Monday, July 30, 2007

decisions decisions

I've been trying to arrive at a decision over the past 2 weeks. I've got to make a firm decision and a response later this week. However, I'm just unable to do so, or think straight with my head. The heart butts in and strews all sorts of emotions into the process. I have to admit, I like thoughts from the heart - because, when I think about what coulda, shoulda, woulda happen - the ones from the heart seem much more appeasing - at least for a while. However, in comes the mind (you know like those nuns we had in high school) preaching away the potential realities. Both sides make valid points, I guess I sort of want to have the positives from both - have the cake and eat it too? Come on people, what is the point of having a New York cheesecake if you cannot eat it huh?

Confession: most often I suck at making decisions, I'm NO good at it. Usually sit on the fence, and someone/something just pushes me over. This is something I really need to work on, put on a brave face, and take that darn plunge. I'm upset at my inability to make firm decisions, because most often, I choose an option and backtrack, or start thinking on the "what if's" to possibly retract - arrrgh!

When hit with similar trying times, I usually ring up friends (spread across the globe), and age them a decade or two with my talk. It comes to a point, wherein I have some folks plead mercy. The ones who know me too well usually jump ship first -whilst the ones whom I can always count on continue to stick with me & my stress, for a quest :)

Anyhooo, I've got time until this weekend. I hope whatever I choose to do, or "whatever happens, happens for the better". It's funny, because this phrase is the motto of my life - yet, so out of reach in reality?

Yalla, time to call my shrink.


Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. don't feel 'bad' or 'inadequate' by not taking instant decisions in your life.. it just means you haven't faced a situation yet when immediate decisiveness is very much needed.. that's it.
Beside, there are so many matters in this life that need a bit of patience and so much consideration and thinking before you come up with your final decision about them.. impulsiveness isn't safe especially when it comes to career and personal matters.
Just take a deep breath and relax.. follow your instincts as you once told me and all shall be fine..

BuJ said...

I know many people (deep thinkers like yourself) that are very successful in life but cannot make decisions!

At least you're admitting it and trust me, that's half the battle.

I'd say three things:

1- Act on the advice of your friends (don't just say "yes")

2- Don't be afraid to make an "emotional" decision.

3- Decide quickly. The longer you take the more painful it is.

Good luck amigo!

i*maginate said...

Honey, it doesn't seem, from what I've read of your post, that you really "need" any decision-making to be done on your behalf. Looks from the words in your post, that it's something about a job-change.

Try to "think" a little less, and follow rosh's instinct? Would that help?

Wishing you the best. really...:)

Come on rosh, you can do it!

Inspire Your Mind said...

No.. Rosh will not accept this job offer..
Why ? it's so simple..
Once we're lost in an internal struggle between a new offer and whatever we're already doing, we simply choose what we're already doing, simply because the new offer is inducing such a struggle..
Human nature, we always choose our peace of mind..
However, new promising opportunities don't get 'offered' to us.. they just pop out like that in our path and those are the ones that we shouldn't debate much accepting them.. those are planned from above..
I believe that the most 'co-incidental' things in our lives are the most 'planned' ones (from above).. take it and a new door will open in your life taking you to whole new horizon full of soothing breezes and colourful birds.. leave it, and you'll miss out on the promised pleasures hidden within it..

rosh said...

IYM, thank you. I must just relax and let things take it's course, am sure I shall make the correct choice. Sah! I believe it now.

Thank you BuJ ya raayal, 3 ez steps, how engineering of you :)

i*.. Shukran wallah, am touched and surprised, you knew it's about a job switch? The issue is not about switching jobs, per say - just another (important) equation attached to it. Don't want to say anymore for now.

Thanks guys :)

i*maginate said...

Yeehah! rosh is going to conquer the world!

(hey, good luck in your decision, hope writing it down helped :) )

OK now, let's talk about the celebration. Shall we bring Buj into it? Of course, he makes fantastic biryani, and apparently, we've all been invited to his place (in WALES!! I know, I know!) so we'll be getting some nice beef thrown into the biryani. The local sheep are aplenty ;)

Shall we invite al republican as well? Do you think he might be an interesting guest? lol

Ummmmm Buj, thanks a lot for the invitation. Remember: no carbs, so you'd have to cut the rice out of the biryani. Now wouldn't that make a fantastic meal. Hurry, get cooking; I'm on my way!

BuJ said...

Rosh ya Rosh.. you know.. with my professional background I am discovering that just about anything is possible (to build) if you think systematically about it and break down complicated tasks into a group of simple tasks.

Hence my lists :)

Also Engineering aside, I do have faith in you buddy to do the right thing.

al-republican said...

"Shall we invite al republican as well? Do you think he might be an interesting guest? lol"

Hahaha! You think I am some kind of monster?? Maybe you are half right, haha!

I am impressed with some of the great advice given here, especially that by BUJ. Number 2 is actually where people like myself go wrong, I feel. We have too many strings attached and too many people whose happiness depends on us and hence we DONT take emotional decisions. I feel sometimes we think too much of consequences.

Emotions is a double-edged sword so an emotional decision can tun out REALLY ugly, too. So the key to taking an emotional decision is to assess your situation and take time to think over it (not forever please :P). You may ask others for advice, but an emotional decision by definition means that you do what you think is right - even if the entire World says it's wrong.

We have a saying in Islamic circles, "The heart is the best Jurist". Sometimes when you are overwhelmed with facts and have cold feet by the fear of repercussions, then it is best to rid yourself of these thoughts and go with your heart.

Pray to God and ask for His Guidance and He will surely help. You shouldn't EVER regret any decision you take be it emotional, rationalized or forced. It is the key to keeping yourself happy and looking at events in your life from a positive angle.

Wishing you all the best :)

i*maginate said...

quick one, it's nearly the end of the weekend for you, good luck in your decision...all the best

msg to al-republican, let's just say you're half a monster, howzaaaaat..........? ;)

wait wait, this msg is for you, yal rosh. I was meant to convey these wishes yesterday but couldn' you know, the weekend starts on thurs here...

start of week here and end of yours: hope the decision went well.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Hey Roshy.. ca va ?

al-republican said...

howzaaaaat.... hmmmm, I would HAVE to deduce from this that you have some desi blood in your lineage somewhere!

You do know that "HOWZAT" is a form of appealing by players in the game of cricket, right? Last time I checked, Emaratis dont play cricket :P

You are an intriguing one, imaginate :)

rosh said...

Allo allo people :)

A huge super-sized, shawarma filled - Shukran to you all, for your kinds sentiments/thoughts. I am deeply touched :)

Yup decision made, it was hard, but am at peace and live moves on.

Well, away with that, then.

"HOWZAT" - as a huge anti-cricket crusader, may I say "uggghh".

I must say I dislike that sport, oh wait, it's not even a sport, more like some "no TALENT required event". On second thought, the skills required: (i) bribery and (ii) plain ol MCP traits, tsk tsk : )

Al - for the record, the Pak team is so much better than Indi's, who truly suck, (well both teams suck) however Indi's suck even more.

i*.. & Al - I assume you folks ain't going to think too nice of me now eh? :)

al-republican said...

Haha, Rosh! I love kirkit!

i*maginate: You just gave it away with that one! I am afraid you are sounding a lot like someone I might know! I hope I am terribly wrong :P

rosh said...

So Al, I take it you shall not join, my anti-cricket crusade? I could have used your counter punch skills :)

BuJ said...

hey Rosh! I was worried about you.. glad all's well (well it seems like it).. how's life?

rosh said...

Life is alright BuJ, thanks for asking :) Hope things are cool at your end.

BuJ said...

The jazz is playing over here man! When will you bring your shawarma trimmings and party with me in Wales?


i*maginate said...

rosh, glad all's well with the decision...

Now Mr al republican, I was teasing you! I think by now you can tell I like to tease? And besides I knew that would get you excited;) LOL I know about that coz I watch cricket sometimes...spesh the big games, though I'm not an expert.

Well rosh is the perfect person to discuss cricket, coz it was in *Shj* that this cricket stadium was built...which used to be packed all the Dubai Sports City will cater to sports matches etc with the umpteen stadiums they're building...can't wait!

As for me knowing you, I am 99.99% certain I don't know you based on your profile (married, nationality, under 30 etc - which I just found out from your post on the UAE comm!)expected you to be 45 or something!

Anyway, if I did know you, wouldn't it be absurd in terms of privacy to declare I did? lol

omg talking about shawarma I am so hungry, I could eat a whole goat!

i*maginate said...

OH, Al repub, I had a dream about you the other day, really weird. I'll share it because it's decent ;) In it, I saw a "photo" of you in a newspaper (smiling, fair, with glasses, no beard/moustache) and underneath the photo was written: "Interview with Al-republican"

How strange! Do you guys ever dream of other bloggers? I've done so more than once, and the funny thing is, how can you have a dream of someone whose face you've never seen? lol

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL i*.. 'dreaming' about other fellow bloggers sounds 'risky' to me.. we start crossing some lines here..
However, as I'm always optimistic, you never know, your dream might come true one day.. so watch what you ask for girl ( if you happen to be a girl ).. LOL
And no, as 'real' dreams ( I mean sleep ones) are concerned.. I had a black-widdow spider torturing me the other night in my dreams.. I didn't think I had a crush on her husband though !!
One more thing i*.. with all due my respect to the 3 men bloggers on this page; never give them a bodily description of how you think they might look like.. it just turns on their grandusity gene and they immediately think ' Oh, she must be interested '.. ( just a sisterly advice ).. and none of them can deny it.. it's the 'Y' chromosome nature..
Time to run away with my skin cos I know those 3 will start firing back at me ;)

rosh said...

BuJ - I am just waitin around for the good 'ol Arab invitation mate :)

i*... dude/babe am anti-cricket, no cannot watch that game. Infact am going to post something on this next :)

So you had a dream/"vision" on Al eh? Have you had any "visions" on moi or say good 'ol BuJ huh huh? :)

IYM - lol, so you not just the top Doc in town, but also the best shrink on the Y chromosome! I am beyond impressed :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh.. no I'm not the top doc in town yet.. that I know for sure.. I need more time and experience to reach that level which I'm determined to reach INSHALLAH.
As for being a shrink on the 'Y' chromosome, that I didn't learn back in medical school.. that I got from the school of life ;) my own life..
I call that Arrogant-Always-Not- Satisfied [AANS] species the 'Y' chromosome.. as opposed to the softer more elegant gender of the 'X' chromosome or 'Us'..

rosh said...

Awwww modesty, now that's a lesser seen virtue in today's world IYM, and moreso, generally with the Y chromosome :)

Believe me, I know, I deal with male egos in the corporate world, every day :)

BuJ said...

Rosh.. you've been living away from good old Sharjah for so long I guess you forgot the rules of Arab hospitality :)

A guest is welcome without invitation for upto 3 nights as a minimum, but can stay longer. During this time the host is responsibly for his guest in all manners. So you're very welcome!

However, due to the cultural and religious reasons that make me who I am I can only accept male friends.. this is said of course with all due respect to the 2 other lady-bloggers here.

BuJ said...

responsibly = responsible*

al-republican said...

Ahh! I wrote so much and clicked on publish and the internet got d/c!

I am not typing it again, but basically, rosh, I would PUNCH anyone who tries to get on your wrong side since you are such a nice and sweet guy hehe.

i*maginate: I am actually unmarried, wheatish, I do sport a "conscience" beard and yes, I do wear glasses at home. With all the reading that I do, I think that was the easiest part to guess about me :P

I am impressed with your knowledge on cricket!

al-republican said...

inspire your mind:

Hahaha, well said! But, I don't delude myself. I have a face that only a mother can like :P

Inspire Your Mind said...

Al- whom are you planning to PUNCH ? for sure Roshy won't allow you to punch me.. cos this is IYM.
Reg a face that only a mother can like.. don't be this hard on yourself though.. it's the spirit that shines through our features and enhances it.. what's the point of being so handsome and holding a dead heart between your arms ?

rosh said...

BuJ - thank you amigo, now I shall crash at your place, unannounced - muhahhaaha! (ok am kidding :)

So true IYM - never judge a book ....

Al, I echo IYM's wise sentiments, don't be so hard on yourself :) If Ash Rai can wed that odd lookin Bahchan dude, surely she shall consider us :)

IYM, Al would never punch a lady, especially a lady like you :) He is referring to counter punches in a debate.

i*maginate said...

iym, interesting points you raise. I'd hate to think in this anonymous world that an anonymous blogger could think another anon blogger could be "interested" in one another. I'm pretty certain rosh, buj & al republican wouldn't misinterpret my comments in the way you describe, insofar as I know. However, you are obviously right in principle, as some male bloggers have come to think I'm "interested" in them and now I have my fair share of stalkers, which is *really* scary.

However, it's hard to draw a line with regard to "what to say and what not to say" - it depends how sane one is in how one interprets the comments of another blogger...and my stalkers are quite insane ;) Thanks for the thoughts though, you psycologists are cool, and a real gift to our society.

Now...moving onto rosh! I imagine you're tall, slightly tanned, glasses, no facial hair, and you like jeans...;) Umm...and you like to go running, so you're sporty.'re into male grooming etc, but you're not a fan of aftershave lol.

Hmm...Buj...I imagine is a "laid-back" kind of person, you know, the kind of guy who sits on his corporate desk on a leather, swivel chair, making all kinds of important decisions! In terms of looks, I have no idea, and couldn't guess! Perhaps glasses, fairish, prominent nose (?!) and pouty lips, spesh when he's in "thinking-mode" lol

LOL no probs about the invite...I love NY, it's one of my fave cities in the US. Must be all those movies that portray NY as the stereotype of the US...the subway, yellow cabs, Italians, hotdogs, 5th avenue, wall street, Queen's & the Bronx! Did I miss out anything?

al repub, I know how it feels when you type loads and it goes missing!

W reg to glasses, those who read a lot do, in my experience, tend to wear them. Or perhaps they are just nerds? ;)

P.S. I found some of your comments on one of Sd's latest blog posts absolutely hilarious, so much so, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Would you mind if I copied & pasted some of them (anonymously)onto my "uncensored" blog?

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL i*.. me no psychologist.. me simple person living my life day by day..
How come you didn't have an imagination of how I might look like though ?!
Your description of Rosh is almost right.. I don't know how tall he is though and I didn't get into his after shave details yet!! LOL
'Cool Water' after shave from Davidoff is a nice one, what do you think i*.. ?!

Kalidas Pavithran said...

take your time, sit on it,, you will be able to come up with the best decision.. good luck.

al-republican said...


Sure, you can plagiarise my comments :P It's completely OK with me although I don't know what was so funny about it :P

A friend of mine, AD, actually called me up today and told me how he thought my comments were funny, too? But, I am glad my comments tickle peoples' funny bones!


I am not being harsh on myself. I just said it as a joke. I don't tend to see too much into looks myself. I have a few people in my life whom I love dearly and would do ANYTHING for. The relationship between hearts is just beyond words and transcends all things material.

With respect to aftershaves, the last time I used one was in December 2001! Which is when I decided to grow a beard and never to shave again. My beard is just about how the local guys keep it (minus the shaping in the underchin which I dont like). Hehe, my shaykh calls it a "conscience" beard.

Although amongst colognes my favorite are BVL, Dunhill Desire and recently I have started liking CK's IN2U. This new product of CK smells a lot like Bakhur and has that Oud touch to it. I love it! Even the one for females is pretty nice. I have gifted it to all the women in my life hehe.

i*maginate said...

1stly, rosh, please start another post, your blog is getting highly addictive.

next, al-republican, please stop playing games by confirming your aftershave preferences: it was highly unexpected given the character I've interpreted of you but nevertheless, I will come back to your comment(s) in a sec...lahtha please ;)

iym, you are very interesting.

"How come you didn't have an imagination of how I might look like though ?!"

If you must know, I started typing the answer, then deleted it. I thought since you didn't ask, best not "voluntarily" make a comment. Since you & I don't really "converse" with each other on blogworld, I thought better not intrude into your world without an invitation. I would have normally, but you seem to be a little sensitive, so I refrained from the "looks" commment (OK, that's my character for you haha)

iym, to me, it seems you might be tall (175cm-ish), straight, soft dark brown hair, thick black-rimmed specs, thin face (same shape as jennifer aniston's), but pouty lips and rosy cheeks..."always in a rush", bossy personality, long-sleeved blouse wearer, sometimes pencil skirts, below the knee ;) You might like starbucks...and reading books, often enjoying nights in? Single but longing to get married?

All in all, I think you are probably very beautiful ;)

i*maginate said...

"'Cool Water' after shave from Davidoff is a nice one, what do you think i*.. ?!"

This freaked me out. You know me already. This scent is totally heavenly...reminds me of school days, when I worshipped any guy who wore this scent...or who didn't lol ;)

I love this scent. If you like it, you'll prob like Issey Miyake's scent for men (can't rem the name) it's the men's version of the women's one which is in a clearish, cone-shaped bottle with a silver top - the signature scent


Now my comments will keep rolling...;) thanks rosh, for the hospitality haha ;)

i*maginate said...

iym, here are some of my fave men's "aftershaves" / perfumes whatever you like to call it

cartier - pasha
issey miyake - the signature scent
dior - anything - the lemony scent (don't know the name)
davidoff - cool water
ralph lauren - polo, the one in a blue bottle
givenchy - anything

I like Chanel for men, but I don't know anyone who wears it...Chanel is one of my fave designers. I wish more people knew about the history of Chanel: one of the world's most "authentic" designers

i*maginate said...

kalidas, you missed the debate. You could at least jump in to the fun comments here and join the party...?

i*maginate said...

I'm pressing "publish" because my computer has a habit these days of deleting what I write!

rosh said...

"I'm pretty certain rosh, buj & al republican wouldn't misinterpret my comments in the way you describe, insofar as I know."

sniff sniff i*.... deeply hurt, thought we had something going there :(

Aight aight am kidding, just kidding : )

I agree with all that you've said. Perhaps must throw caution to the wind a bit, whilst at blogoshphere I suppose? However am quite kicked to have met like minded individuals . Moi think that's kewl : )

lol i*... am not too tall, just 5.10"..ummmm not too sporty, in decent shape (people ask if I work out, honestly I do not?) Yup tanned, glasses, hate after shaves have to use them every morning:( and average male grooming I suppose?

I am falling off the chair reading BuJ's "pouty" lips lol : ) I don't know how he looks, however wouldn't think he'd be pouty : )

Re: IYM, I think she's tall, I read somewhere on her blog she is 163cms. Don't know about thick black specs, I suppose being an OBGYN/surgeon, she would wear one?

From what I've known of her - she is very simple, down to earth, multi-talented, a powerful writer, huge helpful heart - has done so much in her young career, keeps going at it for more success & modest about it all. In short, a very balanced individual.

KP, thank you, and welcome to my humble blog :)

Al - I tried the "local" style - it looks great on most people, unfortunately didn't work on me. It's such torture to shave everyday :( I love BVL & Dunhill Desire.

So true Al, the relationship between hearts is beyond words & all things external :)

i* - re:another post, thanks & am working on it your highness :)

rosh said...

i*.... re: colognes/perfume, man you've got exquisite taste yo! am impressed. Often, I just grab the first one I see, thanks for the tips.

Inspire Your Mind said...

No worries i*.., welcome to my world.. Roshy's blog seem to be turning out into Majless though.. LOL..
Don't get scared of me though, I'm very friendly..
I'm tall but not that tall.. I'm 168 cm, and yes have a very dark hair that I'm growing back these days after I got sick of colouring it reddish for a while now. And no I don't wear specs, have myopia though if that what you ment and had the Zyoptixs ( lasir surgery ) on my eyes last November. And NOOOOOOOOO I don't have Jennifer Aniston's face shape, I do NOT like her, I don't know how to describe my face to you though..I'm on the chobby side if that might help.. LOL. And NO, I DO have a strong character but for sure NOT a bossy personality, I'm extremely friendly with my work mates and colleagues especially the nurses I work with.
And with respect to my dress code, no comment here.. all I can say is dress for the occasion; visit my blog and you'll figure out I'm far from being 'conservative' and that for sure includes the way I dress up. In a nutshell, I don't like being provocative at work; and I don't like being 'boring' when I hang out with friends, did I make myself clear here ?
I can agree with being at rush at work since my job nature requires this, and I'm almost never at rush at home or with friends.. I usually take my time especially if it's something ' nice and sensual '.
And I'm into reading ( for ages now )and writing ( these days) but no I don't frequent Starbucks that often.. I love reading in the woods (next to my place) surrounded by tall trees and greenaries..I just love mother nature..
And yes sometimes I like being left alone, that's my time with myself.. I meditate alot, maybe Rosh can tell you my favorite meditation spot ( or visit ' wanna have a beach walk with IYM' on my blog)..
But overall, I like exploring new places and I like having fun big time. Rosh tagged me for my 10 simple pleasures, I'll work on it when I'm in that mood.
And I would prefer not to comment on your last sentence regarding being single and longing to get married. I don't discuss personal stuff on blogs, that's my red line that I like to be respected by my fellow bloggers..

Inspire Your Mind said...

One more thing about IYM, she loves after shaves.. and loves indulging herself in perfumes; bubble baths; candles.. nice soothing music.. etc.
And she's into art big time..
Time to visit Old Montreal I guess..

i*maginate said...

Now, down to you, Mr: (al republican)

"I have a few people in my life whom I love dearly and would do ANYTHING for. The relationship between hearts is just beyond words and transcends all things material."

That's great (and by the way, I love your comments, which is why I asked if you had a blog...hopefully you will have one again one day - I would be totally addicted to it...)

Ref the above comment, personally I do judge on looks, and personality next. Not in any particular order, really. I appreciate hygiene & that translates into looks.

I find ugly people attractive if their personality is attractive enough to make me interested. In your own words, I guess that means: don't judge on looks.

I used to, a lot. Let's say I'm blessed in the beauty department (love the self-promotion) but as I "age" I'm learning it's best not to judge people based on looks nor personality, because I find my expectations are rarely "fulfilled". Having lesser "expectations" makes me happier as a person. I have to drop some standards to succeed in my life ;) I won't say anymore, for the time being :)

rosh said...

IYM you love volcanoes i.e. actually watching/walking thru volcanoes as they errupt - and skydiving as well, sah?

i*... she's unlike anyone I know from our part of the world :)

al-republican said...


Cartier... I loved "Declaration" by Cartier. I recently bought another cartier cologne, but I am kinda regretting it :P I use it at home now, hehe.

Chanel... hmm, most of Chanel's stuff is just a remake of the old stuff, Davidhoff's cool water is average in my opinion. However, the female version of cool water is absolutely amazing! I haven't checked the ingredients on that, but I am sure there is some sort of aphrodisiac portion in it! It really attracts my attention. Even though it's quite old now, I still love the smell of it on a lady. My mother bought a fake version of it called "Cold water" hahaha! It was pretty close to it, though :P

i*maginate sorry for disappointing you that I have a beardo, but I can't give up on this sunnah :) I hope and pray Allah increases my imaan so I may grow it longer and not care how girls won't like looking at me, hehe.

Rosh, local guys beards are a bit too short for my liking. I would say that they keep the length of their beard on number 2 or 1 (which is the shortest it can get). I keep my beard at number 5. I hope you know how this trimmer terminology works. Of course, the women can be excused for not having the foggiest about this :P

rosh said...

"I have to drop some standards to succeed in my life ;) I won't say anymore, for the time being :)"

Thanks for sharing i*... - believe me you, all that glitters ain't gold. Sometimes you find the sincerest soul in the least expected of faces & places :)

I wouldn't call it "dropping standards" - rather, maturity of our souls, thru whom we begin to value or identify substance over form.

al-republican said...


The day you drop your standards COMPLETELY, you might just like me hahaha :)

But, I appreciate your frankness. A lot of times people just say things that they know is not what their hearts believe in.

Hygiene is very important, I would concur there. I have a fondness for pretty, well-kept hands and feet, though. OK, I should stop it right here because this is now sounding like a testimonial :P

As for blogging, I don't think I will go with that. I am in the middle of a weird crises in my life. If I come out unscathed, I am going to get married soon and that will close the doors to blogging for sure. But, if destiny takes me somewhere else, I am going to be just too bitter to get married to any woman. In that case I am going to have to radically change all my plans for the future.

I MAY get into politics sooner than I had planned initially. Maybe you guys can catch me on TV then :P

al-republican said...

Wow, are we all online at the same time? :P

It feels nice to know that I am not the lone loser hahaha.

i*maginate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Inspire Your Mind said...

Sah Sah Rosh.. IYM is into volcanos and sky diving big time..
My next trip to Mauna Loa in Hawaii would be after I'm done with this residency training of mine; it's been a burden on my chest for a while now and I need to get rid of it in those erupting volcanos once I pass INSHALLAH..
Al- Cartier perfumes are the best; Allure Sensuel from Channel is one of the best as well.. at least it goes well with IYM. If you like the 3ood scented ones, try Armani Prive ' Bois D'Encens ' from Giorgio Armani; it's uni-sex and it's Armani's personal colone..
I got it for Mom, but it's uni-sex so u still can use it.
Rosh, merci..

Kalidas Pavithran said...

Looks like yall are having a ball here, iam fairly new to the bloggsophere learning tricks of the trade. see you all around..

i*maginate said...

For some reason it's taking me ages to scroll up and be able to be a little consistent, but here are my responses:

IYM interesting info about yourself. We prob have much in common...btw I also don't like jen aniston much but that's coz she had Brad and I didn't ;)

al republican I was reading the thread in which you mentioned "AD" on sd's blog but I couldn't find their comments on the blog, so don't know who it is...would be interesting to read their thoughts, esp if he's your pal. Link please? Thx

LOL I was under the impression you were married from the comments on the uae comm blog. You being single is highly exciting...haha

I like the little testimonial you wrote, it's cute. I've heard of Man I'd never go on some website like that to find a life partner, though some of my friends have met their matches online!

"I am in the middle of a weird crises in my life. " LOL I feel like that too right now. Anyway good luck with it all.

rosh, I was just wondering, is rosh actually your name?

al-republican said...


My friend AD posts as anonymous and signs off at the end as "AD". He was the one that asked me the 3 questions in the beginning. His other comment was the one where he told RB to jack off :P

Me and AD have been together since the 4th grade. We have grown up to be very different individuals, but we still respect each other and I count him as one of my trustable friends.

He is unmarried, too, if you are interested :P

rosh said...

Al - I hope the "crisis" in your life, works out for the better. Something I've learnt in life is that, often things always work out for the better. Keep the faith mate :)

i*.. rosh, is my name, all my friends call me rosh.

rosh said...

Join the ball KP, it's all kewl :)

i*maginate said...

LOL ok, I will have to go back to SD's blog and scroll to find AD

Btw I just can't stand the new format on her blog. The "digg it" function seems way out of place I find...and the comments section is ORANGE!

I never noticed AD before, that is quite strange.

Btw one of the funniest things you ever said that is easy to remember is when you called "H in A" "hole in ass" LOOOOL That was so crude and so hilarious at the time, it makes me laugh when I remember it!

As for your unmarried friend, shame I "saw" you first ;)

OK I'm gonna take a break from flirting, it's getting tiring!

Thx for the permission to copy/paste your commment on the uncensored blog...they are so hilarious!

al-republican said...


I will anxiously wait to see how you use these comments of mine! By the way, what is the theme of your "uncensored" blog? I normally see you getting back at people on that blog?

You are an interesting lady, imaginate. I know this local girl at work who looks really simple and wears basic makeup. But the way she walks and carries herself, she oozes royalty! I am so over-awed (if thats even a word :P) by her, hehe! And she always wishes salam early in the morning that brings a smile to everyones face :) I look at her and think "now that is a princess in dubai!"

Yes, the flirting has to stop! I have to admit my hormones were starting to give my braincells a hard time! I feel like such an idiot when I let my hormones take over :P

It's all Rosh's fault! haha :)

rosh said...

"I know this local girl at work who looks really simple and wears basic makeup. But the way she walks and carries herself, she oozes royalty! I am so over-awed (if that’s even a word :P)"

Al - you are on the right track mate. I think a woman of character, yet simple in nature is royalty. Simplicity in a woman, just bowls me over.

I can't think why a woman would strut around with enough makeup to paint an entire house, a pair of provocative jeans (practically stitched on her), a miniature (non existent) top, which leaves zero room for imagination, and $700 hooker heels – thinking it adds to her appeal/personality? No, can't deal with divas, pre-Madonnas and women who think playing hard to get is 'cause they are "worth it"? NYC has more than it’s fair share of such folks – blah.

Re: fault, sure go ahead, and blame it all on me ;)

al-republican said...

"...with enough makeup to paint an entire house..."

Rosh... THAT WAS A CLASSIC!! Hahaha, well done buddy!! I have to use that someday!

Rosh, desi weddings are REALLY crazy. The women are stacked with layers upon layers upon layers of makeup! It really looks ugly (someone should tell them that)! A cousin of mine once commented that women in Pakistan wear so many layers of makeup that "woh khud hee is main dabb kar mar jayaingi!" Hahaha I found that pretty hilarious too!

It will lose its meaning if translated, but it would be something like "women risk dying under the weight of their makeup". Bah, it sounds cooler in urdu :P

BuJ said...

so i got "pouty" lips?

this is coming from someone that "couldn't guess"?

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL guys..
Rosh, I think you're reaching a record-breaking no on comments.. what 61 now !! I don't even reach 15 on any of my posts..

rosh said...

haha BuJ :)

IYM make that 62, never thought of the number, this has been much fun, maybe I should make more "decisions" :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

No Rosh.. I can't ..
I'm telling you I'll celebrate once I reach 15, only 15 ):

i*maginate said...

*al republican

the theme of the blog is just stuff that is "controversial, even mildly" or perhaps leaning on political opinions or opinions from political blogs that I've copied and pasted. These might be from blogs I've been censored from, and may include comments I could have written if I wasn't censored ;)

I'll get around to pasting some of yours (the latest hilights) soonish.

WRT to make-up, I think it's probably some kind of psychological issue, or matter of upbringing/taste - how one applies it.

At the end of the day, women are pretty self-conscious, perhaps in front of both men and women, as to how they look. It's called "fashion" and how one's image is pereceived - added to that, society's pressures, and social stigmas. Make-up is just another false layer: the more layers; the more caked: the more fake ;)

al-republican said...

I personally don't have a problem with women wearing makeup as long as it is done properly.

I LOATHE the makeup on brides at our weddings! And the gold stacked on the woman! I often wonder if the poor bridegroom has to wait for the bride to wash all those layers off? :P

What I don't like about women is when they start showing too much of their flesh or shape. Besides, I really do think that women look much better when covered.

i*maginate said...

*al republican, it's all about filoos ;) Old is gold, and gold glitters ;) I personally prefer a ton of diamonds and gold on a bride, with an equisitely made bridal gown/dress. This is the time to dress up and look like a Queen. If I see a bride with minimal make-up, it makes me wonder...

And it's really like that throughout the Sub-Con/Orient. Westerners might not appear to be that much into gold/diamonds etc and fancy weddings, but they WERE in the olden days, when gold was abundant! Look at the House of Commons, it's full of gold from that era/way of thinking!

P.S. those who have it, flaunt it - look at Posh & Becks sitting on their throne at their wedding! That's before they got their tatooes ;)

Oh, I would prefer it if men covered up too, they'd make a far prettier sight :)

al-republican said...

Haha, agreed, imaginate! I abhor the sight of watching sleeveless men in half pants showing off their hairy legs!

i*maginate said...

*al republican, let's have a fight on rosh's blog. I'm sure he wouldn't mind, judging from his hospitality?

Yes, let's talk hairy legs. Did you forget hairy faces, and hairy noses? And hair sprouting from ears? Wow, reminds me of bean sprouts, only that beans have no hair, only depends how the covered women cooks it.

Fight, fight!

On a good note, you are on the top of my "blog-reading" list - luckily enough, my sort list is on "alphabetical" order.

al-republican said...


You talked me into blogging again, but I need some help in "reclaiming" my old blog page. I am unable to log onto my account.

I have left you a message on your "desperateprincess" blog. Kindly do help if you know anything about it.

I actually have 3 topics I want to talk about:

1- The political situation in Pakistan now (viz-a-viz what happened yesterday).

2- A spiritual experience I had in the US, which made me realize how "evil" is also a tool of God to do good things! (I think this will be a good read)

3- Something (I havent decided yet) about myself that I may have not disclosed before.

So here is some motivation for you, rosh et al to help me find my way back on blogosphere :)

rosh said...

Al - am dying to read your blog. May I have a link?

What happened in Pakistan yesterday? The news in the US is limited to Iraq, NYC flood and an old lady who fell of off a tree whilst trying to fetch her cat.

i*... you wanna fight with poor Al - leeish habibi :)

..... but don't let me stop you hehehehe :)

WRT women & makeup, I agree with Al. I've been to a few desi weddings and thought the groom was marrying "another" woman, given the makeup on the bride - the bling bling is blinding, and 5 gallons perfume just knocks me out : )

My bro's fiance (is from the Northern parts of Pakistan, raised in the UAE) is naturally a very pretty girl. She has a bag full of makeup, that weighs more than her. Al you know how beautiful the women are from that part of the world, sah? Hence am surprised what's with the makeup kit/luggage? Likewise my best friend's fiance, who is of Palestinian origin, raised in the UAE - naturally very beautiful, spends thousands of Dhs a month on makeup. Sometimes she applies makeup at home, and then washes off in few hours. All very confusing to me.

Anyhooooooo point being, some women need makeup, however, personally, a pleasant amount of makeup + loads of character + simplicity = a very sincerely appealing woman : )

al-republican said...

Rosh, this is old stuff... I am figuring out how to reclaim this blog of mine as I have forgotten the password and all.

Inspire Your Mind said...

OK guys.. the conversation here is never's fun though to have you all..
So, here I am again..
Make up is a nice thing to have and to wear, but again the principle of ".. for the occasion" applies here as well.. I wouldn't love to have too much make up on masking my features when I'm on-call at the hospital taking care of very critically sick patients; I don't think if I do so ppl would take me seriously; beside, what point I'm trying to prove by wearing loads of make-up ? so, I don't do it excessively at all.
I just add a touch more for partying; just not to look boring.
As far as our local weddings are concerned, I think it's a jok how much ppl are into show off and all.. again, what for ? I personally don't mind spending X amount of money on something durable that I'd use most of my days ( like a powerful car or a nice piece of furniture ), however, to spend thousands of dollars on make-up; the bridal dress; and all the fansy show off I think is insane. Latest statistics show that 40% of those marriages in UAE and the Gulf region generally end-up in divorce.. guess why? simply because character comes last on their list, and how much your dad owns in his bank account comes first !! we all know it, it's a sad fact of our community.
My brother is getting married next January, and mom wants me to 'contribute' to all this stupid show-off business. And sorry mom but I'm not going to spend a fortune just like that for nothing, I'd rather go to Hawaii for a nice relaxing vacation with all of that money and start furnishing my apartment in the States for the upcoming phase in my career.
Yes Al-, we're eager to hear about your spiritual experience in the States with God and all.. keep us posted plz..
And Rosh.. enjoy Florida

i*maginate said...

No, I didn't "talk you" into anything, I was just pressurising, because I like your comments. Not too much to ask, now is it;)

Your comments are so fantastic, any t,d&h might request you to start a blog?

I did respond to your comment on my blogpage...:)

"I am unable to log onto my account."

I don't get blogger technology either, sometimes...

As for your points:

1)I think it's important to keep up with what's going on in your part of the world. Apparently, it's going to have some kind of effect on this part of the world. though it doesn't look like it, in the short-term ;)

2/3 keep writing, homedude :)

Last point, republico, if times get "tough", you know our email addresses. We'd need an "invite" for blog-read opportunities, in case you ever decide to limit your blog to more "trustable" identities.

I like your blog, as I've told you :)

Even kalidas would prompt you onto starting your own blog: whey-hey, sorry for the "indiscreteness" but you go, al-republican!

i*maginate said...

Are you still unable to log in to your blog account? I have read your posts.

i*maginate said...

"Latest statistics show that 40% of those marriages in UAE and the Gulf region generally end-up in divorce.. guess why? simply because character comes last on their list, and how much your dad owns in his bank account comes first !! we all know it, it's a sad fact of our community."

I will just trust that the 40% percentage is accurate.

Please, honey, it's not *only* money that counts. It's a whole load of other "psychological" factors that count.

I won't go into detail, but maybe, you will?

i*maginate said...

"i*... you wanna fight with poor Al - leeish habibi :)"

It's a neutral place to "do it" - neither he nor you mind?


Inspire Your Mind said...

no "honey" go ahead and elaborate on those 'psychological' aspects plz..
we're all ears..

rosh said...

Princess, may we have a link to Al's blog bleaze?

i*maginate said...

"so i got "pouty" lips?

this is coming from someone that "couldn't guess"?"

Intepret my comments word for word, and you'll guess I'm a real princess, given your logic.

Inspire Your Mind said...

I guess someone is PMSing here

rosh said...

IYM, you go girl.

I hope to spent it all on a rainy day, dine on shawarmas and Jabal Al Noor :)

rosh said...

What is PMSing? you mean SMS's?

i*maginate said...

IYM seems to be a sensitive soul

rosh, will try not to "converse" with sensitivies again

Thank you for your hospitality

i*maginate said...

rosh, sms sucks, so do shawarmas, trust me. JAN is cool if you have a corolla and you're down there at off peak hours. It helps if you're not a guy, as well, whichever car you're in :)

rosh said...

It helps if you're not a guy, as well, whichever car you're in :) "

I know mate, it's just fun you know. I mean nobody is hurting anyone, well I hope?

I see the cell numbers being thrown from one SUV to another or "inadvertently" dropped off on the road. Or a quick whisper, that usually starts with "zifr zifr XXX" :)

It's just harmless fun. Am smiling thinking about it sitting in the big apple :)

al-republican said...

OK, rosh, I reclaimed my blog! Yippy :D

I have posted my newest entry "tin-pot dictators of a banana republic". you can check it out on:

I will try to post apolitical stuff as well because I know too much political talk can get boring for most people (not for me though :P)


rosh said...


Just wanted to yell/shout that out. Sorry, am at work, hence cannot shout :)

It's the weekend and I would give anything to be there. Yall have a good weekend :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh will never stop 'conversing' with 'sensitive' souls like moa.. me know Rosh for ages now, Sah Roshy ?!
PMSing means experiencing a 'PMS'; 'Pre-Menstrual Syndrome' when girls go **** a little bit before their monthly periods. Amongst us, I mean docs, even men can say they're PMSing if they're in a bad mood..

i*maginate said...

rosh, you make me laugh my ... off! SUV? Whatever. Those guys may be in an SUV, but me, no. My car is WAY faster than theirs (don't mind disclosing that kind of info).

Those lame shouted out #s while scoffing on JAN shawarmas are way out of order! Spesh when rosh is not around, shouting some CLASS with his number! haha ;)

It's all fun, yet disgraceful, if I may put it at that:

you keep smiling, while horrible, ugly males make our night quite "ukkhhh" while splurging on that late night shawarma on that innnocent street!

i*maginate said...

we're all "online" at the same time? great, no? hehe :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

I'm tired now.. need to rest before going out for a movie later tonight..
A date with myself.. LOL
My friends are out of town these days.. so me feel lonely and this talk here doesn't seem to be ending soon..
Take care guys..

rosh said...

IYM - Sah, you are sensitive to people's needs & worries and a caring soul with a huge heart.


Inspire Your Mind said...

Hey Rosh..
I'll be in the States around mid-September for 10 days or so..
My fist stop will be NYC, then Chicago.. then ?
Did u find a place for Kona coffee ?

rosh said...

"It's all fun, yet disgraceful, if I may put it at that:

you keep smiling, while horrible, ugly males make our night quite "ukkhhh" while splurging on that late night shawarma on that innnocent street! "

Me know, me know - it's just that when you see things of such kind in this part of the world and then see JAN activity, it's nothing habibi. I mean they are all good people, just young, and having a little fun on Friday night.

I've never done it, but yeah I admit, I have been in one of those SUV's with friends, when cell numbers come flying in from no where, followed by a quick drop down of the tinted window. See, now you are making me homesick :)

However, I apologize to you from their end, zain?

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh, if you're still on-line, sign in to gmail plz.. need to chat with you..

al-republican said...

Common guys, we can make it to 100!!

Rosh, dude, did you check out the 3rd test match between India and England?? Dude! Anil Kumble hit a century!! UN-FUDGING-BELIEVABLE!

If he can do it, so can you!! hahaha :)

i*maginate said...

rosh, this is quite horrible.

don't pretend as if you're one of those "never dunnit" guys, I know very well that you an republico have committed this sin.

Republico is so innocent, one must explain the sin to him: ordering shawarma past 11pm

Suv's are pathetic. One needs a super-sportscar in order to convey any form of super-impression: is that snobbish? Sorry ;)

al-republican said...


If there is anything I eat after 11pm then it is "Golden Fork"!

Shawarma's are tasty, but they tend to give some seriously acidic burps! I can just imagine you grossing out, haha! So, shawarma is a no-no past 11pm!

Let's wait for Rosh to come back from google talk :P

rosh said...

"Rosh, dude, did you check out the 3rd test match between India and England?? Dude! Anil Kumble hit a century!! UN-FUDGING-BELIEVABLE!"

Oh oh oh blasphemy on my blog :)

I am anti-cricket "believer"

rosh said...

"don't pretend as if you're one of those "never dunnit" guys, I know very well that you an republico have committed this sin."


But happy :)

i*maginate said...

*al republican, no-one is interested in your super high-flying cricket at the moment, we are talking about high-charged turbos that command tasty shawarmas.

rosh said...

i*....I know your turbo. Infact your turbo is a "marked" vehicle at JAN, girl :)

i*maginate said...

*al republican, with all due respect, you need some education when it comes to "golden fork".

(I have really censored my comments to you, the more we delve into "conversation")

Post 11-pm, you may notice a bevvy of Filipino sexy-inos frequent Golden "fork". I like GF for their oily spring rolls when I'm desperate & hungry, pre 11-pm. I often wonder, the 2 times I'm at GF annually, what kind of people go there past 11pm?

i*maginate said...

rosh, you never seen me, coz you been out of the uae, unless you got your spies:)

nuff for one night

I'm feeling hungry, I could never eat enough

Anyone feel like cooking?

104th comment, I guess ;)

rosh said...

" Filipino sexy-inos "

LOL - new phrase to the vocabulary!!

i*.... my spies are the ones in those tinted SUV's. We've always wanted to know who's in that turbo - it's the ultimate mission -hahahahaha :)

i*maginate said...

those tinted supremos have been eating too many shawarmas.

We untinted turboes are far too superior for number-swapping.

Those twosomes in their tinted suv's will go back home, single, knowing they could never go home with the girlies in the turboes that ignored them.

Long live speed without horrible phone numbers.

rosh said...

i*.... ouch man that hurts :)

Most of them are really nice guys, you must say hi the next time. Yez a tiny piece of paper may get flung into the turbo :)

but it's just harmless. Believe me, they are all good fellas, maybe one or two bad guys - the large majority are nice fellas, just young and out for harmless flirting & fun :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. how you doing man after that chat ? hope you're not freaking out !!
Amazing, you can chat with me and leave comments here at the same time !!
You're good for ****** !!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Go home now, it's getting late already..
Will catch up with you later..
Enjoy your weekend..

i*maginate said...

rosh, I appreciate what you say, assuming you're not one of these guys who pesters girls when driving home.

I could never know what it's like to be a guy, but from my experience, it's not as "innocent" as you make it out to be.

A simple phone number tossed from one sports car to another means "f*** me" and believe me, a normal girl not expecting this kind of reaction from a seemingly "normal" guy feels like puking up on her shawarma.

Not all normal guys are like this, but the guys hanging out in "super" areas are like this.

Maybe some might be your friends, maybe these might be some people I know, but really, this behaviour I care not to know.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Aha Rosh.. so when you were telling me you're walking around the office looking for me you were in fact coming back to your blog and chatting here .. !!
Never trust a man..
Bad boy Roshy..

rosh said...

i*... I don't think that's what they intend to to, well not all of them....for sure.

I am not into this yaani. I have seen number flung around, and calls being received. There is chit chat and smiling and innocent flirting, that's it. Nothing serious of crap of such nature. I can speak for the people I hang out with for sure, they are good folks.

Sorry to hear your sentiments, they are valid. I was only expressing/stating what I have seen or know of.

In future will watch similar stuff with a different pair of eyes......I guess?

rosh said...

IYM you freaked me out with that chat, am scared to go home!

BTW - I can multi-task :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

I know you can multi-task, I can multi-task as well ;) not if I'm in the 'mind-reading' task though.. LOL that needs great focus..
Will teach you my tricks one day

rosh said...

My friend, A's brothers and his friends and my friend J and his friends all hang out at JAN in a few of those "hooked" up SUV's.

They've told this to me several times. I swear there is nothing of intense or crappy nature.

Hence sincere apologies i*....reading my earlier comments, it comes across rather unhealthy. I wasn't aware such intentions were in play.

Peace out, am tired - heading home :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Drive safely Rosh..
And get rid of your old newspapers please.. maybe you should unsubscribe since you're not really reading them..
Chaw now..
Time for a movie..

al-republican said...

And when it's all over, here is what I STILL dont understand...

What is JAN?!? :P

Inspire Your Mind said...

JAN = Jabal Al Noor; Sah Rosh ?

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh goes there for his favorite Faloodah.. they don't serve it in NYC !

Inspire Your Mind said...

Gotta go to bed now.. on-call tomorrow for 24 hours, life sucks sometimes..
Rosh, I hope your chineese neighbours stopped fighting for now so you can have a restful sleep.. :)
Bye all..

al-republican said...

Jabal Al-Noor? Hmmm, I don't think I have ever been there. And the kind of gentry that comes there as i*maginate describes, I don't think I'd want to go there either.

Although, I love eating out at new places.

rosh said...

It's not all bad Al - there are very decent, simple folks & families visiting JAN for a quick calorie filled bite. However, yez, that part of Riqqa is bit of a flirt ground for tinted SUV's.

But please, it is NOTHING like the meat packing district or some neighbourhoods of NYC, most of it is harmless young kids.

Which is what I was trying to say, but then lost my thought process, simultaneously commenting here and chat with IYM & responding to folks walking into my office - guess I didn't multi task too well, damn :)

al-republican said...

Riqqa?? You mean Al-Riqqa, Deira, Dubai? Dude! I live there! hahaha! Rather my parents live there and I live with them these days :P

Hmmm... where exactly is this place "Jabal Al-Noor"?

al-republican said...


I hardly EVER take dinner after 10 pm. I actually like to take dinner by 8 or LATEST 9pm. Something my mom hates about me hehe.

BTW, how and why are you censoring your comments to me?

rosh said...

Al- think am losing it, it's almost 2:30AM and I am wrapping reports!

It's Al Diyafah not Al Riqqa, sorry :)

al-republican said...

Al-Diyafah... oh, I know what place you are talking about. Yeah, that place has some nice eateries.

Our company's new office is coming up there and we are planning to move to those premises in March, 2008. So that will give us the chance to have some decent lunch!

BuJ said...

My Allah! When do you guys find the time to write so much? I feel left out.. I cannot catch up with the conversation!!

All I can contribute with is that I miss JAN!!!! the coctails.. yummmy!

rosh said...

haha BuJ - think we went a bit crazy with this one :)

al-republican said...

Haha, just when I thought this thread was over, another 2 comments!

Rosh and Buj, do check out my new post on the spiritual experience I told you about. Please do comment and share any similar experience(s).


Inspire Your Mind said...

Bonjour les amies..
Moa at work, no catastrophies for now, ALHAMDULELLAH..
I can't wait to be in Dubai in 2 weeks time from now.. my mind is already there all the time..
Yes BuJ I guess we went bizzerk last night on this page, today my nick is hurting since I was doing nothing but typing comments..
I feel guilty today since I didn't read at all yesterday, need to do some readings for my exams..

i*maginate said...

Ok, here goes. My hands are hurting from typing all day, and now my eyes kill from scrolling down these million comments.

Al-republican, I was talking about ... not deira ;) rosh got it right

and rosh honey no need to apologise, I was just stating my experience... you don't need to explain yourself, this is your blog and you write the way you want to, I will write as long as I am welcome :)

al-repub, I'll take you there in my convertible, though watch out, the dudes @ golden fork might get offended that you're not indulging in their cuisine, and hanging out with some JAN-frequenting chick instead, filling your tummy with oily, horribly drippy shawarmas! haha what a sight that would be ;)

Btw I thought you said before that after 11, you go to GF...then you said you don't eat after 8-9. Me: confoosed. Nevermind...

Personally, in an ideal world, I would never eat after 7pm...but since this is Dubai and everyone else likes to book dinner tables no earlier than 9pm, I have to eat at that time! It sucks!

Al-republican, there are only about 2 restaurants on al diyafah which make interesting "lunches" - al mallah and kfc. Great places, aren't they haha, I mean wonderful places to "be seen"!

Oh no, I'm getting hungry again...

i*maginate said...

This post might near the #200 mark

Anyone listening? :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Yes yes we're all listening..
Rosh, IYM is really in **** mood today, ehm ehm.. time for revenge, muhahaha !!
You remember David Santos, the wierdo blogger who freaked us all out by sending us all the same comment on our posts; it looks like he's hitting the record on comments with all of those non-sense freaky words in his posts ( 400-500 comments per post )..
I checked his blog out this afternoon as I was laughing when his photo image crossed my mind.. LOL
So, let's revenge.. come up with a deadly idea ya rayyal.. and let us know how we can do it without him knowing it's us.. LOL

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh, check out this :

This kuwaiti blogger is freaking out because David Santos seems to be leaving the same comment as well on all Kuwaiti blogs..

Now, honestly, any guesses here as to who this weirdo might be ? I would think either a big psychopath or a spy of some sort..

Let me do more research on him..
will be back..

Inspire Your Mind said...

Yes yes I think it's a spying system of some kind sending this David Santos to all/most of us, for the following reasons:
1. He just leaves one comment per blogger, never checks on the reply and then that's it. And the comment is totally irrelevant to the topic of discussion. So, it's just a way of 'linking' your blog to this spying system through this fake name 'David Santos'
2. It looks like his comments are a code of some kind, since he leaves the same comment per country. I mean same comment for Kuwaiti bloggers which is different than the comment for Emirati bloggers (but same comment on Emirati posts and so on).
3. Although he's based in Portugal (that's what it says on his blog, gotta check his URL), he's mainly interested in checking (spying on) khaleeji blogs, look at his counter and you'll figure out that most of those 'linked' to him (whoever checks on his blog) are from the Gulf region since we do it after he leaves those non-sense comments.
4. whay on earth would he write his posts in more than one language ? any one of you would do this for no reason just like that to show off how many languages you speak ? I can understand expressing your thoughts in 2 languages at most, but the weired existence of both Arabic and Hebrew in most of his posts really smells fishy !!

I hope he/they read this.. we're not that stupid..

rosh said...

Hmmmm maybe I just plain naive, however his blog seems harmless, just that he speaks/write, multiple languages?

Why are the Kuwaitis freaking out?

rosh said...

IYM - who is the little monster you did the delivery today? Hope you didn't have many cases? Don't know how you guys do this 24hour on call stuff. It's demanding, very demanding.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Maybe I was just over-analysing him, but all Kuwaitees seem to think the same about him..
Who cares.. I just want to pass my exams in 10 months from now..LoL

I'm still at work, and yah I don't what's wrong with me today that I'm calling all these little babies 'monsters'. I delivered 2 so far, not a busy day I have to say, it's 'Shabbat' and it was just over so ppl come to this hospital after dark.

I'm the chief on-call ( the most senior person just one level below the consultant on-call with us) so I just do high-risk or complicated deliveries and we leave the straight-forward low-risk cases to the junior to do.

Working on 'Shabbat' really sucks, no good food in the Caffeteria (as we have to adhere to the Jewish tradition even though we're not Jews), and second cup only opens an hour after, it just got open again and I helped myself to a piece of chocolate cake (Kosher) and a lyme-flavoured Italian Soda drink..
At any rate, gotta do some reading now on precocious puberty before I get called again for another patient or another monster to be born..

Mosaltov Rosh Mosaltov.. you're close to #200 !!

Inspire Your Mind said...

You ready for Florida ?
My cousin went once with his girl friend to this very nice restaurant in Florida (dunno the name though); you reserve few months ahead of time; supposed to be a romantic place for couples; you dine in with your bare feet while immersing them in a thin film of water.. !! yah, the entire floor seems to be just 'water'..

rosh said...

Why does the hospital follow Jewish traditions or Shabbat? It's Montreal, not Tel Aviv right? Is it even legal to do so?

hahaha! monsters, don't worry IYM, when you are on call 24hrs, and all you see is babies coming out of a screaming woman, all crying & dirty, it can get confusing, if these are babies or little monsters :)

rosh said...

I'll be at Tampa, Florida. My flight is on Sunday afternoon around 3PM. Weather in Tampa is flaming hot and humid as hell. I'll just work up the AC 24/7 :)

It's just a week - thank god! Am not fond of business travels, there is so much pressure.

Inspire Your Mind said...

It's the Jewish Hospital I'm working at these days.. what to do, gotta respect their tradition..
Like in UAE, non-muslims are not allowed to have lunch when it's Ramadan.. same applies here..
Mosaltov.. Mosaltov

al-republican said...
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al-republican said...


Tazej is OK, too. Then if you are in the mood for some desi food then you can always go to Ravi. It's not very classy, but the food there is good.

You are such a rich, spoilt brat! You drive all these cool cars and hangout and do the other usual rich-kid stuff :P

Us poor Paki expatriates just hangout in our Accords (isnt that such a desi car!) in the cheap places where there are no biggy cars and swapping digits with one another :P

i*maginate said...

al-republican, I've never heard of Tazej: where is that?

Haha I don't behave that way, really.

LOL I have only ever known one person who drove an Accord, she was Indian...I think it's quite a "neutral" choice, unlike our famous Sunny's - now they are in a whole world of their own!

You should try the Rupee Room @ Dubai Marina...I can down a whole trunk of peshwari naans after scoffing a plate of chicken tikka! Actually, simulatenously. No point having the bread without the meat, innit.

Oh no, I'm getting so hungry again!

Oh...*that* Ravi. Now I know the one you're talking about. I think I've ordered take-away from there once or twice.

P.S. I absolutely love "unclass" restaurants/cafes, I had posted about it before. It's where the best food is, and all the action too!

Rationality said...

Hi there;
Oh Rosh can't believe my eyes @_@
Rosh are you sure that you are the one who wrote this post! haha

Don't know but I thought you exaggerated in telling me that you strongly avoid taking decisions :)

The bad thing in taking decisions is when you can't cease the sense of bewilderment and the fear of future regrets *sigh*

Also I hate getting trapped in between the heart vs mind battle watching life slipping away.

I'm sure you took the right decision. But glad I'm not the only one who suffer from the hesitation haha

btw any more decisions? :D
Wish you all the best sensible rosh:)

rosh said...

"Also I hate getting trapped in between the heart vs mind battle watching life slipping away."

This is (almost) become the story of my life Rationality :) It's sad, as much as it’s frustrating. My mind and my heart, think completely apart - they never come together :) I'm learning to find the medium.

I did make the decision, and it was good. I feel good about that one even today.

I'm very afraid to hurt anyone and also be hurt in the process. So, I just let things stay the way they are, if it doesn't cause anyone hurt. boohoo :)

"Sensible rosh" - jee, now there's an Oxymoron :D

Thanks Rationality.

Rationality said...

Morning :)
I sensed the frustration in your words rosh:)
Mostly the heart does not accompany the mind in addition to others opinions like the beloved ones. I think I got what lies under your words but as long as the mind is dominated everything gonna be all right and when it comes to stay away from our belovedes rememeber the technology makes our world a small village:)

You have a tender heart rosh that's why you care about the others:)

Oh man now you are trying to be humble :P
the sensibility is in your responds in your blog and in your beliefs. I've read so many blogs but few bloggers are sensible.
You are welcome
Always a pleasure to read you:)

rosh said...

Shukrans Habiti. Keep well :)

Rationality said...

Hello there;
I wrote a topic about heart and mind. It would be a pleasure if I read what you think dear coz somehow it reminded me of you too.
Regards :)

rosh said...

Hi Ratio! I am humbled you read this almost 4 year old post, and for your comment :) I shall pop over to your blog. I'm sure, as always your write up is with a lot of deep thought / analysis. Shukrans again Ratio.

You also made me read throug the 150 comments...we had a riot! :) They made me smile. I miss these fantastic folks terribly. Everyone is so very unique, forward thinking and such brilliant folks.

Rationality said...

Well, the label you wrote grabbed my attention so I opened the link in order to see what was it about to learn something new from you, masha’Allah you’re sensible person and I always look forward to your comments not only over my blog but also on elshahlab’s blog and here on your space too.
Yes your followers are just like you rosh, perhaps they will back one day! You don’t know.
Thanks a lot rosh thank you :)