Thursday, September 09, 2010

eid mubarak !


Al-ain Rose said...


but.. the picture says Rmadan Kareem written in arabic, and ramadan is over already loool

what a morning today rosh ..cheerful..I've taken a picture of something you love and I will try to post now in my blog:P

i*maginate said...

Eid Mubarak to you too, rosh.

What a wonderful visual to share.

I love the colours and landscape. In my eyes, it depicts the wonders of Eid magnificently.

Thank you again. All blessings x

rosh said...

Thanks Rose, Eid Mubarak to you too! It says Ramdan Kareem. I loved this picture much. It's beyond beautiful, isn't it. I've put up an Eid card, just for you :)

Thanks princess :) And to you too. Have a blessed year.

Al-ain Rose said...

Thanx lovely

El Shahlab said...

Blessed Eid to you, and all readers!

Today I was about to give my 3 yrs old nephew 'Eedeyah'; which is money given to kids during eid. He refused to take it and was upset! He said I want the other blue color one. He meant Dhs500! He said I want it because it has Allah's house picture (Grand Masjid).
I told him, look the red note has a picture of a Tower AND a Castle. He didn't buy it. He said I want 5 red ones! LOL

I think I should let him negotiate my contracts from now on. LOL

rosh said...

Thanks El. So, did you give him the 5 red ones? :) Smart kiddo at age 3! Hire / sign him up ASAP :)

Al-ain Rose said...

talkig of kids and eidiya, you cannot imgine how much I tryed to make my nephews love me, today I told them I have eidiya for both of them(5,&3 y/o)but first they have to kiss me and say they love me, they both refused, and the elder was like fuck off! go away! and the younger is just a copy cat he repeats and does what his bro does and say to me and refused to kiss me, . anyway I had to give them the eidiyah without a kiss or even thanks. god ..those devils. and when I tell them to speak politly with their aunt nd thats' not an approperiate way to talk to those who are elder the 5 y/o replied: you respect us first!:O you took a picture of me without my permission:O and then he went on critisizing my dress! he said it was revealing (it's not) and "I have to go and replace it now!!"!! I asked his mom to take him away right away before I turn to Rosalei in the twilight movei and hunt him lol.

rosh said...

Rose, may I be honest. If a 5 year spoke to me in such ways, and if his mum sat by, did jack, I'd give that kid a tight slap across the face, and place him in a room, facing the corner to think about what he said! You shouldn't have given him Ediya, seriously, IMO.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Thanks Rosh .. Eid Mubarak to you too..
Are you in NYC these days ? any major sales in October ?

rosh said...

Hala IYM. Yes I'm *still* here. HLH and you bailed years ago! :) October, I'm not too sure.. but quite likely, especially since in Oct with the retailers trying to unload the fall collection and bring in Winter. Also November 23 -26th is US thanksgiving and NYC being the center of the universe for shopping bargains, expect huge sales.

Al-ain Rose said...

No rosh I don't have the heart to beat him this way, I LOVE him :)
Though His mom's aware of the change in his behaviour lately. and believe me my sis doesn't let go when he misbehaves.

hemlock said...

on the subject of ediyah, i've been robbed. my (elder) brother handed me and my sister eidi and as soon as he was finished my (kid) sister held out her hand at me demanding the entire sum - which i kinda just handed over without realising what was happening. :/

hmm. my fuloos is gone with the wind.

eid mubarak everyone.

El Shahlab said...

Yes, Rosh, unfortunately I gave him the blue bill. But of course his mom 'manages' his Eideyah.

@ Hemlock, I'll send my nephew to get your money back.

hemlock said...

hmm. el, my sister was initially demanding the same number in dirhams :) i promised to pay via my credit card, she didnt fall for it.
im certain she could easily swindle your nephew out of his blue note too. batting eyelashes and what not.
women. you just cant trust them. and men either. when they are around women.

Rationality said...

“Eid Mubarak Rosh” I know it’s an expired felicitation, but keep it for the next coming Eid :D
Kind regards

rosh said...

Shurkans Rationality, very kind of you :) Hope you had a lovey Eid with all your near and dear, and plenty of yummy home cooking!