Sunday, March 02, 2008

royal tag

Saaoo, I've been tagged by princess. It's got to do with reading a book and extending a brief review of sorts. Here goes:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages):
'The DaVinci Code' - Dan Brown
(Al, please don't draw that sword )

2. Open the book to page 123:
*flipping pages* - OK, am there.

3. Find the fifth sentence.
Hmmm, page 123 does not have 5 sentences, hence flipping over to the 5th on page 124.

"Sophie," Langdon said, "the Priory's tradition of perpetuating goddess worship is based on a belief that powerful men in the early Christian Church 'conned' the world by propagating lies that devalued the female and tipped the scales in favour of the masculine."

4. Post the next three sentences.
Sophie remained silent, staring at the words.

"The Priory believes that Constantine and his male successors successfully converted the world from matriarchal paganism to patriarchal Christianity by waging a campaign of propaganda that demonized the sacred feminine, obliterating the goddess from modern religion forever."

Sophie's expression remained uncertain. "My grandfather sent me to this spot to find this. He must be trying to tell me more than that."

Tag 5 people: (links to their blogs are on the right)
Al Sinjab
United Blogging (Blog Sheikh)
The Emirates Economist
Movie Mania


moviemania said...

thanks for the tag! :)

I'll post once I get time, I have soooooo much stuff to do this week!

rosh said...

hey mm, sure, totally understand, you've got plenty of reading to do as is.....whenever, time permits - no hurry at all :)

CG said...

I am so so so not understanding. How can you tag me when I was one of the first ones (after BUJ, of course) to complete this tag. Are you asking me to do a new one? My books are really not suitable for a 'family' blog.
Yours was well done, but I hate The DaVinci Code....

ammaro said...

tagging is silly.

BuJ said...

hmmm.. man.. this confirms that even when you LEAVE Sharjah, you're still lagging behind in a different time-zone hehehe

i*maginate said...


OK am not a books person but the movie sucked...

Cg, dear, you are a tag-magnet, and obviously a good one at that...shall keep you in mind for the next tag-round - in case Buj doesn't get to you first!

The Blog Sheikh said...

Thanks Rosh for the tag and the great post as usual!

With the Louvre comming to Abu Dhabi soon, perhaps we can observe Da Vinci's works in greater detail. Check to see if Sophie and her grandfather were on to something...

moviemania said...

finally got it done! not too interesting though :P

rosh said...

Sorry CG, didn't realize that - anyhooo, you could just refer a book, if that is easier?. I don't usually read much, just given the insane volume of reports, statements, memos and all to read thru at work - however, this tag, helps identify possible books which I might pick up for a long flight or something.

Ammaro: there are some good tags. I think it's a way of having someone share thoughts, they otherwise may not - yes?

BuJ: sorry, I didn't get that?

i* - I used to read a lot of Sydney Sheldons and 've seen most books to movies. I liked DaVinci, the book and the movie. I thought it was worth a watch - the book, was better.

Hey Mr Sheikh: thanks. Yes, am sure Louvre is going to be quite interesting - might as well have some of DaVinci's finest eh?

Sophie's grandfather wasn't upto much - but Sophie and Langdon were. I read the entire book on a flight from NYC to LA - couldn't keep it aside or take a break, quite captivating.

Shukrans MM - hoping over to your blog :)

BuJ said...

hehe Mr Rosh, it's just a tease..

dubai folk always criticize sharjawis for lagging behind in the times...

and the point was reiterated when you tagged CG and she's already done it :)

just friendly banter.. no need to flash your headlamps at me please :)

Al Sinjab said...

Thanks for the tag Rosh and thanks for getting me out of my blog neglect :)

kaya said...

I did not like the Da vinci code.
not the book, and the movie well and truly sucked.
i wouldve enjoyed watching a re run of the Simpsons more.

.....must get some sleep.....

i*maginate said...

rosh...I was in Shj today and soooo wanted to take a snap of that place "Smile you are in Sharjah" and dedicate it to you but pretend as if I've already done it ;-) No way I'm getting out of my car on a flyover or main road lol

U're such a good brand ambassador for Shj...I always think of you when I'm there!

i*maginate said...

There's another tag awaiting.

I can guess the topic of the next post that precedes the tag?


Am a mind reader :)

-in all good faith & a chuckle here 'n' there, i*

rosh said...

No worries Mr BuJ :)

Yo Sinjab, why the long break girl? ......errrr you were watching a 3 hour (read WEEK) long b'wood movie - weren't? huh? huh? huh?

*take note of the added drama* :)

Kaya-g - leish ? why you say that? Quite honestly, I loved reading the book - it was quite gripping...... I thought.

thanks i* - I've got this full blown picture of "smile you are in SHJ" by my office desk. Folks at work often inquire whereabouts of Sharjah, which often, leads me to extend a brief insight of UAE (I spend more time explaining Dubai isn't a separate nation). Anyhooo, back to SHJ, I suppose, the places we grow up, are always sentimental.

And yup, new post coming - 've been in semi-hibernation this week :)

Al Sinjab said...

I've been busy scraping the fragments of my heart off the RAK Corniche, obviously. I scrape them with a butter knife onto a used, greasy shwarmah plate and as I scrape, I sing in dramatic, OTT Bollywood fashion. It's very beautiful, in a heartwrenching, shwarmah kind of way.

Al Sinjab said...

Ok, ok. I lied. I left my heart on the Corniche and I have been busy with visiting guests and other RAK shenanigans, none of which involve a butter knife but several of which involve shwarmah.

And yes, since you asked, I did watch Devdas this weekend ;)

rosh said...

Hey Sinjab, I hope things work out girl. I feel for you - not easy times. Hang in there, believe in the good times and sentiments shared - reach out and reconcile. Thoughts and prayers with ya :)

PS: OK, I guess, perhaps you *could* be forgiven for giving into a b'wood .....

*throws holy water on self for saying that*


CG said...

WOW, sorry Rosh. Did I really write that? I am such a cow, and obviously have more than one personality, as has now been revealed.

I promise to never refuse a tag again in future, no matter how boring...yawn yawn.

I shall Smile as if I am in Sharjah ::)))))))))))))))))

rosh said...

No worries CG, though, am not sure you said anything rash? Hope you feel better soon enough, and yes, please smile when you are in SHJ :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you