Monday, February 18, 2008

sing along

Each year, thousands across America audition for an opportunity to realize dreams for fame via the American Idol show. Amongst talented singers, the folks at Idol also extend viewers, those unfortunate set of auditions on national television.

From the current season, my personal pick, is that of Eva Miller's audition gone bad. Though she fell (on her ass) part way thru - she continued to sing & dance away. Vanessa Carlton, probably shall sue - however, this girl displayed some love for Simon, and some heart, given the effort :)



Lirun said...

that is hilarious.. hey.. mind spa isnt the same mind spa right?! or am i missing something..


rosh said...

Shalom Mr Lirun - yup hilarious, you should have seen some other contestants!

Re: Mindspa - you know what, am not sure myself. I think someone may have hijacked the blog, cause it sounds nothing like HLH??? (no kidding). As far as I know HLH doesn't blog anymore - though I wish she did. Perhaps you can drop her an email.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Hey guys...bobo of arabia has alerted me to that, blogger won't do anything about it.
Anyways that isn't me, but someone who doesn't really like me...

Just to let you know, I am keeping an eye on all of you ;)

rosh said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey how are ya HLH - long time no speak :)

Thanks for the heads up, I guessed as much - whoever that is, doesn't have the 'gift" of story telling like you.

Stay in touch doc.

Lirun said...

hehe :)

ill be honest - i now own a tv - but its not connected to cable and in israel we dont have much free to air..

while i kind of miss it.. i know myself and that the secon i connect ill be addicted to a bunch of veyr entertaining shows..

so i have preferred to remain clean.. its been well over a year without tv.. that felt so AA hehe..

HLH - good to hear from you.. hope you return to authoring soon..

rosh said...

W-H-A-T!! NO TELE!! OMG, duuuude! "how" do you live and breath then? :)

I swear - am unable to get by for a day without my loving, best friend - the tele. In Nov 2005, the tele went broke, and it was going to take "a day" to fix - I went out that evening and bought a new tele naahaha :)

Yes, I know, a lost case of potato couch :)