Wednesday, December 15, 2010

winter wonderland

I am waiting at the Toronto airport, for my flight back to NYC. The Toronto area got some massive snow yesterday. Sort of early for winter, and snow. For those of you living through the winter, stay warm!

I can't wait to get home, and spend a few days at my cozy little place, before heading to mom & dad for Christmas.

I have always wanted to put up a (real) Christmas pine, decorate it up, have presents, stockings and a wreath at my apartment door. So far, through the years, I have placed a wreath and nothing more. This is because, in the ten years I have lived on the continent, I end up visiting mom & dad. However, as I get older, and continue to build upon my life here, I feel my "life" (and that includes, just about everybody & everything I know, in this wild crazy and cozy town) shall feel my absence this Christmas. And for the very first time, it's mutual. NYC is at its best this time of the year.

Anyway, the good folks at my Condo have brought out the Christmas decor. I took a few rushed pictures on the berry. It looks better in person, I think.

No snow in the city, just yet.


Media Junkie said...

Happy holidays :)

...and yes, I managed to avoid the snowmagedden happening over there, especially in London.

Although I'll be heading back to it soon enough.

Anyhow, enjoy your time back home and with your folks :)

hemlock said...

rosh, you've found a hook.

damn it, there's no 'like' button on this post. =)

Faisal Haji said...

Happy holidays ..

Al-ain Rose said...

Have a nice holiday and enjoy the time with your mom and dad.

rosh said...

Thanks MJ - yeah, it was bad from London, Sarnia all the way to Windsor. Anyway I am happy the weather didn't cause havoc on my travel dates.

Hems, you smart chica :) I quite really didn't grasp the feeling, until I read your comment. I hope it's true :) It'd be awesome to find that shore, and stability!


Thanks Faisal, stay warm, and stat safe. Winter is brutal this year.

Thanks Rose.