Wednesday, February 06, 2008

picture perfect

I came across this amazing photo blog of Basil Khleif. Personally, I think he is quite skillful and has an inherent ability to capture moments that make a difference.

If you have not already, please visit his blog and treat yourself to some amazing pictures of the UAE and foreign shores - it's worth it.


Basil K. said...

THanks for the support Rosh...
Hope u keep coming back to my blog to check out all the updates :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Thank you Rosh for introducing us to this talented photographer..

You can sense a great passion in his shots.. and that's why I think he'll be a distinguished figure one day..

Best of luck Basil..

ammaro said...

thats a beautiful view, is it HDR?

rosh said...

Ahlan Basil - sure, you are welcome. Please do bring about your wonderful pictures to us, always a viewing pleasure.

Sah IYM, I like the pics, moreso the way these are taken - quite telling.

Ammaro - what is the HDR? The pic on this post is from the SHJ beach - quite captivating eh?

kaya said...

Thankyou Rosh. That was uplifting. Get Basil to send a mail to Shaykspeara (, he will be welcomed with opne arms at Global Themes.

ammaro said...

its a lovely picute. i meant the process of taking the photo is HDR... differently exposed photos with smoothed light patterns... long story..

something like this:

i have a few more in the gallery

AM said...

Morning :) or Evening to you by now :)

Had a quick look at your blog, loved the posts and your way of thinking, will be back to read you this evening (heading to work now).

Nice meeting you, read you soon.

rosh said...

Ahlan am: welcome to my blog. Thank you for your kind words - please come by more often :)