Friday, August 24, 2007

rush(ed) hour 3

Just got back from Rush Hour 3 with friends. Being a huge fan of the RH series - RH 3 disappoints. Primarily the movie tries hard to recycle same old stunts, scenes with hot women folk and jokes from it's successful predecessors. What's new is that it all happens in a new city - Paris.

I felt, there were way too many loose plots, some half baked theme about brotherhood and an ancient Chinese tradition going back a thousand years and other massive holes in the plot which are best left ignored. All in all, the plot & theme of RH 3 is ludicrous and hoping to take a message or indulge in forced laughter (why people laugh hard at recycled jokes seen at previews is beyond me?) - RH 3 is a complete waste of time.

Jackie Chan, at 53 may not be able to make the moves look as effortless as in the past, but the man makes a sincere effort. Chris Tucker's character makes an attempt to tackle the bad fellas more often in RH 3, than it's predecessors. However as in the past, he continues, to scream along like a little girl at least 50% of his on-screen time - and be paid $20 sweet millions for his efforts.

The few pluses:
- a terrific interrogation scene involving a French nun & a bad fella
- some neat action scenes on top of the Eiffel tower
- breathtaking views of Paris

Final word/bottom line - avoid the *rush* to a theater, wait for the DVD.


BuJ said...

ha! the Rosh movie review :)
you got urself something going on!
i was tempted to go see it but now i have to reconsider.

by the way, why do people always recommend "waiting for the dvd" when they don't like the movie? if a movie is bad on the big screen, chances are that it will be equally bad on your home screen.. and u will be stuck with the DVD as an insult to your bad choice of movies hehe

i*maginate said...

I kind of sped-red the post without absorbing much info, because if this is worth reviewing, it's worth watching!

THANKS! :) haha

I didn't know Jackie Chan is so old! He's still excellent...I have to watch it to see if he does a good job.

Ummmmmmm is this post a distraction from the post below? ;-)

rosh said...

"by the way, why do people always recommend "waiting for the dvd"

Hahhaa BuJ - believe me mate, it's a good thing, I made you reconsider. If you wanna kick back in your PJ's with popcorn and coke this one, this is an average watch on the DVD. Pluse a movie is almost $11 almost Dhs 40(and DVD is hardly $5 - like 18Dhs)

rosh said...

whao i*... you are living it up as a feisty firecracker woman :)

Sah good 'ol JC has hit pipty three! You can tell he is slow-er, this time around, but he is still far quicker/better than those half his age and the "screaming girl" Chris!

What's happening at the post below - let me hop over :)

i*maginate said...

Rosh, ref your above comment: I'm trying to imagine you "hopping". I can't hahaha :)

Guess what...I was invited by friends at the last minute to watch this at the cinema and was so tempted even though I had errands to run...I thought about it, re-read your review, then looked up other reviews on the internet and thought: ROSH IS RIGHT! DON'T GO WATCH IT!

I told my pals I'm taking a raincheck.

Gosh that film looks so boring from the reviews!

Thanks for saving my night ;)

rosh said...

Most welcome princess, glad to he of help. Spend your monies perhaps on Bourne Identity 3 (forgot the name) of Superbad - man that is just hilarious!!! I was lauging my lungs out :)

i*maginate said...

OOOH yeah, I got the next Bourne film on dvd, will be watching that pretty soon!

Hehe another "guess what"

If you read my post on the UAE comm blog, there was a diversion on the Garhoud bridge taking all unsuspecting road-users to lane added to the Bridge which was the only one leading to Garhoud/Dubai!

Oh yes, I was about to forget why I was mentioning this to you here...well, I was travelling with a friend, and she was meant to drop me off in Garhoud (yee-hah, my car was in for servicing so I was without a car!)...but then we ended up halfway into Sharjah. Guess what? Because of those extra-curricular activities in Mamzar (you'll recall the routes I took into Mamzar on the way to Shj, as referred to in one of my posts) I was able to direct her back into Dubai via the way I had once taken via Mamzar into must really drive around the UAE and know the helps, especially at this time of heavy roadworks. And another "guess what": my friend was totally overawed by the "Hor Al Anz" area, something she had not seen in a long time; she was like "wow, I don't usually come by such areas, but how beautiful they are!" Then, I could not stop talking about the beauty of the tempted I was just to point her to blogworld...:)

Rosh, (&Buj), the Mamzar area on the way to Sharjah is so spectacular..really, it's amazing. The place makes you think twice, really!

i*maginate said...

*by "think twice" in the last sentence, I meant "literally" and not in the negative sense ;)

BuJ said...

btw, i saw that movie yesterday.. a TOTAL waste of time.
the black dude makes it funny, but jackie chan should consider commentating as a new career.

i*maginate said...

haha glad you found it a waste of time..thank goodness I saved my evening! Anyway the reviews were saying "don't expect anyhing more than a bit of fun" - that sounds to me like "don't go watch it"!


rosh said...

BuJ - may I take the pleasure and say, toldjya so - tsk tsk.


Jawahir Jewels said...

ello rosh heheh long time ... well i did go and see it and it was a waste of my time ....

Ahmed Shubbar said...

Not into Rush Hour 3...then watch The Kingdom ; )

rosh said...

Ello JJ - howz friendly Oman these days :)

Ahmed, am waiting for The Kingdom -taking some *All American* friends to the movies. Subsequently shall explain to them, it's all BS & lies and show them the true photographs of UAE, including my home and neighbourhood in SHJ hahahahahaha :)

OK am evil, I know :)

I am just tired of the silly Hollywood propaganda that every nation in ME is suffering from violence & war - blah! Do they realize these places are some peoples homes?

OK maybe am being a hard-ass - well a tiny bit of a hard-ass :)