Saturday, June 21, 2008

the lion sleeps tonight

One of my favourite albums is, Return to Pride Rock. The album has an age old soulful track - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". The tune has a captivating African soul. Personally, the song reminds of kindergarten days, times with mom and carefree infancy memories of an era gone by.

Whilst home last Christmas I gifted a copy to my sister in law, who'd just become a mom for the second time. My niece, Norah, loves listening to the track - The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Norah turns an year old this August. Obviously she does not understand the lyrics. However, each time she hears this track, she becomes all cheerful, smiley and calm on her way to sleep. This one is for you angel, sweet dreams.


Al Sinjab said...

Whoa, I just listened to that song about two minutes ago! Crazy cosmic forces.

Mashallah, you niece is beautiful Rosh, a real cutie!

rosh said...

Hey Sinjab, long time no speak, how goes things?

I love this album, especially the songs - We Are One, One of Us, Love Will Find A Way - and The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

As an infant, I remember listening the track from The Tokens album. Brings back so many memories....

Thanks, Norah can be a handful, she's got a mind of her own. It's amazing what babies can do at times. I think she's taken after her grandmas :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Yahelailhah.. so sweeeeeeet.. Moahhh to Norah..

rosh said...

Heeey thanks IYM :) She's adorable eh? Thank you for your kind, I want one just like her. My twin has the most adorable babies, and let me tell you, the twin ain't that adorable hehehe:) I want lotsa babies and kids. Am so ready to play papa :)

Pardon the not so great resolution. My sis in law took the pic using camera on her cell phone.

rosh said...

Whoa! Sinjab, I just had this huge dose of anti-b'wood cosmic energy! Some clowns shooting a circus errr movie across my office block.

Cosmic forces coming your way sista!

*fingers crossed*


Inspire Your Mind said...

Yup she is adorable.. kids are always adorable..

Good that you're feeling ready to be papa.. go for it then.. it's about time ;) But make sure she'll be the mama you want for your adorable kids..

Good luck..

rosh said...

haha! *about time* eh? Errrmmm OK then, mom :) However, seriously, finding the mama (or a papa) is the hardest part, don't you think? It's like water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink, kinda scene.

It's not just me, but most single friends - same story. Each is ready to be a dad or a mom, but unable to find that partner for life. So we keep searching and waiting, with the hope, we find that soul to build a family. Well, inshallah, someday....I suppose.

For now, I just wanna play dada with the twin's lovely babies, read them bedtime stories, shop for 'em, spoil 'e, with gifts, candy and everything they can smile about, and put them to sleep humming away, the lion sleeps tonight :) I miss them soooo much.

Inspire Your Mind said...

" It's like water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink, kinda scene."

Hmmm.. are you afraid of drinking that water Rosh ? you haven't even tried.. how can you judge ahead of time if it's sour or sweet ?

Men think that way, and women think that way as well at the same time; I mean the no water to drink scene.. tell me then, when are they supposed to meet and have a family if both parties are so scared to try ?

You wanna tell me why most bloggers are singles ? or you wanna blog about it first !

Sweet dreams Rosh..

rosh said...

IYM, water's been tried and tasted and re-tasted, and yes it's been salty. Plenty of water seem to be looking for re-validation in his city called NYC. I find no water to drink, but there is plenty of water, if you wanna just shower - know what I mean.

Bloggers and single? This isn't true, take a look at the roll to the right of my blog, there are several married or committed bloggers? Anyway, what's blogging got to do with being single or married? Blogging isn't social networking, like facebook or dating - for me, it never was or will be....that's just totally weired.

Dang! this post was about lullabies and babies?

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh.. you didn't get my point obviously..

Anyways.. I can't explain it now.. it was just a midnight thought that I completely lost it now..

I might explain it before going to bed tonight though .. :)

Jayne said...

Er.........getting back to the music.......rosh darlin, do yourself a favour & have a listen to Mango Groove, Ladysmith Black Mmabazo or even the Soweto String Quartet. You'll fall in love with music from my home :-))

linnox said...

hi rosh.. i've always loves the Liion King movie series.. but it's the first time i get to pay attention to this song.. it's soothing...specially in blue days.. single bloggers... water water everywere.. and yet not a drop in my way.