Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Google maps - UAE

It is finally here people - enjoy!,78.96288&sspn=27.33591,41.132813&ie=UTF8&ll=24.746831,54.124146&spn=3.34206,5.141602&z=8&om=1

this should help too (I found it from Amiri Info blogspot


IYM said...

Thank you Rosh.. I found our house in Dubai and I kept stairing at the spot where my bedroom is and at my car parking..
This is just amplifying my homesickness..
Can't wait for my vacation..

rosh said...

hey you got company - I have been doing that all day and then I called up my friends and said to them I am "watching" their neighbourhood :)

It sure makes me feel better, not too homesick, knowing that the world is indeed getting smaller :)

But I can know what you mean, so hang in there doc - you'll be home in no time.

rosh said...

Actually IYM this is even better

IYM said...

Merci Rosh.. next time get me a gennie in a bottle so he can bring me our house in Dubai all the way to Montreal.. :) Zain ?! :)

rosh said...

I am working on that - no seriously, I intend to be flown back & forth to the UAE every weekend of so, in a matter of minutes. You see, I've always believed in Aladdin & the lamp & in the stories from 1000 Arabian nights :)

some call me cucko?

IYM said...

how do you pronounce 'cucko' Rosh ?

rosh said...

Well just like the "Cucko clock" I think? or perhaps kukoo?


IYM said...

Cucko.. cucko.. cucko..

i*maginate said...

iym lol

hey rosh, reminder: you have ca. 11 more months time left to post the tag "10 simple pleasures".

Wonder what those might be. Would certainly be an interesting insight into the mind of rosh ;)

Inspire Your Mind said...

We'll see..
Rosh doesn't disclose as much, at least not on blogs..
I guess most ppl are the same.. maybe IYM is an exception as she always is..