Tuesday, March 11, 2008

drivers, weather and accidents

"At least six people have been killed after a series of horrific accidents on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway near Ghantoot on Tuesday morning.

Police have said around 200 cars were involved in the crash, which happened in heavy fog, with 25 cars catching fire. "

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Bad weather/fog is to blame. Even though, (personally) I feel it's quite unbelievable, something of this magnitude could happen in the UAE - am not surprised.

Realize a lot of people are moving into the country, and since driving largely, is perhaps the only option of transport, there are more cars on UAE highways. However, personally, I feel it is way time driving culture in the UAE is educated & disciplined. I have witnessed some of the silliest, careless & appalling ways of driving across the UAE.

Given the weather today, it is almost appalling why drivers weren't more careful or paid added attention - I just don't get that? World class highways, flashy cars, traffic points or fines alone, shall not prevent accidents and save lives - sane & sensible driving culture is so important, can't stress that enough.

These pictures perhaps extend a glimpse of the horrific carnage. May the souls lost rest in peace.

Update: read more here and here


Jayne said...

There are so many innocent victims in this horrific accident & it's nothing short of carnage. I wonder how long it'll be before the truth of the actual cause comes out?

It's nice to see the police cracking down on the 80-90% window tints, starting with government/police employees, but I can't help wondering how long it's going to take before every vehicle has the maximum 30% tint. The phrase "do you know who I am" will be ringing in police officers ears & my guess is there'll be bugger all he can do against the offending car owner. *sigh*
(I'm not saying the accident was caused by dark tint, but just wanted to throw my 10c worth in!)

the real nick said...

The truth of the cause may well be that cars with Abu Dhabi number plates seem to have an inbuilt headbanger-speed-feature that kicks in as soon as they cross Maqta bridge (matched only by Sharjah registered cars approaching National Paints Roundabout).

DUBAI JAZZ said...

it's horrible Rosh. really horrible.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

and btw, i think i am developing a driving anxiety, i get very tensed up whenever i hear sirens. even when i am not driving...:(

ammaro said...

very scary accident wala... when i first saw it, it looked like something out of final destination 2... and that was scary, but this was actually a lot worse...

allah yer7am whoever passed away here

rosh said...

Allo Jayne: at first at I thought, they got it mixed up with some George Clooney/Brad Pit movie under production or something - totally surreal. Am still in such disbelief.

nick - true perhaps, driving on the AUH-DXB highway, you see a lot of crazies with insane speed. Some do not even bother to hit the brakes, sort of gladly get flashed by radar and continue speeding.

DJ: yup bro, quite horrible. re: anxiety, both you and I. In NYC, sirens and cops run 24/7 all over the city - often reminiscent of dreaded 9/11 days!

Ammaro: final destination 2 indeed, hope the lost souls are in peace.

On another note, a Q kept ringing over and over in my mind. Am confused how so many cars, caught fire? It seems these cars were in flames on impact or something?

The flames seem to be on the cars, rather than spread across the highway - which should be the case, given leaking petrol?

Doesn't make sense?

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