Saturday, June 14, 2008

summer days

It has been a busy few weeks - work was a little more than I could handle, and personal life was just about OK, I think(?)

Summer has arrived with a bang! The city's been sweltering at 105+ degrees. It was pretty bad the past two weeks. Had a major thunderstorm this evening, so hopefully the heat shall mellow a bit in coming days. I must admit, am not a summer person. I turn into this completely different *creature* during summer - mostly do everything indoors, from playing tennis, running, or just chillaxing at home. My friends think that's odd, given I was raised in the Middle East (I don't get it either). Honestly, I don't know what it is about summers - I sort of want to stick my head in a freezer.

Beside the steamy weather, something I do not appreciate is summer wear. To be precise what some women wear during summer. Every year, the tops, shorts, skirts an' all seem to get shorter and shorter - from barely there, to the *not there anymore*. This year, I've seen tops & shorts/skirts, which in terms of size can only be defined as a headband and/or a wristband. It's funny 'cause the accessories (10 inch heels and extra large handbags, which could be used as a makeshift live in tent) are more in volume than the actual clothes on these women. Am not sure if it's to be comfortable, or attract attention - am guessing the latter. I understand it is summer, and people need to dress comfortably. However, I can't appreciate the lack of clothes on some people (both men & women). There are a hundred alternatives that offer comfort as well as modesty. Being modest or modesty in itself, isn't that subjective, I think.

Summer season is also brisk tourist season in NYC. People from all over the world flock into the city. It's fantastic to see the city buzzing with tourists. It's also nice to have random folks with different accents, gestures, greetings, approach me for directions, have pictures taken, ask away about the city, Broadway shows, central park, subway system and smile at what they think is a New York accent - which isn't true, 'cause I do not have an NYC(or an American) accent.

Am not travelling on work for the next few weeks, so that's good. Am thinking of selling my place and getting a larger one. Apparently home prices have come down a bit everywhere, except where I live and there is plenty of brand new inventory in the market. Mom was scheduled to visit this July - she changed her plans, again at the last minute. So am having n-o-b-o-d-y visit me from home, this summer as well - blah!

Well that's about it from the past few weeks. Usual city life, with work, friends, social life, summer and all - oh! I turned 32 on the 7th, so belated sana hilwa to me :)


moryarti said...

re shrinking women summer clothes -

Photos or it never happend :p

Inspire Your Mind said...

Happy belated birthday Rosh..

Yah I noticed that as well; people walking on the streets with their 'semi-beach' wears.. ! I didn't know it was fashion this summer just to put on your skin !

Get a bigger place.. it would feel much different for sure.. no more suffocation at home.. I got myself a larger apartment here in Ottawa.. it DOES feel different; I guess that's why it's keeping me indoor most of the time.. :)

Jayne said...

Awww belated Happy Birthday Rosh *hug + motherly kiss on the cheek*

I reckon now, or the near future is a good time to buy a bigger property, on the provision you can get a decent price for what you're selling. The US property market is in a slump & bargains abound. Go for it!

rosh said...

Hala Ms IYM, Shukrans for your kind wishes/thoughts.

Ottawa or Canada isn't bad when compared to NYC *sightings*. Let me put it this way - you think that plunging neckline and shorty tight shorts is a woman? Haallo it's a black guy cross dressed as a woman - talk about shock & awe, man alive!

Yup, I think a bigger place shall be better. Lots deals out there. Hopefully I shall have some downtime from work to sneak out to hunt some properties.

Enjoy Ottawa Doc.

rosh said...

LOL! Mory, ya bro, sure I'll post a few *catchy* pics an' all. Hope you fancy '92 rap, "Baby Got Back" :)) Ya gonna luuuuurve NYC black/latino/chavs - cellulite with plunging necklines eh :) Trust me, 90% of this stuff, you don't wanna see 'cause it shall keep you awake at night, for the wrong reasons :)

That said, in my opinion, showing ALL your skin is least attractive. Guys look at such women as meat - do these women really wanna be looked as just meat? I just don't get it? A neat pair of skirt/shorts with a simple top and flip flops looks classy/decent as opposed to tiny miniature, nothing left to imagination shorts, which seem stitched on her since birth and a headband used a as top, that can barely contain her assets.

rosh said...

Awww Jayne - thanks so much :) You and Kaya-g, women with a heart of gold, thank you again.

Yup, lots property deals out there, plenty of fish in the sea hehehe :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh..

Nooo, didn't come across transexuals in ottawa yet.. sure will take pix if I do see one ;)

AM said...

Hey, happy belated birthday, been away for some time, don't ask ... happy for you :)

rosh said...

Thanks AM :)

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