Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a cross-post

I do not cross-post, much. However, this post by Alex McNabb is a rare and amazing read for the newbies, the tourists, the ignoramus, you, me and anyone else who care to discover.


Al-ain Rose said...

He missed one of Al ain's famous phenomena, Roundabouts.

Can you imagine they're adding more of them? instead of reducing them.lol

We should file a human rights complaint, we get to work dizzy.

Al ain is so romantic city, you should pass by someone fixing the flowers or planting MORE.

rosh said...

LOL! I hear you. I used to think, SHJ had the 'mother' of all roundabouts / rotaries! I'm talking 4 lanes and giant oval shapes! It's like, no way "out" if you're in the inner most lane! LOL!

Nobody beats SHJ, when it comes to beautification. Wish they'd spend that fuloos and energy on a better thought out road system. The roads / highways in DXB has "grown" with the city and more, whilst we remain in the 1980s. Oh well.

Rationality said...

Hola senior;
Liked the areas Almaha and "The gold Souq :D". The collection he had chosen somehow represents the old days. Although I'm from UAE but still never have been to the northern Emirates yet!
As for Shj’s Lanes, they are so delicate they simply got collapsed coz of some heavy rains almost one year ago!*No comment* >.<
Happy National Day in advance btw :)

Anonymous said...

Wanted to email you bt hv been out of touch for too long.
Forget so much...
Let me know