Tuesday, September 04, 2007

for your entertainment

WTF and a 1/2? Let's debate the southern way.


al-republican said...

Hahahahaha!!! And to top it all, people clapped for her!

i*maginate said...

Aww..can't watch it, youtube doesn't work properly on my computer..!

rosh said...

Check out these two links. It's hilarious!!!

Make sure you look at the subway map in the second link.



BuJ said...

LOOOOL and they clapped? oh lord!
She called her own people "American US" hehehe

BuJ said...

dear Rosh.. Ramadan kareem :)

Ahmed Shubbar said...


rosh said...

BuJ - I think it's her family who probably clapped : )

Sah, Ahmed, she choked, poor girl. You must watch the spoofs on youtube, it's hilarious!

Brn said...

They clapped because we Americans are pretty polite and they felt bad for her.

Miss South Carolina here is why in North Carolina we have jokes like:

Q: Why don't they have BMWs in South Carolina?

A: It is too hard to spell.

rosh said...

lol Brn - yes I realize that's why most folks clapped :)

Basically, like Ahmed said, she choked! The amazing thing is that there are a 100 funny video's created by users at you tube, here's one - it's all in good spirits :)