Friday, June 15, 2007

it's all in new york city

I'm telling you folks -- it all happens in New York City. We've got superman flying around town, and into outer space preventing asteroids from crashing into the city. Spidey swinging from scraper, to scarper. Batman and Robin pretending they are at "Gotham" which we all know is *really* Manhattan.

We've got the unfriendly (or misunderstood) folks from outer space blowing up things around this town. Yellow cabs blown away into oblivion - La Independence Day / MIB / War of the Worlds. Damn asteroids crashing into the city (Armageddon). Crazy ass ice storms freezing everything on its way (The day after tomorrow).

We also have the Fantastic four flying around. King Kong at the Empire state eh! Oh! Carrie and the girls spreading love (well sort of) and then some! The gang of Friends. Then there is Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. The Sopranos. Law & Order and many more.

However, everytime I look out my apartment window, or whilst just strolling out and about the town, I guess I am just surprised I haven't witnessed any of the above! Nope, no aliens (well at least none from another world) – no weird end of the world storm scenarios – no super heroes swinging, flying or skating around, nor the poor love struck Kong at the Empire state.

Most often I just see bunch of cops and car chases, firefighters, ambulances and cops running around, boyfriends caught cheating lol! and plenty of tourists walking the city this time of the year. Plenty of yellow cabs just honking away to oblivion etc all. It’s just business as usual at the Big Apple, and I like it that way.


BuJ said...

it's a pleasure to read this.. but ahemmmmm.. (scratches head).. i don't get the point..

i*maginate said...

Great observation. I never made the connections consciously.

I do recall thinking along the same lines when these movies started coming out one after the other, esp after 911 - I refer to the ones such as day after tomorrow.

As for sex & the city and such stuff, I've always wondered if such stuff really happens? Perhaps yes, over @ Noora / Layala's blog! Mate, you're in the wrong city hehe

rosh said...

lol BuJ :)

The other evening I caught Spiderman at the movies. I couldn't help notice he was swinging from scraper to scraper, and one of the scraper's was my office building. So it just got me thinking (in humour of course) -how come I haven't run into Spidey or Superman, Batman or the fantastic four? Or worse where was I when aliens attacked NYC on Independence day or during Armageddon or when the whole city was frozen?

Point being - it seems there's a lot happening in nyc. I look out my apartment window and its pretty much business as usual - and am glad it's that way : )

Yup i*..... I read S&D and it seems we clearly 've got sex in the city happening in Dubai :) I wonder if Noora/Layla is Carrie or Samantha - neither of ‘em seems Charlotte : )

It wouldn't be a bad idea if they accumulated their blog entries and came out with a book - titled "Sex in the City" - Dubai episodes.

BuJ said...

lol Rosh u make me smile :-)

I see your point.. man.. did u see spiderman3? was it shit or what?

so the guy swung off your building? that was probably the best bit of the movie i reckon!

i was watching a late film on film4 last night.. can't remember z name.. but it was when the mobile fones were literally bricks and it was in NYC.. and.. most shots at night had the twin towers in the background. it was weird.

when i was in boston i declined a trip to NYC in 1997 to specifically see the towers.. (i'm an engineer remember).. and boy i regret it.. anyway we'll have our burj dubai soon.. and yeah i'm going up there next time.. coz last time i was up was jan 2006 and it was at 30 stories back then :)

sex in the city - dubai?
who will sort out the rights?

IYM said...

I can write about 60 episodes or even more of Sex in Dubai if you want.. free of charge..
My basket is full of gossips..

rosh said...

hahah lol IYM - that' awesome! Layla & Noora's got tough competition! Who's gonna top the best seller list?

I for one shall buy a copy of yours IYM.

Hmmmmm now this is giving me an idea? I think maybe I should call Sarah Jessica Parker or Candace Bushnell for a chat?

IYM said...

Who's Layla & Noorah ? what's their blog ?

rosh said...