you're lucky

the real nick said...

yes, they do recognise it by number. That's what they key into their handheld brain substitute devices.

(You'll recognise ME easliy. If you're unlucky. I'll be the one trying to control two little boys flicking noodles on the windows and stabbing each other with the chopsticks.)

Btw. the chocolate ginger cheesecake used to be good there but not lately.

i*maginate said...

hiya nick, your logic seems to prevail wrt to those handheld devices showing the staff only speak numbers...better experiment ordering by the number next time...shame I keep ordering the same thing, don't wanna try anything else there! #40 it is...

Btw I've been to "chop chop" at MOE quite a lot recently, I recommend it as an 'alternative' - a little less "fast food" than wagamama, better quality, more exciting menu, & just as healthy, though a little sweet. The company I've been in hasn't liked the service much, though, although I didn't find it a problem. It's worth a try for good "asian-fusion" food that is relatively fast, and good. Plus, you get a good view of 'fully-dressed' men and women on the ski slope tripping over on the 'snow' hehe ;-) They do yaki soba too, but with duck. But I prefer the wagamama yaki soba as it tastes more authentic.

Btw since I'm an aging lady, I skip the desserts, but I do have the apple juice as a sweet thang at wagamama...not too bad!

OK - will keep a look out for a good-looking couple with 2 cute lil 'uns mis-using chopsticks ;-)

rosh said...

*BuJ for president*

*roshs's note to self*

- mark YYYYAKII soba
& blackmama/wagamama, for potential visits
- lookout for nick & his lil boys, and,
- an eye (or two) for a classy looking lady, out on a date, (mentally) dissecting her date for the evening.

BTW - Buddha bar in DXB is awesome, even for dry ones, such as myself.

i*maginate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BuJ said...

Thanks Rosh. you're too kind wallah.. and yes the Bhudda Lounge at GH is really nice :)

i*maginate said...

am rly bissed off with plogger...

can't even read the comments properly!

bluddy sux!!!

i*maginate said...

am rly bissed off with plogger...

can't even read the comments properly!

bluddy sux!!!

BuJ said...

hey, i am having broblems.. it shows a comment twice or 3 times when i click publish

i*maginate said...


twice/3 times

nafs shay ;-)

Yah I hope these blogger issues resolve...quickly.