Sunday, February 10, 2008


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun was bright, blue clear skies and slight winter breeze. Thought shall have the car washed, since I've been ignoring it for 3 weeks and all.

Anyhooo, had the car washed and a quick stop at the local starbucks, for a decaff, and voila, it starts to snow heavily. Quite honestly, I was cheesed off, 'cause, after three weeks of rain and snow, I *just* had the car cleaned on what seemed, a bright, sunny morning.

Allow me to express it all via some pictures taken, as I sat thru traffic (and every goddamn traffic light) with the snow, on the short drive back to the apartment.

uh oh! snow!


double damn!

holy F!

......what hurt, the fact, as soon as I drove home - walked into the apartment, this was the view - NO MO snow & the sun's out - *duh*?


*update: captions 've been added to the pictures


i*maginate said...

c-u-t-e post :)

Oh gosh it sux when a carwash is long overdue, you have it done, and then it begins to rain/snow!

Damn! I know the feeling, but when the weather screws the newly acquired sheen of the car, I always give myself an imaginary pat on the back congratulating myself for getting of my *ss and getting down to the carwash to have the car cleaned in the first place. If the weather wants to reak havoc on my car after I have it done, well, that ain't my fault. I got it cleaned, & that's what matters, even if the effect lasts for only 20 mins ;-)


Where the heck is al romantican? I sense car-cleaning is not the only errand he is having to run these days...

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh.. are you getting your car ready for your Valentine's adventure man ?

Was that a rosery in your car ? LOL

I miss driving and taking my extra-clean car to be shampooed .. can't wait to go back to UAE to have it all again.. dust instead of snow of course !

Inspire Your Mind said...

And yes it will be sharky, nothing but sharky..
No roseries in my car though ;)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Now I can't stop talking..

OK, I recieved this e-mail saying that I won a lottery and that I can claim my 500,000 Pounds and my sporty 530 BMW.. Aahhhh, I wish it was true.. frauds, frauds..

Can't I just become a multi-millionaire in no time ?!!

rosh said...

Thanks i* - ok, you've cheered me up a bit now :) Must learn to look at it all and chin up eh!

Yez, we iz Al - yoohooooo Al, speak up bro! You've got friends too ya know :)

Allo Ms IYM - "adventure" on valentine's day - nope, don't think so :)

Re: the rosary is something from mom - it has Jesus on the cross at the tip.

Sharky as in Beamer 650? You go girl!

Be a millionaire in no time - don't we all :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

I have a nice rosary as well gifted to me by myself.. it's made of multi-coloured semi-precious stones, got it from Mecca last year.. I just love the way it looks :)

Yes sharky is the beamer 650, my dream car.. 2 more years before I can get it.. can't wait..

See, Lilliy always thinks I must have been a man in my previous life ! I think I would agree with her on this ;)

BuJ said...

snow is just a blessing. thanks for sharing amigo!

BuJ said...

PS: I booked my resto for valentines today.. it will be a big adventure.. and am planning many stops.. the first of which in the resto.. so let's hope for the best home made desserts :)

Rosh.. i will not be outdone by you :P

rosh said...

ha! IYM, you know what, I think I've got to agree with sweet lilly on this one too :) But seriously, you are a headstrong woman, a very rare kind these days.

Christ Mr BuJ - think you've got the mega plan all crisped out - good luck, and do let us know how it all went.

As for me, a friend (who is JUST a friend) is cooking dinner at my apartment - she is the best chef in the world (she is truly gifted with food) - and that's about it, actually. I think your chain of rendezvous stops, easily outdoes this humble dinner :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

As for me, no one is cooking anything for me on Valentien's.. as usual :(

But I'll be in Banff-Alberta next Sunday for 4 glorious days and nights.. who knows, I might meet my chef there !

And I'll be in Boston for a week in March.. so, if no luck in Alberta, he could be hanging around the corner in Beacon Hill in Boston !

And if no luck in Boston, then I'll be in Chicago for a week in April.. so I might get lucky then !

And if still not lucky, then I might meet him in Hawaii the last week of June.. or in NYC the last weekend of June on my way back to Canada after writing my American Board Exams..

And if still not lucky.. then he could be hiding somewhere in Ottawa where I'll settle in July..

But for sure I'll let you know about my next year's Valentine's when I'll find my man who can make me a good meal; do my laundry; clean my place; scratch my back when I'm broke; resist arguing with me on silly stupid things; give me a nice shoulder rub daily when I'm back from my tiring job; and kiss me goodnight while putting me into sleep ;)


Inspire Your Mind said...

Hey Roshy, did you watch my post " Who's your man when it's quicksand time " ?

rosh said...

IYM, last valentine's I took myself and a few friends for dinner at this Brazilian place in the city. The food was amazing, the ambiance brilliant - we had a wonderful time. in 2006, I had dinner by myself at a fantastic seafood resto, in Seattle (I was travelling on business) - that day, was equally positive.

Valentine or otherwise - I love my life and self, always. We are blessed with a lovely family, homes, health, well being and friends - and of course the good guy up there is watching over as well.

Safe journeys to all those places -who knows, perhaps Mr Right is waiting to be found :)

BuJ said...

ah, sweet words by sweet people :)

one thing I realised before you get any plan in action or to raise any hopes in your soul is that you need to love yourself... then these other things will fall into place..

happy hunting dudes :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

BuJ.. that's an oversimplification of heart matters.. I'm not sure I agree with you on the 'fall into place' business !

al-republican said...

al romantican? hahaha :)

I have checked all of your blogs after a looooooooooong time and I have to admit it, I actually missed you guys! Weird, considering we don't know one another hehe.

Yes, I have quite a lot of errands and chores to do now! But, fortunately, the wife helps them. In fact, she does most of them :P

Forget car cleaning - I get that done on a daily basis; dubai spoils! - but I really want to change my car dude!

Now I want to sell off this car of mine and go for a 4x4, but I am kinda stuck with this car! Cost-benefit analysis just doesn't let me get rid of this car :( And the wife keeps "talking sense" into me as to why we can do without a flashy car :((

Hehe, I always tell her, "I hate it when you make sense!" Such is life!

Rosh, it seems winter is pretty bad this time around in your part of the World! I hope things are OK at your end.

Buj, i*maginate and IYM - you Ay-rabs! I hope you all are keeping well too!

ammaro said...

hhhahahaha, oh damn dude... shit happens..

better luck next time :p

but you know whats worse? its when you drive a new car out of the showroom and get hit by another car.... grrrr... (long story. its old, dont worry :p)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Mabrook on your marriage Al- ..
How come you didn't invite us to the wedding ?

I'm doing OK.. thanks for asking..
Just extremely busy with exam preparations and moving business and all..

So, how was your honeymoon ?

al-republican said...


I didn't invite anyone to my wedding; my parents didn't even show up hehe. Long story... you dont want to know. The local girls at work are calling me "Bakheel" :P

In any case, no honeymoon yet. I just have too much to do before I can start thinking about taking some time out for myself and the wife. But, in sha Allah, I really want to go to bayt al-haram. The plan is for umrah somewhere in April or May, in sha Allah. I don't know why, but I feel like Allah (SWT) is calling me there. I just HAVE to go!

When are you getting married? I was reading up on Gulf News about Emarati weddings and man it is such an expensive affair! Almost sad, really :(

Best of luck for your exams!

rosh said...

Al - nice to hear from ya! A car's a car I guess....well at times, "some people" get all wacky and use it as an alternative "chick magnet" - though, after a while, "some people" realize, he doesn't want a woman who likes him solely for some car ha!

Am sure married life has it's adjustment phases, exciting, nervous, anxiety and all - am sure you shall do fine :)

Winter is not bad this year actually. I like winter - its the summers I cannot bear. NYC death trains errr I mean subways seem hot microwave ovens - people sorta get cooked like chicken at the shwarmah outlets hehehe :)

Am sure your folks shall come around - they always, often do. My mom has sworn to disown me, should I hitch it with a white lady - too bad for that argument ' cause she's been hitched to a semi-white man for 34 years hehehehe :) Plus, she feels, given my brothers have gone out and found their women - am "the" one who shouldn't get away from the "blessings" of a desi arranged marriage hahahaha! Oh well parents shall always be parents.

rosh said...

Hey ammaro - yea shit happens eh? I drove home, parked the car in covered parking - to discover parking rooftop, right above, is now leaking. Guess, at times there's an overload of "shit" hehehehe:)

Re: brand-new showroom car - a write off on day one - bro, been there, done that Must share agony notes :)

al-republican said...


I can see that you are going through something similar as I did. It is SO unfortunate, sigh. You are 31 years old, man. If your parents can't trust you to make a sound decision for yourself I guess they never will.

It is just amazing how parents become SO unreasonable at this one point in our lives yaar. I just don't get it, frankly. Or perhaps they are unreasonable in many other cases, but we mostly let them have their way until it comes down to having to "disobey" them for a human being we love.

I fail to understand why parents do so. And let me also tell you, Rosh, that the longer you delay this, the more complicated and miserable things will become. Delay decisions leads to anxiety and it really affects one's mood, which in turn leads to a lot of psychological and emotional pain and eventually bad health. Somehow, parents thrive in this indecisive phase and want to elongate it as much as they can hoping you will one day lose interest.

Be strong and do the right thing. The right thing can be leaving her or marrying her - whatever convinces you and keeps you happy, friend. I will keep you in my prayers, in sha Allah.

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Al-, When am I getting married ?! I wish I have an answer to this question that everyone around me keeps asking me.. starting with family members; doctors and nurses at work; colleagues and friends; and ending with the cleaner at work ! I didn't know being single provoked so much curiosity and concern !

All I can say is when I meet the guy who manages to make me deeply in love with him.. who doesn't make me think twice before saying 'I love you, I need to rest my head on your shouldrs' !

rosh said...

Al, "what" did you read/comprehend from my comment?

Am not going thru anything really. Mom (like most desi moms) play the match making thingy, and she's got a buncha friends "helping out" in the process - frankly all this arranged marriage cucko talk, just flies over my head :) and she knows it. She does it, more for recreation than anything else, I think she and I realize that.

"The right thing can be leaving her or marrying her..."

errrrmmm...though there are a few friends in the picture - nothing close to commitment. I've got a "deadline" and that is 35 - I hope to walk the aisle prior to 35th b'day. So there, hope that clarifies - but thank you for your kind words and prayers, am sure, despite all sortsa eligible women folk in NYC, I could quite use that prayer hehhehe :)

rosh said...

btw Al, you've never been to the holy house? May I ask, why now?

Shahab said...


I have been on umrah once before in 1996 (I think it was). It was a great experience and I remember how going there helped me in more ways than one.

I just feel a void in my life at the moment, Rosh. I think it is because of my parents boycott of me. I just feel that this void can be filled by this trip. That is the power of God, I guess. Sometimes things can get so bad for us humans that even our own shadows can leave us. That is when one feels the greatness of God.

He is the only One who stands by you.

i*maginate said...

Al romantican back on the scene, with a WIFE! Congrats...I keep seeing all this ludoo in the shops and it reminds me of you lol Hope you had a nice wedding celebration and wish you the best!

Rosh - oh...I was gonna say it doesn't matter that much how old a guy is when he gets married but I don't mean it like that - the biological clock and social stigma attached to a girl if SHE doesn't get married at a certain age is far worse! But I guess there also comes a time when a guy is READY to get married and settle down...I guess that's why you've said 35 is your goal...good luck, and in your own words...'enjoy the journey' ;-)

By the looks of it, a lot of us singletons here in the comments section will be tieing the knot at roughly the same time! hehehehe ;-)

rosh said...

Al - parents shall always come around, just give 'em the time & space. The older they are the less flexible they become. I must tell you similar stories of friends & their folks - eventually they came around. I agree with what you say, at times, our folks just don't get it - often, we remain as "children" to them. Give them time - and yes, the good guy up in the heavens shall always be there for people who truly need that shoulder for support.

Chin up and enjoyed married life. A prayer for the two of you :)

rosh said...

True i* - universally, pressure is more on the women. I do believe, time is the correct indicator when one is ready - at which time it's time to walk the walk, not necessarily an age. In my head, age often, is an illusion ha! :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Egg freezing is the latest in the field.. offered here at McGill Reproductive Health Center; a pioneer place for such a procedure..

Basically, the idea behind egg freezing (aspirating eggs from a woman's ovaries and freezing them for future fertilization when she meets her guy) is to combat the detrimental effect of aging on her capability of getting pregnant. So far, professional people (like lawyers, doctors and others) who are so career-oriented are going for this procedure.. they come to our center from all across Canada. Of course it's highly confidential as well.. identities are not disclosed to anyone; not even to our colleagues at work.

Do I entirely agree with it ?! I'm not sure I'll do it for the 'aging' excuse since there is no medical indication to do it and I'm not sure about my moral values towards it. But for sure I'll offer it to those young patients undergoing chemotherapy for potentially curable malignant conditions since chemotherapy is known to destroy the ovaries which means they can't have children.

That was a little update.. hope I didn't bore you guys :)

MD said...

Rosh, my are a sweetheart. I still can't believe you're a guy. lol!

i*maginate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
i*maginate said...

iym, egg freezing? I'd prefer an omelette any day, with a REAL bun in the oven!

rosh said...

IYM, I watched a Law & Order SVU series, that dealt with frozen eggs (the storyline being, some pro-life advocates, stole frozen eggs from the hospital lab). It was quite a story, must say, and my favourtite NYC detective
Mariska Hargitay put on a fantastic performance.

rosh said...

MD: baby it's been two years, accept it, just accept it lol :) thanks for stopping by - am STILL waiting for an invite to funky-ass randomness :)

lol i* :)

i*maginate said...

yes, also waiting for an invite to your blog, MD. What have I done to deserve this isolation! I can guarantee you eggs would not go uncooked if you ordered a mega-omelette poached a-la-mega mushroom!

kaya said...

Oh! I love snow.
We had lots of rain here a week or so ago. and it was a nightmare trying to keep the car clean.
Right now, every morning theres so much dew on the car, and tat settles on the dust that blew through the night.
Its absoulte hell, trying to keep the car clean. I dont know how snow damages the paint, but I know dust is nasty.

the real nick said...

aha, the action is here!

seriously - I need to talk to you. My sister in law is a great desi gal, about your age, textile designer, loves NYC and is achingly hip, too. Bheya, you are made for each other, I can feel it. I'll email you her profile - promise!

Weddings!-they make me feel all mushy, and sleepless. I've just been in Bombay for business and stayed at a hotel on Juhu beach. couldn't sleep for three nights because of the shadis going on on in the hotel. But I was dragged in by some guests and had fantastic food for free every night!

the real nick said...

Al - what a shame I didn't know you were going to take a wife!
I really would have not offered you my sister in law!

rosh said...

Kaya-G: sah, it's true, dust is quite more damaging. Snow (minus the salt) ain't too bad.

rosh said...

hahahaha!!! nick, must count on you to spice up!! Thanks for kind thoughts/efforts of matrimony, however, I must "humbly" decline :)

errrr...I doubt she is anti-bollywood, anti-cricket and anti -
"balle-balle" ? :)

al-republican said...


I don't do cross-religion thing anyway :P

And, of course, I wouldn't want a mother-in-law who wears a table cloth around her!

kaya said...

LMAO @ rosh
balle balle!
Think of th parathas,the biryanis, the quormas, lassi, and ladoo.

the real nick said...


No balle balle, no cricket, no bollywood apart from a passing crush on Rahul Bose - my wife's didi is the perfect match for you!

I am hurt now.
Why are you doing this to me??! I am thinking only about your wellbeing and happiness!!

the real nick said...


How dare you. It's not a table cloth. It's a silk curtain.

(The table cloth at my in-laws is plastic actually with a crocheted lace runner on top - Punjabis...)

Kaya said...

Yeh tablecloth di gull mennu kuch samajh nahi ayee?
(whats with the table cloth thing?)

i*maginate said...

ok, enough with all this table-cloth thing.

I am really good with operating the washing-machine.

Just put in a black (NICE) shawl with some new white 'linen' which all turned black. The shawl had to be cleansed of all sputterings by "Serious" (i.e., he did not eat with his mouth closed, and all the popadums from the fast-food shop spewed all over the shawl - as on cake blog) - and the woollen "idiot" spewed its colour on all my other clothes, making the whites blue. Thanks.

I think I will enroll on one of these dating sites. I'm not desperate, but anyone of you ludoo/gullab jamun/one-wife guys recommend any dating sites?

rosh said...

i* - a lot of my girlfriends are on :)

You know what, reading people and cake, I have to tell you, most of my friends have quite similar turn of events as yours. It's amazing really, east or the west - the dating scene, finding perfect partner is the same actually.

rosh said...

"It's a silk curtain.

(The table cloth at my in-laws is plastic actually with a crocheted lace runner on top - Punjabis...)

hahahaha! nick - you are BAAAAAAAAAAAAD hahahaha!!! omg am falling off my chair with this one :)

Thanks mate, assuming, there "is" a sister in law, and everything else is quite true, am truly touched, given your thoughts :)

hahahaha can't believe am saying all this? - thank you, bahoot shukrans mate :)