Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's that day of the week

OK, so it has been a few 'light' years since the last post. I have no excuses for the blog absence, so shan't put forth any :-) I've been in Kansas City the past few weeks on work. We've had a 'blessed' amount of snow, sleet and slush, that's turned to frozen ice. There's plenty of sliding, slipping -- going off the roads and all that good stuff on the white shite (sorry, it has been a bad winter) And when I'm back in the city this weekend, more snow awaits! Whoo hoo! Anyway, all thoughts aside, I leave you with this picture, which I'm assume articulate a thought most Tuesdays. Hopefully shall get a smile from you. Hope things are swell, wherever you are.


hemlock said...

and because we are in a muslim society, our week ends at W.T...

rosh said...

...S? ;-)

Jayne said...

How lovely to see you posting again rosh :-)
My folks returned to the UK & thought the snow was "so pretty". Their opinion lasted about 4 days & now it's "bugger - snowing again!" I keep telling them to look forward to summer. This year I think it'll be on July 27th :-D

BuJ said...

oooh it's been ages since you posted!

light-year = distance light travels in a year,, and it's a measure of distance :)

btw, i posted the same things on my blog!!! brilllliant!

but got it from jazz!

rosh said...

Thank you Jayne! Long time no speak. How are you? Winter / snow is beautiful, especially the snow covered streets & trees, all that heavenly white -- magical / fleeting, until the shoveling and the slush sets in. Thankfully, the complex has folks who take care of all that. I get to enjoy the view, mostly :-)

lol BuJ, yup! read the title -- It WAS that day of the week :-) now edited.

Fun-lover said...


W T F!!

Fun-lover said...




okay, if you don't show this... you are A WIMP!

Texan in UAE said...

I so miss snow. :(