Friday, May 29, 2009

allo allo..

I should blog more often. I apologize for ignoring this blog - not a nice thing to do. I've got no excuses, except, work and travels. Travels take much away from time to self. I'm not quite liking business travels anymore. They say the world's become smaller. I find my days, weeks (and life) have become shorter, for the most part.

Summer's here in the city. I'm no fan of summer, especially in NYC. Tons of tourists. Often they'd get and walk about (S-L-O-W-L-Y) in midst of morning (and evening) rush hour, taking pictures, casual chat & strolls - Oh fun! And people refuse to wear clothes. I've never understood when the once fine line being comfortably clothed and blatant nudity vanished..?

I have thoughts to pen, however it's past One in the morning. I need to call mom & dad, short chat, say prayers and hit the sack. THANK GOD for the weekend! I'm going to be lounging by the pool (it's on the 58th floor, with a view into Central Park - nahahaa!) soak up the sun, enjoy that subtle breeze, read a book and let the soul come out and live for the day.



Al-ain Rose said...

nice blog really, and welcome back.

Photos Dubai said...

Weren't you supposed to be in NYC identifying new business opps. O r am I mixing things up?

Things are hotting up in UAE and I make no reference to your post in March.The temp gauge is creeping up to 50!!!

Yeah you should blog more often. $ posts in 2009???:-)

i*maginate said...

Hey rosh - can't you have a proper rant and slag someone off for once lol! You're just too nice...

I do love NYC but totally understand about the tourist thing...I'm in London but the problem is no longer there since there's fewer tourists than usual.

Hope the weather's as nice as in London - do they still sell those delicious ice-cream sandwiches around the main high streets? :) Enjoy your swim ... and 'reclaiming your soul' :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Bonsoir Rosh.. welcome back.. if you're very bored; you're most welcomed to join me in cleaning my place.. ?!

I miss NYC.. dying to go to Broadways.. The Phantom will be my choice again.. might just give it another visit in July.. just let me know when Sacks goes on sales again so I plan my trip again..

Enjoy your tanning..

hemlock said...

i finally got my saturdays off back after 4 weeks...
i stayed in my pajamas ALL day, watched movies, read some... REFUSED point blank to step outside my room.
it was nice.
it was a nice slothful 16 hours of nothingness.

sweet dreams.

rosh said...

Thanks AA Rose :)

Steve J, I live in NYC. I travel often across the Americas and few times a year to EU, on work.

And welcome to my blog folks.

rosh said...

Allo i* your wish been granted princess :p Me no swim, just love to lounge, laze & tan :)

lol IYM - ahlan wa sahlan :) I'd be happy to partake. I'm quite sure my house keeping skills wouldn't live up to your liking or taste :) Phantom's brilliant!

BTW Al Ain Rose, IYM's an ex 'Commodore' from Al Ain University of Science and Technology.

Hear ya Hemy! Sweet nothings are sumptuous indeed.

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh.. I never went to any Technology college in my life; in fact I'm low-tech if anything ;)

BuJassem said...

what happened to the A4?