Tuesday, June 19, 2007

unintended misspellings

A misspelling can cause some grief, anxiety and unwanted discomfort between two parties.

Today, I received a short email from a CFO - who BTW is the nicest lady I have met in this city, well in this country, actually. The last sentence of her email should have read - "could you please come over for a sec" - sec as in second. Unfortunately, given that alphabet "x" is next to alphabet "c" within the keyboard, the poor woman typed in "x" instead of "c". Hence the sentence read - ""could you please come over for ....." well you can fill in.

The sweet lady was most apologetic & quite embarrassed - I reassured her, mistakes, errors happen, we are human after all.

Talk about misspellings eh? Please take MUCH care guys & gals, you wouldn't want to send the "wrong" message because of an alphabet, I know I wouldn't and now am a bit paranoid :)


BuJ said...

oh that's a good example!
i've done bad ones in the past.. ones which (like this) will not be picked by the spell checker..

u know..nothing beats a good short walk to the person's desk you need to talk to :)

esp if ur in a rush!

i*maginate said...

Well, was she belle?

rosh said...

yup BuJ, gotta be that teeny weeny extra careful, else - well you know....tsk tsk :)

i* who's belle?

IYM said...

'Belle' is French, it means beautiful or pretty ..
You don't wanna know the power of dyslexia Rosh.. !! you would wish to be dyslexic then like IYM.. LOL

Jawahir Jewels said...

hehehe i think that was funny but then i think we have all been in that situation

i*maginate said...

yeah, ^_^ belle means pretty/beautiful en francais.

So...was she belle? If so, does she wear l'oreal? Coz she might be worth it

(enjoying the corniness of this comment lol)

rosh said...

hahaha! lol i*.. - don't know, or let me say, don't wanna even "think" - don't wanna even go there to find out if she was "worth it".

good one, had a hearty laugh :)

rosh said...

hey JJ, how goes things in beautiful Oman? I hope you guys are keeping well.

Prayers and pleasant thoughts.

i*maginate said...

loooool you "dont wanna go there?" means she ain't that belle...! Shame coz you said she is the "nicest lady" you "have met in this city"!!

Quel dommage! = yaani: what a shame!

Expated in Dubai said...

Hehehe, this happened to me once.
I responded with, "So, what's been on your mind lately?"

Belle wa Sebastian