Wednesday, September 26, 2007

freej fans

Freej fans out there - the new season is out. Will it tickle more than the first season? Apparently, there is a new character this time - Abood, Umm Saeed's grandchild.

It'd be splendid, if this series had an English version or English subtitles. The UAE expat community could be missing out on some fine homemade series.


Inspire Your Mind said...

most of Freej is very boring and without any objective this year..
I find it very superficial reflecting the opinion of the writer only..
no need to watch it.. honestly, it's becoming a piece of trash.. not proud of it any more..
Will delete it from my blog..

rosh said...

Duh? what? don't say that IYM please :)

You know the creators, don't you? -express your honest feedback. Also let them know of translation to English or with English subtitles of Season one - you never now the reception Freej from the outside world.

Inspire Your Mind said...

that's my honest feedback.. and I'll make sure the creators know about it..
and it's the same opinion of most of ppl here in UAE.. not many of them like it this year..

rosh said...

Zain, people, we have a (tough) critic's review. Anyone else out there....?

I wanna get the season one DVD for my 3 yr old newphew - the only language he follows is Enlgish (unfortunately he's also picked up plenty of fancy curses from my bro)- it'd be neat if Freej had an English version?

Man, I had a lousy sleazy slice of Pizza for lunch - honestly it was *the worst* food I've ever tasted. Was at the bottom end of starvation, so gulped it down anyway :) Toss me a genuine shawarma phuleazzze!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Yah, your Pizza tasted like feet.. where on earth did you get this analogy from ? now I can never taste Pizza again..

BuJ said...

i like freej but this is based on the first series only.. haven't been able to get the 2nd series in the UK.

however given its success it is usually difficult to make a sequel that's better than the first..

shame IYM thinks the 2nd series isn't good.. hmm now i need a new aim in life :)

rosh said...

True BuJ - sequels can be tricky and a bit of pressure! Hopefully season 3 shall bring back the magic & soul.

Would love to get this in English. From a business opportunity, I am sure the 7,500 DVD's sold would have atleast doubled.

Sandie said...

I find Freej funny. Does cartoons have to always have a meaning and a moral theme? Why not just enjoy it. Actually I find the Arabic a bit challenging because it is a different accent than mine which is Lebanese. Call me silly but I laugh a lot at simple things like when my husband stumbs and hurts his toes every morning with the edge of the bed, even though he knows it is there, he jumps across the room on one foot nursing his other one, swearing and cursing and what do I do? I just have tears in my eyes from laughing and this our morning ritual.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Freej coasted millions of Dollars.. if that money was invested in a film ( with good aims and objectives ) with similar standards to Disney ones; the outcome would have been much better..

rosh said...

*sniff sniff* - what's that I smell IYM, you prefer *B*ollywood do ya : )

But seriously, you are correct - I mean the theme & creativity is quite splendid & imaginative, i.e. that of four elderly emi women living in their neighbourhood whilst dealing with changing times in Dubai/UAE. The characters are quite soulful and vibrant and shall catch a young child's as well as mature people's attention.

Combine this theme with substantive production & scripting along the lines of Pixar/Disney movies like, the incredibles, Cars or even Chicken Run :) Now that would have been amazing!

Well - there's always the next time. You've got the connections girl - step in and let the creator know of the possibilities. I would if I were you :)

rosh said...

Hang on! Freej cost million dollars and more? How? why? Sorry am trying to do the math in my head - and if so, wasn't the best product am afraid?

ps: i am joiking about bollywood, zain! personally I hate that load of crap.