Friday, November 30, 2007

the truth in engineering

If an i* and an Al - went shopping!

(note how an i* visited every other store, except - the gap :)

NYC men & women, between the ages of 18 & 35 - am beyond convinced:)

I am at loss for words - yes, already!


the real nick said...

Old but gold. Holds certainly true for me and the missus.

Except that I can do it in 30 seconds.
That's how long it takes me to realize that there is no GAP in Dubai, so I don't even leave the house!

the real nick said...

PS: Al- only wears Kurta and Pyjamas, ankle high.

al-republican said...

Hahaha Nick! I am not what you think me to be :P

And there IS a GAP in Dubai - city center, my friend, right next to "club monaco". Albeit, it is not as cheap as in the US.

the real nick said...

Thanks, Al.
Guess I have to travel to Cheapside, aka. Deira for my khakis.

YOU know Club Monaco? Seedy gambling? Surely not?

rosh said...

Old saying indeed, but holds true in the most contemporary of cities :)

Nick - GAP re-opened at the DCC.

hahahahaaa! Al - I don't think you wear 'em knee high, do ya? :)

rosh said...

True Al - it's much cheaper in the City or anywhere in the US, than in the UAE. Think it's got to do with pegging AED to the $US - plus some factors from economies of scale, plus cost of retail outlets in DXB.

rosh said...

Man I dig Club Monaco, finally some sense of fashion from Canada!

Lilliy said...

I loved the last graph .. but I have to admit.. its right most of the time.. we lead you on in the beginning but as if you might have seen in the Movie my big far greek weeding " the man is the head but the woman is the neck we move the man the ay we want" I love that saying and I have in mind always.. if you win an argument its because we want you to believe that you did but we will deal with it

al-republican said...


Club Monaco is an apparel outlet as far as I am aware? I do pick up a thing or two from there from time to time.

Deira isn't that bad, Nick. If you were an old timer, you would know that Deira is the true heart of Dubai. I still feel at home whenever I am in Deira. Not so long ago, Riqqa Street was the Shaykh Zayed St of yesteryears.

I still love the place. "Downtown" Dubai is just so "White"! I very rarely go to Jumeirah or that side of Dubai for recreation and entertainment. Old Dubai is where the fun is at :D

Deira zindabad!

rosh said...

lilly - I couldn't agree more girl! Women folk have mastered emotional manipulation of the male specie :)

rosh said...

Yup Nick - Club Monaco, is Canadian version of Banana Republic, well sort off. It's all men/women's fashion & accessories.

rosh said...

hahahaha Al - you've hit the nail on it's sweetest spot! Deira is the "soul" of Dubai - and Al Riqqa street is an iconic street to those of us who love the true Dubai. Even Bur Dubai has much soul from the old days.

Downtown Dubai, is more like Dubai's, ahem! "boob job" :) as in cosmetic appeal.

Sorry Nick, have to agree with Al!

Al 2 : Democracy 0

am just playing, aight :)

moviemania said...

LOL! Very nice, and quite true :P it's not really shopping until you've been around the whole mall in my point of view ;)

Deira is and always will be the real Dubai.. just beautiful.

the real nick said...

No idea what Banana Republic is, but how apt it should be in Dubai...

Al, I was joking, I actually like Deira.
I lived for two years at Al Muteena Road, back in the Nineties.
Got my daily suasage roll and cheese zatar bread fix at Al Reef bakery there, and a shave at the Egyptian barbers at the other end.
Took me twenty minutes via Shindaga to our office near
Safe(s)tway on SZR. We actually designed City Centre.

i*maginate said...

LOL rosh...! I'm actually more of a "6-minute" shopper myself minus the $33 label...depends on what I'm buying. It's so boring wandering around aimlessly around malls; I like to go grab what I can in the shortest amount of time esp. in in London, Europe and NY is far more pleasurable, and there's much more choice there than in Dubai in terms of style. Somehow I think all the failed clothing lines make it to Dubai!

Gap was for when I was younger - the khaki look is just way too casual for Dubai unless it's for the weekend. And btw I love banana republic, it's so cool.

Heheheheh me and al shopping? loooool ;-)

al-republican said...


Rationality said...

Hi there;
That is so funny but true.
I've been through such situation in my collage. I took Histology course and there we have to look at the cells and tissues during the lab through the Microscopes.

That course was sort of tough to me. Any way while I was passing through several microscopes drawing only a certain part in a nerulogical tissues as my doctor desired. I drew the whole tissues and then I complained to the professor that it's hard to draw it.
Are you gonna drew the whole tissue? He asked in such terrifying tone. I kept silent for a moment thinking with a caught laughter within me saying to myself man I already had drew them all by the same way. I felt like I’m complicated creature after he threw that sentence.

Actually to me it was easier to draw it all to focus more but he found it like an impossible mission.
When I told the lecture doctor he burst laughing and saying you girl have a complicated brain men can't see the whole thing like you do!

I rolled my eyes then we both burst laughing again.
So I believe in that, so true ROSH XD
Men you're so weird don't you think so! XD
Thanks a lot by the way for sharing us such great blog. You are erudite and sensible man. wish you all the best in your life.

rosh said...

Hi Rationality, welcome to my blog.

Men are weired? LOL, depends which way we look at it haha :) Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you got a chuckle or two from the post and its comments :) And thank you for the kind words. Please drop by when you get the chance.

Rationality said...

It depends of huh! Liked your reply lol
Thanks a lot for the invitation to your blog I’ve the honor to be for sure. I will drop by even if you did not invite me heheh , also my blog is yours ; that would please me to see ya around too.

Well, I read most of your posts now; I enjoyed reading them but I did not drop any comments so I keep more time reading :). It’s amazing; you are unique... I even post your blog’s link to a friend of mine and she liked it as well :)

BTW Rosh I got you another two nicknames one is funny and another one is just fits you. Lemme start with the funny one lol
The 1st one is Mr Shawarma *grin*… Man you adore it; if I can post you some I won’t be hesitated but you know you’re in NYC lol. The 2nd one is The Genius Brain Consumer, coz you think a lot you, read a lot plus you’re wisdom tactful spokesman who still keeps the sense of humor. Keep it up *thumbs up*.
kind regards

rosh said...

Awww! Shukrans for reading through, your thoughts and kind sentiments, Rationality :)

Re: the shwarmah. In my head, a shwarmah has much simplicity, and many memories from the days of old. You know what, I should do a post of the shwarmah, and this restaurant in SHJ's clock tower that serves amongst the nicest / authentic, yet simple stuff, most of us take for granted.

If you'd ask most UAEians, who live outside the UAE / GCC what they miss the most. Albeit, the Shwarmah will be on that list hahaha :)

"Genius Brain Consumer" - awww pleazee.. I'm turning red :) Just an average everyday UAEian Joe here. I'm floating..can't seem to bring myself to earth :)

Shukrans again, Rationality. I hope my casual thoughts, musings and rants bring some sort of smile and happy thoughts.

Rationality said...

Hi R;
3afwans, I just said what I see which is the truth :)
Actually I love Shawamah but pizz is my favorite :)
WOW that would be nice if you post those brilliant restaurants which make shwarma in such tasty way; so whenever I go there I give it try.
Mentioning shawrma and food makes me hungry >>

I encourage you to do it; just go for it plz *cheers*

Ouh look a gentle man is blushing how cute lol
BTW I like it when people get shy; I don’t like too BOLD ones.
Believe me you do and I’m smiling now too :)
Best regards