Friday, October 30, 2009

sinane ya sinane :)

Occasionally, there are the bouts of the growing years, the times with friends, the innocence, home / homesickness of all the good stuff from the days of the old (love that song!) Thankfully, there are a few kind folks on the YouTube that help revive some of those carefree moments. Have a look at what I found today -- brings back a flood of just about everything. I think (most) kids today could use some of that innocence from the days -- they grow up way too fast.


Al-ain Rose said...

GREAT DAYS... and great memories indeed. you are like me in looking for the old stuff on brings back sooooo many sweet memories..

I didn't have the chance to watch Senan, but I'm familiar with it.

I love the song of Fatat Al-mara3y (or the meadow's girl), it's sad and makes me cry, impressive story:

Zahrat Al-Barary, I remember when I really cryed at the final episode when Hala finally decided to leave Takki(her pet)in the wilds alone. I also remember my friend Noura when we used to gather around the T.V everyday for the afternoon cartoons.

Also Nawwar, Bollianah, little women, Sally, Juddy Abott, bombo, Lulu...

and my FAV was HEIDI, I LOVE her, the orphan kind gal who lived in Alb mountines with her kind hearted grandba, the story is also wounderful.
unlike the cartoons nowadays, the old ones had a good purpose and was able to instill some good human qualities in kids like faith, sincerity, love, peace ..etc

Al-ain Rose said...

I love Senan's tooth. @_@

abir said...

thank you for the memories rush :-)

Media Junkie said...

that's cute. i don't rmr much about arabic cartoons except for captain majid and the dubbed version of annie i think.

i do remember things like rainbow bright, kids incorporated and such.

good times.

BuJ said...

lovely to hear from you buddy.. after all this time, you dig up a history of cartoons in just one youtube video! amazing, mashallah.

i received a cool e-mail the other day about things from life in the gulf in the 1980s.. i loved it :)

Al-ain Rose said...

i received a cool e-mail the other day about things from life in the gulf in the 1980s.. i loved it :)

who sent that e-mail? could u plz possibly forward it to me?

BuJ said...

i just forwarded it ya Rose :)

Dubai Jazz said...

Great to have you back my friend.

Sinan...::sigh:: such a great memories. Parents would trust Sinan to babysit the kids any time of the day. I don't know what today's kids are watching on TV. Must be whole load of crap (yeah, I don't follow cartoons. Maybe will ask Nick)

p.s. anyone remember sesame street? or efta7 ya semsem?

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Inspire Your Mind said...

Welcome back blogging Rosh..

I loved Peppero ( the Golden Eagle ) and Ali baba ( Sindbad) the most.. they were my 'childhood boyfriends' if you know what I mean..

It's different now; living a life where fantasy is so marginalized.. reality has a bitter taste I must admit..

I guess childhood has its own beauty..

Inspire Your Mind said...


I developed a new defense mechanism against my bitter reality..

I decided to fantasize on my new twin blog: In Vicinity of Love (

Come and visit please :)

rosh said...

"It's different now; living a life where fantasy is so marginalized.. reality has a bitter taste I must admit.."

Honest sentiments with much depth, yet sort of subjective, ya IYM :)

Rose: Great days, indeed yo! I liked Little Women (I've read the book) I agree, the good stuff back then had a lot of positive messages for its viewers. I loved Sinane for its simple messages of friendship, home, good ol' family values and truly being there, selfless for people you care.

Abir: you're welcome.

MJ: Captain Majeed RULES! Nobody bends it better than Captain Majeed, well nobody in the fantasy world at least. Huge fan of Fat Albert and Garfield!

Allo Allo Mr BuJ. Please, could you forward the email? Always good to view the days gone by.

Hala DJ: Sesame street turned 40 couple of days back. Huge fan growing up (who wasn't).

I wrote the post per a conversation with my nephew who's just about 5. Without going much into its content, I think, kids grow up fast these days -- there is erosion of of innocence and good ol' family values. Cartoons may well be, make believe drawings and voice over content, however, viewing all that as children, I think, there are certain sentiments, aspects of the story telling and the messages which draw people to them -- and at some level help instill similar values growing up. In today's world, I don't think the "Cars" (I love that movie) or the High School Musicals and the Miley Cirus world help young folks as much.

rosh said...

Shukrans IYM. I shall vist. I'm sure it's a fine blog :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

I'm still keeping my Majlis Rosh :)

kaya said...

Hello Rosh!
I thought I had a record, but you seem to be busy too. Pray you are well. If you get time, I need assistance on my blog.

rosh said...

Anon, take your spam with you. Beat it.

Anonymous said...


Now all we need is Komasi and Raed al Imlaq! Dude! Thats way too cool! This shit's on youtube??!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

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oh and btw thanks for reminding us of Sinan! miss those days!

Dana said...

Rosh - that is the best compliment anyone has ever given me. Thank you so much. You don't know how much it means to me.

Be well.

rosh said...

I'm glad you like it ABIT :)

Ahlan wa sahlan Resha, I'm not based in the UAE. However, shall drop you note. please free to ask away anything you'd like discuss. Alternatively I refer you to some UAE based bloggers / managers, Dubai Jazz and BuJ Al Arab. Please click on their profiles in the comment section, - -should direct to their blogs.

Dear Dana, you are welcome. Also, MM had a post on understanding in the UAECB. Here's the link I've always believed this is what more people need in the UAE

kaya said...

Happy New Year lil bro.
What you been upto?

Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


Anonymous said...

ROSH, I found your beloved Sinan on DVD, the WHOLE series. Also found my beloved Ra3d Al 3imlaq which I bought and am watching with 5 other guys in their late 20s!

Do you want me to send you the Sinan box set?

AAR, they also have Sally, Sayidda Mil3aqa, and all the rest!

rosh said...

LOL no way! Where'd ya find the entire series?! When in the UAE this Christmas, I looked all over for the complete set. My niece loves this sort of stuff -- they don't make 'em like they used to you know. I don't want to trouble you -- could you let me know you where you bought the set please? Most helpful. Shukrans man.

El Shahlab said...

I liked Sinan, but the song is kind of depressing. Besides, Dr. Goat used to scare me.

Anybody remembers Barbapapa? And
7ekayat 3alameyah?
Those two were my favs.

Anonymous said...

They had a BUNCH of old cartoons at the Toys R Us in DFC. I was there... to buy a transformer... for my... son... er...

Anyways. I bought Ra3d Al Imlaq and they had almost everything from when we were kids, Sinan, Bombo, Ka3bool, Rami the fisher boy, Sayida Mil3aqa, Sally, Jazora.

195 dirhams for the whole box sets!