Saturday, July 14, 2007

I've been tagged - 10 simple pleasures

Aight - I've been tagged by a princess – i*maginate, but ofcourse. Cannot disobey royal requests, hence 10 simple pleasures are -

1. evening tea & shisha with childhood friends, reminiscing growing memoirs - being in each other's company totally oblivious to the supersonic changes around us.

2. long drives into Hatta/Khorfakan and Oman in the winter with friends.

3. going for a run in my neighbourhood - staring at the trees & leaves swaying to the wind, reminding myself the number of times I have walked/ran past these trees, the flowers - the neighbourhood park and the very homes over the decades.

4. sitting at starbucks in nyc on a saturday evening, with a good book, my ipod, zero worries and the pleasure to afford a coffee under $2 in Manhattan - when everything else costs an arm, leg and your first born.

5. "dining" on fruit cocktails, other heavenly beverages and loads of shawarmas at Jabal Al Noor with friends.

6. sitting with mom & dad in the garden - just being in their presence, seeing them age, having those silent & “connected” moments with them - holding my nephew and see my childhood gone by, in his eyes.

7. strolling around my mom's garden, staring at her roses - her flowers, plants and this one particular tree, she planted about 23 years ago (which she treats like her own child)

8. the smiles on Ahmed's face - each time my dad or I’ve tipped him over the years (Ahmed, passed away last Feb, he was our laundry man since time immemorial, 34 years to be precise).

9. staring out into my mom’s garden from my bedroom window – and hear her call for supper.

10. lone drives into the desert in my dad’s SUV on a winter afternoon - just sitting on the sand, watch the sunset - just being with the sand, the blue sky, the chilly desert wind, a faint call for prayer faraway – the enigma of being home & the peace within.

Hmmmm who must I tag? oki – moi tag - inspire your mind & localexpat (muhahahaha!) – would love to tag Emirati, but I think he shall possibly drive a hummer over me instead :)


Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh..
You're very ancient.. I think I'm even worse..

rosh said...

You've been tagged IYM!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Oh la la.. Oh no no..
I said byyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee..

i*maginate said...

So you finally got around to it! Bravo. I think it takes me about a month or two to get around to responding to tags!

rosh, that was so moving and royally inspiring. I was going to say you know, I love all the points, but they are so beautifully thought out and written, and so beautifully reflected, that I feel I must comment on some of the points you wrote, individually!

1) I love this too! But being oblivious to changes, I find, is increasingly difficult, esp in DXB.
Spesh when there are so many things, visually speaking, to remind us of the changes.

2) Cute. I wanna do this more!

3)I wish I could run, I think this is a wonderful thing to be able to do, for those who can do it. I like walking. I was just thinking the other day how one can get so attached to one's surroundings.

4)Is it $2? Interesting. It's more than that in DXB. Star$ tax?! lol

5)I was just chatting with a friend about JAN. Can you believe how successful a simple cafeteria can be! Only in DXB! I love that place!

6)"see my childhood gone by, in his eyes.". I like the sentiments here!

7)23 year old plant? That's interesting and quite special! Moms love plants and flowers, don't they ;)

8)Sorry bout that.

9) LOL ;)

10)Interesting. You seem to like the desert a lot. Guess you must be missing it, being in NY.

Lovely and moving post, rosh.

Inspire Your Mind said...

I wish I could own a 300-year old tree with huge roots..
Day dreaming.. day dreaming.. day dreaming.. can't just stop day dreaming..

i*maginate said...


big smile. but couldn't find the laughter in what you had to say.

you got nothing to 10 things, like rosh got to say?

me laughs.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Moa tagged by the guy I'm planning to kill one day..
Will share my little secret when I'm a bit more inspired..
These days, I look like a zomby; work work work nothing but work..
And I shall enjoy my dream tree one day..

BuJ said...

oooh, you big romantic :)

very interesting!

i*maginate said...

hurry, hurry IYM

the pressure is on!

like a pressure cooker

I have an idea

Buj, you host the party, IYM cooks, rosh blogs about the occasion

Now that's an idea

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL.. IYM does't like to be 'pressured'.. zain
Hi BuJ, how u doing man ?
And no, IYM would rather host the party, and will leave the cooking business to Rosh.. with his spider recipies..
Rosh, don't poison me please; only IYM is allowed to poison ppl.. zain

BuJ said...

I*maginate.. and what will you do at the party?

IYM.. I didn't expect to hear from you, but I'm good thnx.. inshalla kul shay tamam wiyyach.

I never seen the big apple.. let Rosh host and I'll cook :)

rosh said...

halla walla, people.

IYM - oh la la to you too Doc - you've been tagged and we expect you to spill your 10 simple pleasures :) Honestly, am dying to read/know them - I really want to know, what are simple pleasures from someone young/successful as you. We can plan/talk out on "killing" and spider soups later on :)

i*... thanks a gazillion yo! I am most touched with your lovely feedback. I wrote this up at 3AM on a weekend, and for some reason thoughts just popped up in my mind, so glad you liked reading them :)

BuJ - you think am romantic? I think IYM is romantic at heart.

Re: cooking & party, if yall wanna come down to the city, we can BBQ (halal of course) at the rooftop this time of the year :)

rosh said...

BuJ - you've never been to the Apple? Hmmmmmmm - OK, here is a formal invite. Drop me a line if/when you choose to vist - Zain?

Inspire Your Mind said...

BuJ.. nothing personal Walla but I was going through a 'transformation' lately so I needed to be left alone for a while..
Hmmm ' IYM is romantic at heart '; I wouldn't say no; I guess everyone around me agrees on this.. but I PMS sometimes; LOL..
Rosh is insistent; I guess I have no other choice but to disclose my 10 simple pleasures this weekend..
Will do will do will do.. zain ?

Inspire Your Mind said...

OMG, Rosh and BuJ will start dating.. LOL..

rosh said...

BuJ said -

"Rosh... you're too kind :)
I'd love to visit you and the Apple. In fact if I go there I'll have two things on my list:

1-Apple Cubicle ;)
2-Mr Rosh Al-Roshy :)

rosh said...

Sorry BuJ - I had to delete your original comment for a itsy/bitsy edit - no real life names on the blog please :)

rosh said...

lol IYM - now there is a thought, hahahahaha!!

BuJ - what is an Apple Cubicle?

Re: romantic, IYM, if I may - I think you are quite a transparent & humble soul, with a rich amount of pure/true feelings from the heart. I think when Mr Right, finds you, he'll be blessed to have you in his life.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Merci merci Rosh..
Reg Mr Right.. hmmmmm, no comment Roshy.. no comment..

i*maginate said...

Whoops, I missed the partayyyy!

Sorry, who was cooking? Can I take photographs? I'll give em to Buj to post on his blog ;)

Inspire Your Mind said...

It was just a 'mind party' ..

Lirun said...

nice window.. ;)

Lirun said...

ps wicked photo - please explain!!

BuJ said...

Oh Rosh.. I'm very sorry for that.. I do apologise.. I typed it without realising.. **bows humbly**

Ooops.. it seems I missed a few days worth of action!

The cube I was talking about is this one:

Lirun.. which photo are you referring to? Can't see a photo here.

rosh said...

BuJ - not a problem & no bowing please, it was nothing walla :)

Damn! there is an apple cubicle in the city, and I didn't even know about it? I just found out it's probably on 5th avenue - must check it out - thanks BuJ.

Lirun - Re: the pic is something representative of skiing down the slope of a sand dune, using a neat skateboard (minus the wheels) - we do this often on desert safaris. It's fun fun fun - am sure you'll love it!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Would love to see this apple cubicle..
Just for few seconds cos then I'll throw myself blindly into Saks 5th Avenue.. ;)

rosh said...

hahahahaaaa! you sinfully shopaholic girl - lol :) Trust me, I bankrupt myself there every week - it's such a joy :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

It is a joy..
I love their leather jacket section..
I didn't have time in San Francisco to go shopping for one since we were finishing lectures late, and we don't have good qualities here in Montreal..
Any catalog to get me though ?

i*maginate said...

16 days is a long time for a UAEian to post! Get typing!

al-republican said...

Nice thoughts, Rosh :)

I like it how your commentators are all people who come across as really decent people online.

Hehe, sorry for being the bad apple in the bunch :D

rosh said...

lol - not a bad apple Al, you just speak your mind, and I like your comments on blogoshphere - atleast all the ones I have read :)

Guess my topics are mellow, unlike i*...'s or SD's?


rosh said...

...and yeah the folks are so nice. I read a comment of Seven summits somewhere on his "negative" experience with Emi women - I wonder if he's met the likes of IYM and i*...? It's so easy to generalize with one experience, and I was surprised, he seems very intellectual, and have strong deep thoughts on "most" aspects/issues?

al-republican said...


What you say about Sevensummits is kinda true. I believe Sevensummits is a female, though? In any case, yes there is a generalizing on her part about emarati women. So, IYM is emarati, too? I thought she was Indian :P

In any case, I try to take the good from SD's blog and those who comment there. I normally read a lot of serious stuff so even though they have a very disdainful touch to very serious issues, I try to grasp the crux of the matter and give my 2 cents on it.

What I like about bloggers like yourself and imaginate is that it brings a smile to my face and frankly it is more fun reading random thoughts that are not controversial. I find it hard to keep a track of imaginate's love life, but she does talk about other very interesting topics.

In your writing I see a calm, collected and very deep man. I have said this before to you, but I really do think you are a great guy! It is really hard to come across such original and uncomplicated people these days.

I was surprised to read, though, that you find it hard to make decisions! With what I have read of you, I think you are able to take your own decisions.

rosh said...

IYM is an Emi - quite an accomplished one too, yet very humble about it all.

i*.. has a love life?

True, most of SD's post is meant in a positive constructive way, but then comes all the negative troll & their comments.

Thanks Al - so very kind of you, am most touched....

....still making my down from the 7th heaven & the clouds.


i*maginate said...

"I like it how your commentators are all people who come across as really decent people online."

haha, wallah? :P

"I read a comment of Seven summits somewhere on his "negative" experience with Emi women - I wonder if he's met the likes of IYM and i*...?"

She is a lesbian and loves long words. (She might just come from Germany) Don't you just love it.

"What I like about bloggers like yourself and imaginate is that it brings a smile to my face and frankly it is more fun reading random thoughts that are not controversial."

Unfortunately, our thoughts are construed as "controversial" by the majority. I really don't think rosh's "views" are controversial. They are not. He is a normal blogger who blogs, and I bet there are many more who share the same views, but for some reason, do not write about them: perhaps they haven't heard about "blogging"?

"I find it hard to keep a track of imaginate's love life, but she does talk about other very interesting topics."

Yeah, yeah, yeah! i*maginate loves fan-comments! Umm...bimboes might have brains too...but i*maginate can't fathom what it's like to live inside the brain of a bimbo, meaning I just might have a brain ;)

"In your writing I see a calm, collected and very deep man. I have said this before to you, but I really do think you are a great guy!"

rosh really is a doubt about it. rosh, I love your command of the English language, the way you express your thoughts, the way you say what you want to say. Keep at it, love it.

rosh said...

OMG, more compliments, rosh feeling dizzy :)

I cannot handle "thank yous" and "compliments" - feel outa place. Am just a normal everyday fella :)

i*..thank you for the sweet sentiments, made my day!

Re: Seven summits - he/she is quite intellectual and has seen more of the world and issues than perhaps most of us. However like all of us, he/she could have missed a puzzle of the larger picture, in an instance - or have had an isolated inaccurate experience.

You are a better writer i*.. - it's a pleasure to read your posts/thoughts.

al-republican said...

Yikes, imaginate! I hope you didn't take me in the wrong sense? Bimboes?!? Why even draw that parallel to yourself? I believe you are a very decent woman.

We all have hearts and we all have emotions; it is never a good idea to judge people based on love affairs or crushes. It is most unfair and borders on hypocrisy. There isn't a soul on Earth who hasn't had a crush on someone (if not a relationship).

BTW, I came across an Indian guy at work today! Really humble and very, very polite. His parents have been here since 1954 and he and his siblings attended Arab schools so he could speak really good Arabic! And in the same dialect as the Emaratis!

Hehe, I don't know why, but I get really impressed by subcon people who can speak Arabic fluently! And then I start hating on myself for not being able to spean or understand Arabic like them :(

I feel as Muslims it should be compulsory for us to learn Arabic.

rosh said...

"I feel as Muslims it should be compulsory for us to learn Arabic. "

Perhaps true, well actually very true! I think it's equally important we learn Arabic as people raised in an Arab country. Quite a pity - a beautiful, rich language, and I know nothing about it. Some Arab (female) friends, often force me to listen to older traditional Arab songs (you know the ones that are 20 minutes or longer) - there's much emotions & depth in these songs - I can make out so much, but unable to follow the entire essence of it all.

A close friend (here in nyc) of Taiwanese origin was raised in Uruguay as a toddler. She speaks Spanish with complete South American fluency, accent, vibes etc all. She is very South American in her lifestyle (and quite American as well).

Each time she asks, how come I do not speak Arabic despite having lived my entir life in an Arab country? I get so embarrassed to the point of wanting to kick myself. Hence , I've upon myself and learn to speak Arabic within the next 12 months. Hopefully I shall not kick myself too often going forward.

al-republican said...

True, Rosh! I would have people look at me weirdly, too, when I told them I was born and raised in the UAE and didnt know Arabic :P

The little Arabic I do know was because I took Arabic classes in Universtiy (I had to go all the way to America to learn Arabic :P). I actually felt the urge to learn Arabic because of "Islamic awakening" as I like to call it, hehe.

Prior to this, I was deeply drenched into guitars and music. I still am to a certain extent, I guess. But, when I got to America, I realized how being Muslim was so focal to my identity. I had actually composed a song with a friend here in Dubai in the summer of '97 against the Taliban! hahaha!

It's funny how music and a silly 6-month affair with a woman led me to faith and spirituality. God works in mysterious ways! It's a long story and I don't want you to bore you with it hehe.

But, once I got influenced by religion and started seeing things with a completely different perspective, I got the urge to learn Arabic simply because all the classical texts of Islam (most importantly the Qur'an) were in Arabic. One of the reasons, I feel, why Muslims are so confused about Islam is because they are unable to understand the Scripture in its language of revelation.

Yeah, I should try that 12 months thing, too! In fact, I will try 3 months as soon as it gets cooler in this part of the World :P

rosh said...

True that Al - the good guy up above works in mysterious ways! Never know what's up at the corner :)

I've a few cousins, here in America who are Deacons i.e. junior priests. An aspect I am unable to comprehend on it's "process" is the amount of sheer penance, patience and the technicalities - which beyond a point (I think) could lose true objectives of what religion is about?

I've always been more spiritual than religious. I think the relation between yourself and the one(s) up above should be simple, comforting and thoughtful. It should never be imposed, instead willfully accepted.