Thursday, June 28, 2007

pushing the envelope?

"An Emirati family who must vacate their government-owned home in less than five days said they have no place to go and have urged authorities to address their grievance. " - click on the link below for the entire article.

OK I am not sure what to make of this? If one cannot find low income housing in one's own country, where else can someone have low income housing - Yemen?

I cannot believe more low income homes are being demolished to make way for more Jumeriah Joes & Janes and their trots? If true, this is appalling.


IYM said...

We're not in Israel Rosh, this is UAE..
I'm sure there are so many missing aspects of this story. Usually our government gives a few-month advance notice for such things. In addition, the family gets payed few millions in order to find themselves another place for residence; or else they get offered one of the ready-made houses at a different district.
Find out from the person himself or from the government.. not from the newspaper !!

rosh said...

I am aware of the process you've referred to IYM - which is why I said - "I am not sure what to make of this?"

The Emi father is quoted as saying he and his family has no place to go???? I can't tell if he is withholding something or GN edited way too much of this story - especially the last couple of paragraphs?

BuJ said...


rosh said...

Dramatization of what? by whom? and why? Why is there a need for drama in the UAE of all places?

i*maginate said...

*buj lol = dramatisation. You express your opinion in one word.

*rosh, hmm. I wonder if that word is as effective as Buj's one word opinion. lol. And if you ask me to expand on it, I share the same opinion as iym: only sd believes what she reads in the newspapers. If you understand how the UAE functions, you'll know not to believe the papers.

secretdubai said...

It's a point I've made before. Many emiratis are suffering just as much from the pace of development as expats are.

I think it is extremely sad that poorer families are being increasingly ghettoised. It was lovely that at least a few cheaper old villas allowed some lower income families to live by the sea.

But from now on only the ultra rich will live in Jumeirah. This sickens me. It doesn't sicken me as an expat, because it's not my country, and I am not claiming any personal right to live in Jumeirah. It sickens me as a human being because poorer people that should have a right to live in their traditional localities are being shoved out of their areas due to land prices rising.

Would it really hurt the government just to keep a few little traditional pockets of older, cheaper villas in these areas? Or even build these families new villas if the old ones are very unsightly/unsafe?

No - they have the cash - they just don't have the inclination. Greed is the priority every time.

BuJ said...

Notice how I* "corrected" my spelling to British English.. Not that I am a fan of American English, but the use of the letter "z" was for emphasis.

rosh said...

"Would it really hurt the government just to keep a few little traditional pockets of older, cheaper villas in these areas?"

OK this is slightly off topic - but I agree with SD on this phrase. I like seeing the older homes which have that Moroccan/Arab small windows (made of cement) - you know with the crisscross of lines? If you visit Bab Al Shams, it's very similar to the architecture there.

I think homes with windows like those are a unique part of the UAE (and perhaps the Arab world). It's similar to the ones on Freej videos. It's very real, very UAE - which is the primary reason I love visiting Bab Al Shams. We get that honest, carefree, home ambiance of UAE with that added contemporary touch. And this is one of the primary reasons Bab Al Shams is so famous & often over booked.

I think it would be nice to have such older homes maintained in the UAE. I think you must keep such valuable architectural traits whilst steaming ahead into the future. I think these tiny aspects are part of the soul which make up that nation.

rosh said...

As far as I know almost every Emi, receives a replacement or finished home or land to build a home. Everyone knows about the generous social welfare system in place - hence am a bit confused/unsure if there is more to the story than what's told in GN?

For instance they haven't printed anything on what the government had to say? It's mostly about the possibly displaced dad's comments?

faiq said...

Greedyness has no limit ...Duabi damm care abt ppl suffering from this high cost of living ..they just care abt branding Dubai at any cost...

a country where middle east Emirates are suffering for this then wat we third class,poor,dirty S.asian dreaming for

IYM said...

Rosh.. I think you should investigate further into this non-sense story.. now that the 'edited' story is on blogsphere, all it's reflecting is a 'bad' picture of our government esp to those who don't know how UAE functions.. this is unfair.
Reg our old architecture, we have 7ay el Bastakiyah preserved as a tourist distination for this matter. Beside, why do you assume that this man's house in Jumairah was one of those 'old architectural' style ? you haven't even seen it..

rosh said...

Faiq - perhaps you should live in New York City or London to assess high cost of living including higer taxes. Everything is relative - Dubai (not the other Emirates) offers world class living options, and like everything else in life, it comes with a tag.

If you move to Ajman or UAQ - you shall find affordable housing and cost of living. The tough part would be traffic.

rosh said...

Aight "bad picture" - I don't think so - just because there is (vague) story which is doing the rounds, does not, I repeat does not malign/tarnish Dubai government's efforts on it's social welfare system.

For any of those who wishes to know about the system, all they have to do visit the government website to understand better. I think it's perhaps second to none -when compared to rest of the globe.

So nope, it does not in anyway negatively affect or undermine Dubai govt's efforts for it's citizens.

Secondly - yes there sure is more to the story. Perhaps the Emi family, like with all other families in the area was offered housing options, but they didn't want to leave a home they had lived for 24 years? Perhaps they didn't like the newer homes or locality offered to them? Perhaps he wants monies instead of another house?

Likewise perhaps the govt employee who handled his case may not have processed his papaers correctly or recevied his letters or correspondences in time?

It could be anything - the fact is, because it came into GN, someone will sit up and correct this rare error - I look at it that way.

It has nothing to do with govt's reputation being maligned. I mean come on - because of one article that is vague at best? - surely there ought to be more confidence on the govt and it's policies.

I haven't seen the house, but if it is 24 years or older (assuming it is older) I would think so? But I could be wrong.

My comment was based on the fact that I wish there were more homes, like that in the UAE - the older style villas with seperate rooms, a garden in the middle of your home etc.

IYM said...

Some of Emaar new projects have the taste of our old architecture. What house design you choose is a personal taste that we can't force on others. The options are wide open and you choose what satisfies your taste, at the end it's your money.
I still think the way that article was edited is a bit unfair to the overall impression about UAE. Just look at the replies you've got Rosh and you would understand why I think so.
And the way our government is designing 'the new Dubai' doesn't just come like that in a chaos like many ppl are thinking. The Executive Bereau in Dubai (where my sis is working) supervises all new projects in Dubai which usually undergo extensive studies and research before they get the green light to go ahead with them.
So please leave your emotions aside and focus on reality, and I don't think GN necessarily reflect the true reality behind any given situation.
'Kalam jarayed' as we say in our local language.

rosh said...

Re: designs of homes, yes of course it is individual owner's taste and their monies. My personal opinion (and I am entitled to one) is it'd be nice to have more of such homes around. I mean in Spain they have Spanish style villas, in NYC they have tiny shoe box apartments, in London there are English cottages (well for the most part) in Mexico - they have the Mexican themed apts. Likewise in the UAE, it'd be a little nice to have some more UAE/Arab themed homes - that's all. I just feel, these are the aspects that make up the soul of any nation.

Re: negative comments, will always follow anything successful. Because Dubai is successful in what it does, it shall have lotsa critics. I think we must have more confidence in Dubai and it's plans. Just because some people criticize, does not mean it's all going to fall apart?

Re: New Dubai and chaos - I am not sure who said it is chaotic? Personally I don't think it's chaotic at all. I think it is fantastically planned out. You can see the world of difference when you drive from SHJ to DXB, the positive energy, the well thought infrastructure etc all just gives you that positive energy. So not sure who feels it's chaotic?

Yup GN article was not balanced, I agree - they didn't even give the govt a chance to explain? They spent the space on advertisements lol : )

btw there are no emotions, this is a casual debate/discussion on an everyday process in the UAE. We are not debating if Steffi Graf should have married Andre Agassi - tayyeb? : )

btw what's 'Kalam jarayed'? - I have a good friend, whose last name is Kalam and another friend whose first name is Jaryd? Is there something you know, that I "should" know? Please be explaining : )

IYM said...

I have nothing more to explain Rosh.. I said what I needed to say..
'Kalam' means 'words or speach'; and 'Jarayed' means newspapers.. it just means don't take everything in newspapers for granted, that's it.
And reg who thinks Dubai is in chaos, I think I know and you know who thinks so.. there is no need to open a door for fight here.. I don't really have time for this.
U take care :)

IYM said...

And naaa.. Dubai is not going to fall apart because of those nasty criticisms here and there...never.
We just get offended as locals when we hear such things.. I'm sure you understand. WE DO NOT LIKE IT

rosh said...

OMG - please no fights. The post was not meant to offend anyone, apologies if it did - that was not the intention, surely you know that.

We have to debate constructively without assuming everything is about dislike, hate or all negative. Else how do we talk or communicate about basic stuff - like in this instance?

However I understand where you are coming from and what you mean.

localexpat said...

I have to agree with Rosh, there is more than meets the eye to this story. If any of you know much about the welfare system extend to the Nationals you will probably find it surprising that such an act is being committed against a family.

I really think there is something the reporter is not telling us. Maybe they are paperless arabs ( Bidun).And as such, they cannot reap the benefits.

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