Friday, November 30, 2007

the truth in engineering

If an i* and an Al - went shopping!

(note how an i* visited every other store, except - the gap :)

NYC men & women, between the ages of 18 & 35 - am beyond convinced:)

I am at loss for words - yes, already!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Recently Movie Mania and CG had posts on "understanding" amongst all those you live/make up the UAE community.

Besides safety, the opportunity to understand someone from another culture, religion or background was a primary asset to those who grew up in the UAE. The ability to understand, comprehend and to an extent, accept differed ways of life is something which has helped most folks from the UAE, adapt better to foreign shores/travels.

My circle of friends comprised mostly of South Asians, Arabs and English - most of whom were Muslims & Christians and some Hindus. Often we understood the ways of life and cultures amongst our homes were "different" - however, each amongst us, learned to understand and therefore accept & respect such ways of life. Often, I'd have questions on certain aspects within my community/family as much as my Muslim/Hindu friends and in a way, we helped each other understand better.

Am not saying, we lived in perfect understanding, awareness & harmony with each other - quite honestly, most of us as children tried to do that and more, as any child growing up in such environment could. However, I've always sadly, accepted our parents lived within individual communities, for the most part.

But then, cultures always evolve - and given the prospect of having children grow up amongst a mixed community it shall give rise to a new culture of sorts, which is what I think exists in many fellow "uaeians" today. I believe Local Expat is a prime example.

Perhaps am going on a rant - the purpose for this post, was to direct some sense to disturbing comments at UAECB and SD's blog, 'cause most often it boils down to US v/s them. There is much hate & angst, and often am not sure where most of it is coming from. I don't think I've heard or felt such vibes growing up in the UAE. Most people who've lived there for many decades, still prefer living in the UAE - yes cost of living has gone up, so have traffic issues - but UAE continues to provide a safe, pleasurable place to live & raise a family. It is by no means perfect, there is much to do on several freedom aspects, equality, continued women empowerment, pollution controls, amongst much else to work on - however slow & steady things shall move towards the right direction, I believe that.

All said - nobody is perfect, a community has it's set of pros & cons. It's about taking an effort to reach out and understand one another - after all we are people, whose lives perhaps is created from the same source/creator, but born into different homes & cultures.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

worn out?

Not sure if am procrastinating or just worn out these days? I find myself more fatigued than usual. This year, specifically, more so the past few weeks, 've been taxing on the mind & body, given work & life.

There is much to do before year-end, and I find myself with little energy, drive or enthusiasm. For instance, today at work, the mind pushed to expedite a few deadline driven deliverables, however, the body just wouldn't budge. After a while, the mind gave up, well it sorta went dead, like an automotive battery and then it felt like an "alternator" within, went bust?

The norm is to leave work around 8PM - however, these days, I get home by 6, yet find myself too tired for anything.

Writing is on the wall - time for a break, need to recharge, re-evaluate and energize! Crawling towards those holidays in a month's time.

Kit-Kat anyone?

Monday, November 05, 2007

trip to toronto

It was a whirlwind 2 weeks - however, did manage to get a day off from the weekend. Drove around downtown TO, took a few snaps and met up with a few friends from the large social circle, I have in the Toronto area.

A few pics from the trip.

Snapped this, as we took off from NYC, love the colours of the sunset, just brilliant, subtle and, quite calming. Reminds me of sunset views from my home in SHJ (minus the elevation)

That city all lit up is downtown Buffalo, a city in upstate New York, which borders Ontario, Canada. It's just about an hour's drive from Toronto to Buffalo. Today, given the rise of the Canadian$ (or rather depreciation of the US$)many Canadians drive into Buffalo for quick shopping and huge bargains - some at half the Canadian prices.

The US portion of Niagara falls lies close to Buffalo. That dark black pitch, is lake Ontario.

The cluster of high rises is uptown Toronto (Yonge/Sheppard) area. I used to live in one of those buildings, whilst in Toronto, years ago.

View from the hotel room in downtown - the view faces north on Yonge street. I try and stay at this hotel as often as possible, and even try to have the same room - takes away some stress from constant travels.

Daily downtown Toronto traffic - there simply, are no roads!

A Falun Gong rally in downtown. Must admit, having grown up pretty much oblivious to live demonstrations/rallies, sighting one does make me a bit anxious - especially all that shouting by lead demonstrators. Feels so odd.

Fall colours in the city

Whilst taxing on the runway, I noticed this beautiful "lady", proudly draped in red, white, green and black - looking stunning at the Toronto's Pearson Airport.

Finally, glad to be home, sweet home.

flu, fall and all

So I've got the flu. Sort of knew it was coming, given it's the flu season, plus I haven't been taking care of myself given work commitments and all.

Woke up this morning, (quite early) with flu symptoms at it's best, a pounding headache, sore throat, congestion - the works. Unable to crawl off my bed, reached for the blackberry send a short note to my admin, am not going to make to work today.

Lay in bed thru noon. Feeling (slightly) better, dragged myself to the washroom, brushed & washed up, threw on my rob for some warmth, made some coffee, switched on some light music, walked over to my bedroom window, pulled aside the curtains for some sunlight and view.

The sun was bright, skies were quite blue, beautiful fall breeze, fall colours on trees, grass so very green - almost a perfect fall day. It sort of hit me then, that given my daily rush for the bus or train to work, the many (similar) pretty days I've missed over the past several days & weeks - and now, I had almost missed the fall colours, the beautiful sky and sunlight, and everything else, which makes days quite beautiful & worth looking forward to and life, that extra more pleasant.

Never thought I'd say this - am kinda glad, I've got the flu, at least I've got a chance to see daylight, nature's colours and appreciate simple things in life which matter.

A few casual pics from my bedroom window.