Monday, June 18, 2007

it "shred"

OK I have to share this with you guys ('cause I have no one else to share it with here!) Last weekend I was visiting this firm, we are looking to acquire. It was a casual day at work and everyone wore jeans and casual T shirts/tank tops - some in slutty tank tops etc.

The FD (he is a Lebanese Canadian a bit heavy and a very very nice guy) had client meetings scheduled late in the afternoon - hence wore a suit with tie and all. In the morning, he met with me for about 2 hours or so and as he got up (he was sitting beside me) to leave - his toe inadvertently knocked over an office bin. The bin fell over with debris over the office floor. The poor guy bent over to pick up the debris and his (suit) trousers tore wide open from the behind!

It was pretty loud and in the middle of an open office floor! Everyone was sorta surprised, and just stared at each other - not knowing what to say and a bit polarized at the sight to be honest. Whilst he bent over, his back was facing this young aussie woman sitting next to me - and her instant reaction was "omg that's huge!!" :)

He went home right away and called me from his cell phone saying - he won't come into the office for rest of the day because "my trousers are shredded"! Poor guy, I felt so bad for him - he is such a nice fella.

Today, whilst at work he was just pretending nothing happened at all, but some mean folks (in humour) would ask him about his trouser :)


IYM said...

OMG Rosh.. you cracking me up..
I really needed to read this post to laugh out loudly after my long exhausting day in the OR..
Poor guy; I can imagine !!
Well, you don't wanna know about this HUGE patient we operated on this afternoon; it almost took us forever to finish up with her.. then at the end of the case the surgeon operating with me goes (after catching his breath) 'no matter what you do; just don't reach this size' !!
He thought he was funny; but I thought he was rude.. (IYM is just chobby; NOT fat)
Anyways.. what's the pant size of this libanese guy you think ?

rosh said...

It was funny and a bit unfortunate when it happened, I felt sorta embarrassed for the dude. I don't know how much he weighs, but I reckon perhaps 225-240 pounds, he is 6.2 in height, I think. I admired the fact that he didn't think it was a big deal and went on the following days at work with the coolest attitude : )

You know most young Emi women these days are almost anorexic. Seriously - this time around I was sort of stunned to see especially young girls in Dubai so fragile, almost to the extent of being super slim/non existent. Not sure if they are going the Hollywood/Nicole Richie way?

Again am not sure if it's the design of abayas and sheylas that make it "appear" so, but I would reckon not. My Emi friend J's sister N - was this bright, healthy girl when I met her in Dec 2005 and last month, she looked like a few twigs put together?

When she wore the sheyla, it seemed the sheyla was hung on a coat hanger or something? The only added weight she had was the layers & chunks of make up on her face - which I didn't understand, because she is so damn pretty without make up.

Anyhoooo my motto eat healthy (sin a few times with a Falooda) and work out : )

IYM said...

I guess it's unhealthy either way; I mean being too fat or too slim..
With both a woman does not ovulate and looses her feminity with time..
And yah those young Emi girls are totally preoccupied with those actresses and video clip strip dancers who don't have any real aim in this life.. so sad because most of them have great potentials..
My youngest sister is one of them.. but a bit on the conservative side.. but again with no major aim in her life.. I'm really worried about her !
Tons of make-up.. Hmmmm.. I agree with you, it just means they're not that comfortable with themselves and they're not at ease with their natural beauty.. again, it takes maturity and confidence to carry yourself without fake masks.. right ?!

rosh said...

IYM - how can you have a younger sister with little aim, when there is you in the family? I am sure your positive ambitions/energy has to rub off her in some way – sah?

I agree - being beautiful is a state of mind. Some people are just so much prettier with minimum or zero make up. N - tells us she spends just about 2000Dhs on make a month! and we keep asking her to stop wearing makeup. She tells us - sometimes she wears makeup even whilst staying at home - and after a while washes it off??? What is with women these days :) lol

Oh she advises me to have "facials" every month. I tell her - "honey, nothing close to facial happening on my face". I mean am a guy who shaves over a pimple, let it bleed for a while, apply some aftershave - yell my lungs out and walk out the door : )

IYM said...

My sister is a hopeless case..
2000 Dhs on makeup a month !! this is stupidity to tell you the truth.. there are so many hungry ppl out there, so many orphans, so many below poverty line.. ask her to wake up for God's sake..
I don't mean don't spend on your self, just be reasonable..
Luxury is nice, but there should be limits to 'disposable' stuff..
I understand spending X-amount of money on durable items especially if you're looking for good qualities but not make up though; not that amount..

rosh said...

I think perhaps you should give your sis some more time, something will click out of the blue - it happens. For instance, I am the cleanliness freak in my house - whilst both my brothers are the opposite. My twin could sleep with the camels and not care - and the youngest bro, used to shower once a month! However once the youngest saw what being clean can do, he has improved much.

Yeah 2000 bucks a month on make up is insane - she doesn't even spend 2 bucks on food a day :) I have had conversations with that girl, but no changes so far?

IYM said...

she wouldn't change just like that..
In fact, pain is good for such ppl.. once she goes through rough time; she'll mature big time.. and then she'll change..
As I said, she just needs an eye opener.. time will take care of her..
Only then she'll feel more comfortable with her inner self and forget all about those social masks; make-up included..

al-republican said...

Hi Rosh-

as-salamu alaykum

You have a great blog here and I like how you put down random events that are amusing!

You come across as a really nice guy, Ma Sha Allah. Are you Emarati?

rosh said...

Hi Al - welcome to my humble blog, and thank you for your kind sentiments.

I am a uaeian (not an Emirati)- uaeian, as in a second generation expat kiddo, born/raised in the UAE. My passports say X & Y are my home, my heart & mind says UAE is the home. Hence am a UAEian :)

al-republican said...

I see, rosh. Are you Muslim?

I hope you don't mind me asking, but Wallah you are a great guy and it just feels good to come across people like yourself.

rosh said...

Nope don't mind the question.

Am a protestant - Christian. But am more spiritual than religious, and rather focus on the "objective" of all regligions than specific words - 'cause end of the day, it's all about being a good human being to one another and to God.

So - are you an Emi/local? I realize you are Muslim.

al-republican said...


I am a Muslim, yes. Ethnically I am Pakistani, but if you really want to hit roots, then we are biharis. As yourself, I have been born and bred in the UAE and am now working here. There is something special about the land where one grows up; it just feels like home. So I can relate to this UAEian concept.

TwinTopaz said...

Ahem....since u have answered so may question of Al..can i ask one too???

are u twin??

rosh said...

ahem to you too - yes I've got a twin (I am the good one eh :)