Thursday, January 24, 2008

casual talk

Given that English language is widely used, and none amongst (my) non-Emi friends correspond wholly in Arabic (or any other language) – over the years, friends and I have sort of developed an informal set of phrases & expressions (friends joke, these can be uaeian phrases/expressions) Below are common & casual few from the uaeian vocabulary. I’ve listed a few, if used in dialogue/or a sentence.

Do pardon if I've slightly butchered two noble languages – however, I put forth (cultural) evolution as a meek defense.

1. Nikka-fied - as in Nikkah between a bride and bridegroom: "A & B were Nikka-fied last week". Likewise, "Talaq-ed" (hopefully fewer shall have to use that)

2. Inshallah-ed/Mashallah-ed: "Towards the end of our conversation, he inshallah-ed our views" or "I think he inshallah-ed it?". - (do note, this can be used positively, as well as a "passive" negative and if things are uncertain).

3. "Kaif halak/halik you?" - as in, how are you?

4. "Ana doing good" - as in, "I am doing good"

5. "Ma'assalama for now" - as in, bye for now.

6. "Tayyeb-ed it" as in Okayed: "We've Tayyeb-ed the weekend plan"

7. "Shukrans" as in Thanks - "Many Shukrans"

8. "Ain you goin" - as in, "where you going?"

9. "Khubz & Jam" - i.e. bread & Jam (well, this ain't new, it's been in place since kindergarten days)

10. Mabrootulations - Mabrook & congratulations conjoined: "Hey Mabrootulations on the baby"

There's more - however, I shall stop at ten, for now.


Al Sinjab said...

hehehe, I'm a big fan of #10 but they're all pretty mumtastic.

moviemania said...

Haha those are great! Very cute, I do love #10 too. Phrases like that are so much fun to use :)

nzm said...

Good fun Rosh - I have to start using some of these!

Jawahir Jewels said...

salam salam long time :) anyway heheh i like the last post and he we all do that and i love it ... however i have a friend who cringes everytime i do that :) but hey maybe we should start our dictionary for mixed words what say u ..

ammaro said...

you think thats funny, you should come over to bahrain for a while... we go dooring in the car to kill the malalation

i*maginate said...

wayid strange - nev. heard of any of these...shows, donnit

BuJ said...

oh man.. rosh i thought u were a vegetarian but it turns out you completely butchered the language!!! waaaaa3!

anyway, criticisms aside, i really liked the post :)

rosh said...

Al Sinjab/MM: many shukrans ladies :)

NZM, welcome to mi blog.

JJ: long time no speak, how goes things in lovely Oman? Hope all is well, subsequent to Gonu.

Ammar: damn? yes perhaps I should :)

i* - come on, surely, you've heard of "Nikka-fied" and "Inshallah-ed/Mashallah-ed", its quite common yaahi?

BuJ- I ain't no vegeterian. I love meat (except for the pork stuff, calamari and it's cousin squid :) Yyou didn't like the post, didtchya? you are sweet bro ha! :)Its OK, was meant to be light & silly.

BuJ said...

hey, if i didn't like it i won't comment :P

jawahir.. where have u been, young lady?

kaya said...

Lol! That was so hellva-icious!!!
Funny things the younger generation gets up to I tell ya. Ooh me aching old bones.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Very funny Rosh.. I liked your post..

I do this all the time.. I guess one day I'll stop using languages and I'll converse only with my hands !

Once I was explaining a case ( here in Montreal ) to one of the doctors we consulted from another service, and I wanted to say " But, her condition bla bla bla " and instead I go " Bas, her condition bla bla bla " .. they are very similar mind you.. so the other doctor goes " Oh, you Khaleeji ! 'Bas' ! I though you were French! " ..

As funny as it could get, I find it sometimes hard to explain certain medical conditions to my family who don't speak English (like my mom) since I tend to use the combo language all the time !

Books = Kutubs ( never pronounced it without the 's' )


CG said...

I know, I am late in commenting, guess I am working in Arabic time these days.....anyway, these are all great, and oh-so familiar to me too.
My son would ask for mileeb when he was a baby, poor guy...we really messed with his grey matter.