Wednesday, January 16, 2008

soul talk

Being busy can be an excuse, however, often reality. Am back at work and faced with deadlines, even before I've had the chance to sit on my chair and say "hmmm".

Late evenings (yes already), calls, meaningless meetings - people flying into the city - more meetings on numbers that quite well might make or break a deal - dealing with a hundred voicemails, emails and all. Out for dinner & drinks, appease/entertain corporate guests, small talk, kiss ass talk, empty talk and hollow laughter - whilst simultaneously easing out jetlag, homesickness and all.

Times like these, I ponder away - what is the purpose of life? When shall I get to do more of those simple things that matter as well - have all that sufficient time for family, friends and do things that matter to the heart, conscience and well being?

At this point - the purpose seems (mostly) destined to slave away given corporate slavery. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, and most folks I work with - plus am paid well - not much to complain, I guess. However, there is much more I'd like to do - and have. I am not talking material aspects of life, instead those simple pleasures most often taken for granted - which seem harder to come by as we get older.

There are only so many days we get on this wonderful planet, with people and places that have come to define who we are. When time is up - it's up, there is no going back. How can I have some of that cake and eat it as well - not asking much, is it?


the real nick said...

In the ten minutes it took you to write this post you could have done half the research paper ;)

One should coin a phrase for online procrastination.

Ahh - exists already:

rosh said...

procrastination can be healthy, helps reflect on a few things we take for granted :)

am done with research & number crunching - surely there's more to life - yes?

Seabee said...

It's hard, especially in Dubai with its working culture, but you need to try to get some balance. If you can get some relaxation time, meet with friends time etc it's not only good for you it also helps the work. You're fresher, the brain works a bit better, the quality of your work improves.

moviemania said...

Of course.. there is so much more to life.. we get caught up in the competitive world; be it study or work. We never get time to just find fulfillment and be happy! To just enjoy life and savor our moments on this earth. I think also a lot of us have been deluded into thinking that by exchanging money can we only be happy.

Everyone needs a little time off from that pressure to enjoy the little things.

tobasco said...

I know exactly what you mean by this and it can be depressing when you look at it that way.

All this target driven corporate projects and deadlines but I like to think of it in another way. That what I am doing now will be a benefit to me and my family in the future. i.e. afford good eduction for, quality of life and so on. That way I atleast have some kind of direction.

It is also nice to have a balanced working/social life.

rosh said...

Hi Seabee - thanks for your comment. Totally onboard - it's quite important to have a life beyond work, helps balance it well. I wrote this post whilst staring at my schedule thru mid Q2 - there's little or no time for anything beside work & (business) travels - and subsequent to writing this post, the schedule's become even tighter lol : )

MM - each time I read your posts am all similes - 'cause there is a lot of "carefree" "honest" and "innocent" vibes I pick from your posts - it's such a pleasure - thank you.

"I think also a lot of us have been deluded into thinking that by exchanging money can we only be happy"

True that! At the risk of perhaps coming across a bit arrogant - for someone my age/experience, I think I make good monies. I also think some colleagues make more monies than they really need in life at this point (let me just say, some of these guys make enough to buy an apartment at the Marina - all cash down) Anyway, the point being - how much money is enough money - most some of us don't even get to spend it the way we like, because we work way too much - there isn't time to spend it on vacations or on family/loved ones.

This Christmas holiday, I didn't take the black berry (or the work laptop) with me to UAE. I simply refused to look into anything related to work. On return I had about 347 emails and 69 voicemails - some quite frantic (almost equivalent to losing a loved one) and most of 'em was about, "how to make more monies" out a deal. What upset me was the fact, most of emails/voicemails were left on Christmas eve. No amount of monies shall compensate for time spend with mom & dad at home next to the pine, having dinner, wine and mom's Christmas cake - these are priceless moments.

Sorry, seem to have gone on tangent there...hopefully you get the drift of what am saying : )

rosh said...

hala tobasco - long time no speak, happy new year to you and family.

True - can be depressing if often perceived this way...apologies, didn't mean to come across quite negative :)

You are correct - monies help to have an affordable family life. Think, I need to cut down on my work (and perhaps career) to have a balanced life, don't wish to work 18 (or at times 20) hours no more :)

i*maginate said...

Hello...did someone mention cake?

You can have it an eat it too! Just follow my recipes loool :P

I'm lucky to have a work-life balance - unfortunately a little more "life" than "work" hehe. Gotta get that sorted out!

i*maginate said...

the real prick, you gotta get a blog started - vy not huh?

the real nick said...

lol. why do you think I comment that much when I should be working...

The small pleasures of an enclosed office! Blogging feels like a ciggie break with the friends I don't have at work.

BuJ said...


rosh said...

Nick - I know you always mean well - really, I do :) Totally agree, it's great to have that ciggie break in the comforts of your office - at the least, nobody's going to discuss more numbers and profits eh.

BuJ - 'sup bro? :)

BuJ said...

thanks mate, all good here, i got some food in my kitchen and a roof above my head. how ru?

rosh said...