Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the weather today

Rather crazy day in the city today. Some sort of tornado hit Staten Island (one of the 5 boroughs that make up New York city). The sun came up in the morning, didn’t stay for long - in a few minutes it went back to being dark. A while later I could hear thunder & heavy showers and could see floods forming. An hour later, the showers stopped, but it was hot & very humid – with increased flooding.

Morning rush hour was bad (read terrible). Subways, buses, ferries all delayed given the weather. It took me an hour to get into work, which I think is much better than most people, since it took most 2 to 3 hours.

I've always known Manhattan is an Island, however realization (of some sort) hit today. Why do people have to come to work on an "island"? If you think about it - it's a bit strange, especially for someone like I, who has always lived & worked in separate cities, SHJ & DXB, but never have had to travel into an island for work.

Most corporations have worldwide head quarters in Manhattan, and though there are those fortunate amongst us who can afford to live in the city, the large majority of folks who work in NYC, live in the boroughs of Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn & Bronx, and in the suburbs of New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia (which is at least 2.5 to 3 hour bus ride). There are several tunnels, bridges and ferries commuting people into the city. I would say about 90% of people working in the city use one and/or multiple public transport systems to get into the city. I read somewhere the population in Manhattan goes upto 8 million on a weekday.

Hence today, given the weather it was quite unfortunate to witness, almost an entire city of people, dripping wet head to toe with rain & sweat given the humidity – yet patiently waiting, forming (long) disciplined queues for delayed transit systems and for water, coffee & breakfast.

I got into work around 10AM, and we had people walk in past 11AM. Thankfully the office has a shower – which had a wait time thru lunch and into the later afternoon. Some folks went out to the GAP & Banana Republic stores next door for new clothes - given that they were drenched.

I left work around 8PM and walked to the subway – the sky was clear, there were no signs of rain, the streets seemed dry for the most part, but humidity continued to stay on. As I reached my apartment building, I could see spots of flooding, a few trees down and some stores without power - praying the entire time my building had power - and it did. I got home switched on the air conditioning, took a nice warm/cold shower – made ice tea, threw a frozen dinner into the microwave - just in time for an episode of Law & Order SVU.

They say the weather should be slightly better tomorrow and back to thunderstorms & showers on Friday – however you never know, at times we have all four seasons on a single day in the city. Hopefully the weekend should be nice, am off to Florida on projects & meetings - strongly dislike bad weather when flying.

Am off to bed, exhausted, been a busy week. Good night folks.


Inspire Your Mind said...

Good night Rosh..
BTW, Montreal is an island as well.. I guess now I understand why it's so windy here this evening; feels like a tropical storm of some kind is about to hit us.. so it's moving up from NYC to Montreal.. I see I see..
But it's not humid here yet.. I hate it, it provokes my Asthma attack..
I hope I'll be able to get to work tomorrow on time since I don't drive and I don't wanna get stuck in public trasportation..
Good night again Rosh.. Bon Nuit.

BuJ said...

oooh oooh oooh!
(sounds when you're holding something hot and tossing it between ur hands!)


ya habibi Rosh.. this sounds very much like the UK.. or Melbourne.. u know we get 4 seasons in one day too.. I never had that when I lived in London and Reading but when I moved to Cardiff.. it went mad.. and truly it was a 4-seasons city (per day!).

Glad to know global warming is not just affecting parts of the UK and East Asia. I heard that flooding has hit India's Utter Pradesh and Assam regions has displaced more than 2,000,000 people.. honestly.. it makes other calamities look like a walk in the (Central) park.

Only 5 years ago I used to laugh at people talking about "Global warming" or "sustainability".. although I never liked the idea of pollution. For example I'd always recycle bags, and walk/cycle instead of driving etc but that was my limit..

In the last years it's scary how much the world is changing with climate change.. just in the UK you can see how places that almost never flooded have got deadly floods. It's really unprecedented.

Btw, islands are cool loads of big cities (some capitals) are islands.. and all have their character.. starting with Abu Dhabi, and ending with New York, Montreal, Stockholm, and soon Dubai ! When they build that Arabian Canal thingie (which I think is madness) then Bur Dubai will become Bur Dubai Island.

BuJ said...

as of NOW.. we have 126 comments on that post but just 3 comments on this post!! come guys.. move up with the times!

rosh said...

IYM - I didn't know Montreal is an Island? Thanks for the tip.

I guess part of my frustration is why people continue to construct huge high rises in an exhausted piece of island called Manhattan. If you look at the city, every inch of land is accounted for and old buildings are gut renovated or demolished for a new one, smaller sized and extremely inflated shoe box apartment.

It concerns me, people are forced to commute 2 to 3 hours each way to get to work and back home. The state of New York or the US has a lot of land - hence in today's technologically advanced age and transport systems, do we need the concept of an 18th century "downtown"?

To me, personally, it seems rather stupid. I have seen small towns in the suburbs of New Jersey and Toronto have "downtown" locations? Wherein one has to pay for parking 'cause the downtown roads are intentionally clogged/narrow so more clubs/stores can be placed into this location - and people would have to take public transport or pay for parking. Inevitably causing traffic jams and delays, when they could very well just spread things over a larger area.

rosh said...

BuJ - perhaps there is more awareness of global warming in the UK and EU. Here in America, you shall find next to zero awareness, except for a rare movie documentary or a flash in the pan public/political rally or a politically driven news event on FOX news, CNN or the other hundred clown news channels.

Of course there are exceptions like those programs on PBS and CPAN and the balanced newspapers such as USAToday.

You know what's funny - the number of times I have seen Americans drive an 8 or 10 cylinder pickup truck/SUV with a hudred American flags sticking out, and bumpers stickers that read -"Save us from global warming" or -"Support our troops, give up your reliance on oil"!!

It's hilarious, how stupid some people are!

Yes global warming is a serious issue. I am very much into keeping things green, recycling, minimizing printing in the office (I think we accountants are amongst the biggest culprits in wasting paper via endless printing escapades).

An aspect I have been unable to change so far, is give up my 6 cylinder A4 - I love her too much to let go :) However I drive only when needed most and think twice. I always use public transportation - yes I know not a smart financial move, but hey, can't have it both ways I suppose eh?

I've read up on the Arabian Canal thingie - I agree it's not the best idea, don't think it may equate to practicality. Hope they scrap the plan?

And yes mate, it is scary how much the world has and continues to change given global warming, I worry about often.

Inspire Your Mind said...

To me an island should keep it's identity as an island..
I don't like high-rise buildings anyways.. makes me feel suffocated somehow especially if they're so close together..
air, air.. need some fresh air plz

i*maginate said...

LOL, feel the same things.

We run to an island to find our cash.

Island or not, where the work is, we run.

BuJ said...


I am passing this on to you because it definitely works, and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives.

By following simple advice heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace.

Dr. Phil proclaimed, "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and have never finished."

So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of White Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, a bottle of Kahlua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freaking good I feel. Please pass this on to those whom you think might be in need of inner peace

rosh said...

lol BuJ - thanks for the magic potion towards inner "peace" :) It sounds delicious!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh BuJ.. a box of chocolate.. me need it, moa need it, Ana need it, ma need it, mai need it..
Hate cheescake though, doesn't work on the mood like a pure dark chocolate cake..
What are all those drinks though ? did you spare any for us ? can we try them ?

BuJ said...

LOL hehe I got this e-mail from a friend and thought to share it!

I don't drink myself.. but I thought it was funny!

The chocs are a good way to feel better.. that's why I always have 2 things at home (chocs, and Emirati dates!)

My favorite type now is Anyone want some? Tfaddalo

al-republican said...

Cheesecake! IYM you should try Baskin Robins Strawberry Cheesecake! I am not an ice cream fan at all, but I LOVE that stuff!

Oh man, I am craving for some now...

Inspire Your Mind said...

Nothing but a pure dark chocolate cake with a soothing big cup of Hawaiian 100% pure Kona coffee..
That just does it to me.. I become euphoric after that, and I might end up signing a blank cheque for you..

rosh said...

lol IYM - ummmm, will the cheque bounce :)

NY Cheesecake does it for me people. I could eat a whole damn cake and still not feel suicidal on calories consumed :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Moa dying for that..
I guess that explains my 'chocolate beach' template for my blog.. LOL
Now guys I'm really deprived.. toooo baaaaaaaaad.. and can't walk much to go and have it since my knees are hurting again today after standing in the operating room all day today..
Tooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad..
Any solution ?

i*maginate said...

OK, before I get too lost out on this convo

I love dates, they are addictive, so is chocolate

As for blueberry cheesecake...those new-yorkers are best at it! :)

um um um did Buj say he was having a party again? haha

Inspire Your Mind said...

I love 'dates' as well.. they are so 'addictive' .. LOL..
No really, I mean it..
I think 'mature dating' is a very nice thing to explore and experience.. any disagreement here?
I don't mind dating on Islands; it is as romantic as it could get sometimes.. LOL
Maui, one of Hawaiian Islands, is the best for romance and love.. that's what one of my Emi friends told me on her way back from her honey moon.. to tell you the truth, I was surprised to hear about a khaleeji man treating his wife to such a romantic honeymoon, but knowing my friend; I knew she wouldn't have done it otherwise !! Khaleeji men are usually/generally not so into romance and intimacy..
I could never understand the double-standards that they live; ie, 'acting' so romantic and generous with their blue-eyed girl friends while at the same time being so distant and inconsiderate to their khaleeji girlfriends/wives (name it) !! I could never understand what 'love' means to them; and I could never comprehend how talented they are in 'integrating' what they consider as love into all of that social show-off business !!
Anywhooo.. it looks like I'll 'date' myself alone on one of those Islands soon.. at least it would be a real one with moa instead of having a 'fake' one with one of those God-blessed khaleejis..

rosh said...

Hmmmm IYM, I wouldn't blame it all on men, think in a few instances the women can share the blame too, khaleeji or non-khaleeji. However I know what you mean, I hope this changes - there are some, whom are very devoted, atleast from the face of it all.

Don't know why, however most male friends, like I, prefer being by ourselves at times - you know with friends, and at times just alone, roaming the desert dunes or Hatta/Khorfakkan -there is something melancholily sweet about it. It's not the best feeling, but it's nice to be in peace and by yourself - just get away from it all you know. Sometimes I feel the joy of life should also be derived from within, from our lonely moments - but then that's just me :)

Anyhoooooooo - you'll have your dating joys IYM, get done with your studies and there'll be plenty of Dr. Derek Shepherds or if you prefer, Dr "McSteamies" - in the world of Medicine : ) For the record, I think you are Lizzie - ha!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Lizzie ?! what is this supposed to mean ? don't tell me 'lisbian' ? because then I'll fight hard to prove my sexual orientation.. LOL

Well well well, not only you chose the profession of my future husband, but you also came with an identity.. Dr.Derek Sheperds.. LOL
IYM does NOT get impressed by male doctors although she is a doc herself.. :) most of them are arrogant, control freaks, chauvinists, and above all non-romantic at all.. Ask me (out of my personal experience), I know them in and out.. ugly creatures in white coats, that's who they are (exceptions exist but we don't live an exceptional life you know)..
You can't imagine how much I enjoy being lonely sometimes.. and I think I'm into that mood big time today.. it somehow brings your peace of mind back..
Lizzie.. Lizzie..Lizzzie.. what made you think so about me ?

rosh said...

loooooooooool IYM, you make me laugh my heart out!!! Not a lesbian, but Lizzie as in Katherine Heigl's characher on Grey's Anatomy - Isobel "Izzie" Stevens.

Izzie is kind and compassionate, often to the extent of getting too emotionally involved, and frequently goes out of her way to help her patients. She is romantic at heart. Tends to speak her mind, especially about things that bother her. Very protective of people that she loves, especially her friends/family.

Izzie seems to be a big fan of the holidays.

So there.

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOOOOOOOOOL Rosh.. OMG, I'm so embarrassed.. fine then, I think I confused Lizzie with 'Lizza'.. God, please have merci on me with my dyslexia..
Yah, for my close friends and my loved ones, I always go out of my way.. it just happens spontaneously, one of few things I don't have control over..
Ouch, I'm still blushed :)

BuJ said...

LOL ouch!
i still think Rosh was a bit cheeky with that.. coz i honestly read it as IYM interpreted it..

mind you, we're both dyslexics...
but Rosh did type Lizzie not Izzie ;)

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL BuJ, so it's not only me..
Join the club.. LOL..But Rosh typed it both ways though !!
BuJ, can you say ' come and pick me up from the airport ' with a philipino accent ? I don't know why I'm just thinking of this sentence today..
It'll sound like " qum and piq me up from da airpooooooourt "
I can't picture you guys saying it.. LoL

BuJ said...

so u associate me with filipinos or filipino accents?

I think the way you typed it is correct, with a minor comment on the word "airport" I would actually type it as "airpport" with the stress on the letter "p" heheh

lol sho jab 3ala balek el filipino!?!!?!!?

rosh said...

Re: Lzzie/Lizzie - my bad, an honest mistake. To set the record straight (no pun intended) I meant Lzzie :)

This week I've been having way too many misspellings in my emails, reports and even with my speech. Staring at reports & numbers 16 to 18 hours a day to generate profits, profits and some more profits, for someone else is not fun or sane :)

Re: "airpport" - it's more like "pipty pive" as in 55 :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh and BuJ..
It just poped into my mind 'qum and piq me up'..
Piptee piiiive rather.. LOL
No worries Rosh, I guess you becoming dyslexic too ;) my influence;) join the club ;)
It gets so embarrassing sometimes; recently when Jovial was still here, she introduced me to this nice friend of hers, he joined us for a drink and then we went for a walk in Old Montreal the three of us, and while chit chatting Jovial said how much she likes NYC, and I told her that I'd like to visit it one day and that I wanted to go shopping at ' fifth SEX avenue ' [ my dyslexic version of 'Saks fifth Avenue ] .. they both got shocked big time and started laughing at me; I was so embarrassed.. Jovial knows me but this new guy was a complete stranger to me ;)
He kept teasing me by repeating it the way I said it hundred times.. and I was getting more and more embarrassed..
Anyways, I'm sure I wouldn't want to see him again ;)

al-republican said...

Robert Patilla from Manila likes Vanillaaaaaaaa!

Haha, my hairdresser is a filipino guy and is queer. He likes me a LOT (I am so scared of 'it' these days!) and was telling me about his sex life. Once sentence in it really stood out and it really catches the Pilipino accent:

"... My praind puck so meny peepole daath when he does pipi he caannut handul the pray-sure..."

Haha I hope you guys could make sense of that :P

rosh said...

Al - that's hilarious!!I am laughing my ass off lol :)

Why are they all gay, dress up like women, with makeup and crap?

My only encounter was in the summer of 1995 when two close friends (who couldn't take my conservative hair style any longer) introduced me to a pilpino hair stylist (yes he was gay).

At the very start, he runs his fingers thru my scalp/hair - and goes "oooooo lothz of thicq haair, I liqe thath in a mann, hehehehehe" (he giggles)

As he was working on the side burns, comes another comment, "ooooooooo broath shoulderzz, wow, you worq outh (partly/subtly touching my shoulders, with more giggles).

Sensing the discomfort, my friend steps in and says, "Alvin - let's just work/focus only on the hair Aight!" .I was glad she stepped in, 'cause I was honestly a little petrified!

From there on Alvin was all quite, with a feminine"frown" & disappointment on his face, and wrapped it up in pipteen minutes! Needless to say, he did a good job, I left a neat tip, and never went back :)

However the guys are pretty harmless I think.

al-republican said...

Hahaha, I don't know why so many of them are like that. A'uthubillah, I shouldn't laugh at them because a many of them seem to have a legitimate medical problem (hormonal and biological).

My own hairdresses is kinda effiminate, but I dont think he has a hormonal or biological problem. I think he was born and raised amongst people with such a "lifestyle". I talked to him once very indirectly about it, and that is what I gathered from our conversation. Biggest mistake of my life! Because he thought I was interested haha!

Man, you hit the nail on the head at how they GROPE you during the haircut! My hairdresser guy, Greg, is a big fan of my hair and eyes :P

Hahaha, the other day he noticed me losing a bit of weight and was really happy about it. He told me, "You start werking outh and you will look like that hero from Passion of The Christ!" I laughed like hell at that!

Yes, they are harmless, but these days Greg is just AFTER me to meet him at 1pm (when he is off for an hour) and he was pretty open about what he wanted to do in that one hour! I am seriously thinking of finding some other hairdresser!

rosh said...

lol :)

true, we musn't humour about these souls.

Anyhooooo, two cents worth of advice, I think your relationship with Greg's hit the mother of all road blocks. If you turn him down, he's gonna give you terrible haircuts, 'cause hell hath no fury, like a (wo)man scorned!

Ok ok, I ain't laughing no more.

Inspire Your Mind said...

You guys are so hilarious..
Let try and figure out Al-'s sentence:
"... My praind puck so meny peepole daath when he does pipi he caannut handul the pray-sure..."

Let me give it a try:
" ... My friend poke so many people that when he does pipi he cannot handel the pressure "


I like that in a man too Rosh ;) LOL

' Summer of 1995 ' .. Hmmm, must be memorable for you Rosh, most people (unless you're a neurotic Egyptian) don't remember years like that unless there was something special about it.. Hmmmm, bad boy Roshy .. bad boy..

I personally prefer gay hairstylists, they're very creative when it comes to figuring out what suits you the best.. but mine here is a straight 52 year old Italian man who seems to be interested in dating a khaleeji girl.. he thinks we're mega rich.. but he wouldn't cross boarders with me since I incidetally took care of his pregnant girlfriend.. LOL..

'Qum and Piq meeeeeeee '

al-republican said...

OQ OQ OQ OQ (Filipino way of saying "OK, I understand").

I didn't know they had Qaaf in their language! Haha you know what else is funny? In their language "Bakala" means GAY. And Baqalah in Arabic is for shop or grocery. So back in the days when we were young, one of my friends would always scream BAKALA when any filipino passed by (we used to hang outside our local grocery store). If any filipino would get offended he would tell them that he was talking about the grocery shop hahaha!

rosh said...

We are bad beobles, you know :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. how's the 'Bakala' at your work ? LOL
Hope he's not sharing the room with you in Florida ;)

SevenSummits said...

Rosh, nice try on global warming – but it seems that your quest was a little ignored by your audience. :- ( Global Environmental Change will alter living conditions for future generations and therefore remains a crucial policy issue. While undeniable a set of biophysical transformations, driven both by human activities and natural processes, affect the quality of human life on a worldwide scale, the socio-economic and environmental consequences especially in the GCC region are profound. While people tend to ignore the topic for various reasons, research on the human consequences of drylands ecologies shows that they are due at least as much to the social systems that produce vulnerability as to environmental changes themselves. It has demonstrated that anthropogenic causes, such as overexploitation of natural resources, are determined by population growth, demographic shifts, economic and technological development, cultural forces, values and beliefs, institutions and governance structures as well as the interactions among all these underlying driving factors. This certainly is an “An Inconvenient Truth” and your post is a good demonstration of how tiny the interest, despite “Live Earth” and numerous other international awareness campaigns still is in the region. Certainly the awareness in the US is lagging behind Europe a little, but at least we can see that something is happening over there as well! But I would start depressing you again, if I would get into detail about the situation in the GCC, so I will just join the gossip, prejudice section: :-)


Damn, am I lucky that I do not need the services of a hairdresser! Never been to one in my entire life (not true, was forced to only once way back :- ( )
Al-Rep what is all this homophobia about??? Those weirdos, called gender theorists, would argue that the impetus for your obsession is founded in some patriarchal logic and your fear that this sexual constallation is a direct challenge to the superiority of males. I would say that there is simply not enough choice of sweet blue-eyed girls to cuddle with in Dubai! :- ) On the other hand I remember your statement “…. just kiss and make up!” – mmmmmhhh - it seems that you would like that idea and hey why not, because this is most likely the topseller among men’s erotic fantasies. Basically every “adult xxx movie” has at least one of those girly scenes in it and yes I have actually watched some of them with friends, with my partner or even alone – great amusing entertainment that shows how simple and basic we all are. Of course you guys would never watch something “so degrading to women” – I am fully aware of that! :- )

Same goes for the “I think you are Lizzie” statement! Strange that I caught exactly what Rosh meant (referring to some character – I didn’t know which one actually, since I do not watch GA) without any further thought. Maybe it is just the hidden subconscious being revealed here? Does it matter at all, if a person is hetero, homo or bi, isn’t someone’s noble character and his/her deeds far more important?

Hmmmmmm and IYM you positively surprised me with a bit of realism:

“I could never understand the double-standards that they live; ie, 'acting' so romantic and generous with their blue-eyed girl friends while at the same time being so distant and inconsiderate to their khaleeji girlfriends/wives (name it)!!”

…. I would suggest, maybe simply taste? (or genetic instincts? – cross-cultural breeds produce stronger, healthier descendants? Just a thought!

Anyhow, it is true and their adolescent behavior (as we would call all this romantic stuff) makes the average Western bloke look like a real looser . If I wouldn’t have witnessed this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe how totally liberal, emancipated, self-sufficient (no need for any generosity), intelligent women can enjoy this archaic romantic behavior and fall for these guys? (sometimes it reaches extremes – like e.g. swapping religion, etc.!) But the abundance of GCC male / western female couples, constantly holding hands and being madly in love with each other after being together for quite a while, proves that there must be something that I am unaware of. Makes you wonder what happens to women’s intuition when they are smiling at those numerous text messages they are receiving from their partners in the Gulf. Every normal person would reason: This guy is a control freak and checking-up on you, but just try to communicate that – hopeless!


al-republican said...


It's not about homophobia; I was actually joking about my hairdresser's interest in me. I know he is harmless and can't really "rape" me. And, please, the statement on SD's blog (about kissing and making up) was a joke as well. Female-to-female erotic scenes don't turn me on - not the least bit!

SevenSummits said...

I am joking with you as well :- )))) - no need for self-defence.
Hmmmmmm, on the other hand, think twice - are you absolutely sure???

LOL from freezing Germany - brrr (climate sucks!)

SevenSummits said...

Al-Rep, forgot to mention:
Of course, I am also reading “Meezan” and find most of it really interesting and somewhat depressing (not in a negative sense!). I had to basically google my way through your “Sohni-Mahiwal” post and am still – despite serious efforts - not even sure if I got the message. :- (
The only contribution I could have made was in response to Luv Guru’s remarks, that I was sure that my “favorite fundamentalist” in the UAE blogosphere is an often misunderstood, but very sensitive and emotional guy. (That talks about cars like a girl :-( - grrrr….- work on that dude, please or they will label you as being "a sissy" in my country – a place where you can feel the smoothness and power of your engine)

al-republican said...


I value your input and you are very welcome to leave any thoughts or suggestions you might have on my blog :)

As for labels, I don't really care about people labelling me. It is the job of others to label and ridicule you if your ideas are different to theirs. Idealists throughout history have been mocked, but they still went around doing their works and ended up shutting up all their critics.

So what if someone calls me terrorist or sissy? I take that in my stride and concentrate on my goals and ideas :)

i*maginate said...


*"pipty pive" as in 55 :)*

*Yes, they are harmless, but these days Greg is just AFTER me to meet him at 1pm (when he is off for an hour) and he was pretty open about what he wanted to do in that one hour! I am seriously thinking of finding some other hairdresser!*

LOOOOL man it helps to know a few talagog words! Makes em smile usually, and you get better service/food whatever!

I know these words but forget their meaning:


salamat (thank you); salamat po (thank you - *with respect*)

bilees (quickly!)


by the way al republican I went to Golden Fork today on Al Diyafah coz I was in the mood for some Chinese food, and ordered those dripping, oily vegetable spring rolls. Yummy! You should try them.

I wonder why that restaurant is so popular? Guess good service, good "fast-food" home-cooked style, and some entertaining staff!

al-republican said...

Golden Porrrk rocks!

Yeah, it is a very home-style fast-food joint, which is why I think it is popular.

al-republican said...

Hey Rosh:

How is it going? I have to apologize to you about what happened on my blog. I really have no control over what others say or do. I could see quite a bit of frustration in your response and I know you as a good person so you wouldn't get pissed off for nothing.

In any case, I hope all this is behind us.

rosh said...

Allo Allo Mr Al - yes habibi, all is well. To be honest, I don't think anything too unpleasant happened? I guess often, the tone doesn't comes across as intended, I was just debating with 7S. Guess we didn't understand each other's tone too well :)

7S & IYM I guess they just got off on the wrong foot?

Anyhoooo - hope all is well with ya mate and your mom is sort of reconciling with you :) I *hear* your pain/discomfort.

Need to update my blog, lots of thoughts, so little time.

al-republican said...


Actually my parents saga is getting very interesting and unfortunately a bit ugly. I am going to wait for a couple of weeks before I update you guys about it.

Parents, man, they are WEIRD!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Just few points to clarify here:
1. IYM does NOT have issues with socialization at all. She's more open-minded than open-mindedness itself. Ask her close friends and they'll confirm it. I just find it hard to 'socialize' with 'unknowns'. The blogsphere has a major deficiency of communicating 'tone' and 'exact meanings' behind what's being said. So I'd rather stay away and safe instead of being 'misunderstood' most of the time. To me, the unspoken language really matters ( facial expression, body language,..etc) and for sure blogsphere cannot provide that. And yes I deleted all my comments, I just wanted to put an end to all that back-firing, starting with my own defensive act. The last thing that I want for myself is to get involved in an insultive un-civilized communication forum, that's not how I was raised, those are not my values and that's not how I live for sure. So I thought the easiest way out is withdrawal. I don't think we can ask for improvements in this and that aspects of social living starting with 'education' if we don't stand out as good examples ourselves. And it's really sad to see a scientist/scholar and a doctor (without referring to me or to you 7S, just generally speaking) communicate in this manner. So I had to put an end to it.
2. IYM does NOT have issues with tolerance. You'll be surprised how tolerant she is to so many things in this life that others really find it hard accepting. Starting with religious beliefs and ending with sexual practices. Again, I don't have to 'display' this on blogsphere. This is one thing (tolerance) that is best appreciated by having a close relationship with someone, which I don't think blogsphere is 'fair' enough to transmit the fact across.
3. IYM is swamped with her work most of the time. So if she doesn't answer you back on time (mind the geographical time difference) it deosn't mean she's ignorant or unwilling to accept apologies or whatever assumptions are made out of her un-intentional delay in getting back to people. She works sometimes for 24 hours in a raw without few minutes of rest. Sometimes she can't even remember when she ate last; when she spoke to her mom (who's millions miles away from her) last; or when she did this or that personal stuff last. So I hope the nature of what I do for living is appreciated; so there is no need for 'fast or harsh' judgment again. And yes I finally managed to check my e-mails this afternoon and I had a look at those PPPs sent by S7. I DID like them, so thank you very much.

rosh said...

7S - respectfully/sincerely, I do not wish to debate this further. We can have different opinions/perceptions, yet respect each other. I respect your views as much as your hear mine. Now, let's just move on please.

Lastly, I've had to delete off your last comment on my blog. I feel there is some material/verbiage which may cause unintended confusion/misunderstanding. I realize such wasn't your intention, however I rather not keep the comment for public viewing.

Have sent you an email to such extent. Thanks for understanding.

al-republican said...

Does IYM ever talk for herself or does she always communicate through you Inspire Your Mind? :P

Like I said, I have 2 simple rules for censoring comments and I didn't feel anyone violated them to warrant blocking their comments.

I did notice that sevensummits got a little brash with you, but I didn't see your comments either. So I have no idea what made 7S lose his cool. In any case I am sure it helped everyone get things off their chests.

All of you are most welcome to come to my blogspace. I look forward to your comments actually. But, I really don't want to take sides in a tiff that doesn't involve me. Which is why I didnt delete anybody's comments.

Inspire Your Mind said...

I'm not asking you Al- to take sides..
I just wanted to make myself clear to everyone.. that's it
Take care..

Inspire Your Mind said...

And as Rosh Said 'let's just move on please'..

rosh said...

Thanks Al - similar 2 simple rules in play here as well. Heated debates which remain in a comfort zone are fine, profanities and threats are not ( am not saying anyone used profanities or threats on my blog).

al-republican said...

OK, so it's all settled now. Let's shake on it!

IYM you can just give us the thumbs up :P

i*maginate said...

Oh well, "the weather today" is mighty fine! :)

BuJ said...

Anyone for a shawarma?

coffee perhaps?

rosh said...

Si si si - I want shawarma now!

.......... :)

al-republican said...

Rosh you sound like "Edwardo" I hope I got it right)from "Foster's home for imaginary friends"!

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