Monday, September 24, 2007


I am not an admirer of A'dinejad (or GWB) - however strongly feel against Columbia University president Lee Bollinger's actions.

It's not polite to invite a nation's president and be rude to the guest whilst addressing an entire faculty/university, that's just bad sermon. Bollinger's actions placed him quite low and undermined etiquette & credibility. There are multiple ways & tones with which to disagree. Columbia is a world renowned educational institution, not a public school for the juvenile.


BuJ said...

i agree with you about the president (of CU)'s actions. mind you, i don't have too much respect for Jad recently.. however he made a very valid point about the Holocaust and Palestine being two very different things.

rosh said...

"i don't have too much respect for Jad recently"

.....meaning you had respect for the guy earlier? Please tell me you are not serious :)

Sah indeed, Holocaust and Palestine are separate issues. Try explaining it to some of my good hearted, brainwashed American friends.

BuJ said...

come on, don't put words in my mouth!

i use Jad as a rallying point against xenophobic Arabs who haven't realised that not everyone speaks Arabic..

i feel for u wallah with the brainwashed americanos.. it must be tough.. i still remember my days in boston when i was shocked that most students in my dorm didn't know that canada was north of boston.. while some thought it was part of the states.