Wednesday, May 21, 2008

get a room

Something to smile about - well in a way, I suppose :)

"Jeffrey Paul Bradford, 24, and Adrianna Grace Connor, 24, both employees of Pinnacle Airlines Inc., were at a diner on Sunday night before they apparently decided to take a walk, police said.

"They told the officer they wanted to go do it in the woods, essentially," said Lower Swatara Township Police Sgt. Richard Brandt. "That's the best answer they had."

Things went awry when people who live in the neighborhood summoned police around 9:30p.m., saying they had seen a naked man and an intoxicated woman."

Silly Gooses, if there is a next time, get a room or something eh!


kaya said...


When a woman gets drunk,the first thing the man does is

(For the record, doing it in th woods is most uncomfortable. But better cops than a GRIZZLY!!)

vimal said...

Hi Rosh..discovered ur nest here and been fun going thru it..guess if anyone deserves a citizenship of this country..its u.
Take care and good luck with the battles of heart and mind..

rosh said...

Hi Kaya-g, welcome back :) Am sure you are correct lol :)

Vimal, welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words. Not clear what citizenship? If you are referring to UAE, I don't think they are ready - infact, I don't think many like I want that. It's a bit complicated place, and it's growing, it's going to take a lot time to mature into a full grown nation and all. The ones who need help are true indegenious folks of the UAE who are stateless, who should be extended basic rights, which many expats enjoy across the UAE.

vimal said...

I meant Uae of course..
I know this country is young.But its an amazing place and I don't blame u for loving it so much.All said and done the locals are a generous bunch..I wonder if we would have been the same if roles were reversed.
An entire state in India(Kerala) owes its prosperity to UAE.

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh.. I just came across your post.. was too lazy to scroll down your page..

Maybe having a ' ??? ' area at home would be a better idea instead of going public.. you can convert it into a wood once; into a beach the other time.. or even better into a volcano crater to fulfill the fantasy !

Mars said...

it seems more well handled media wise than the michelle palmer incident...but then again, the woman didn't throw a shoe and assault the officer.

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