Tuesday, November 20, 2007

worn out?

Not sure if am procrastinating or just worn out these days? I find myself more fatigued than usual. This year, specifically, more so the past few weeks, 've been taxing on the mind & body, given work & life.

There is much to do before year-end, and I find myself with little energy, drive or enthusiasm. For instance, today at work, the mind pushed to expedite a few deadline driven deliverables, however, the body just wouldn't budge. After a while, the mind gave up, well it sorta went dead, like an automotive battery and then it felt like an "alternator" within, went bust?

The norm is to leave work around 8PM - however, these days, I get home by 6, yet find myself too tired for anything.

Writing is on the wall - time for a break, need to recharge, re-evaluate and energize! Crawling towards those holidays in a month's time.

Kit-Kat anyone?


moviemania said...

Crawling is right! I guess I'm suffering the same.. my finals are coming up and it's nose-diving in the books as much as possible.

But don't worry, it'll pass by sooner than you think.

Take it easy :)

BuJ said...

Salamat dude.. btw, you need a shawarma not a kit kat. Yesterday I had a chicken shawarma in London (after a boring 4 hr meeting) and I thought of u wallah.. the Egyptian server called me a "batal" and expressed that lettuce gave the shawarma the "darba al qadiya".. batal means hero, and the 2nd statement means it's the final blow.. indicating sarcastically that i don't need anything to make me feel good.. coz i declined all his offers so sauce up my shawarma. i just want meat thank you very much. :p

tobasco said...

I was saying exactly the same thing to a mate yesterday. I haven't got the energy anymore. So I am taking an extended weekend (got Mon&Tues off).

I won't deny it I am so envious of you having a shawarma. Damn it. I thought I had my fair share for the year as I was in London for a week (training) and had it every other night on the companies expense(Beirut express)

BuJ said...

hey tobasco, i didn't know ur a big shawarma fan.. well this place is quite yummy.. run by egyptians and just opposite the hilton paddington.. i know the beirut express is ok, but there is also al dar which is superb.. but really my favorite place is Queen of Sheeba, but you probably know the owners. i am there every other day, so u probably seen me a few times!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. you're going through menopause with all of it's depressive thoughts !

Having said this, you're really good at expressing details of the details of those insects crawling in your head.. I told you your head is full of parasites; have you read " the four agreements " or not yet ?!

I think I should take you sky- diving with me once winter is over ! OK !

rosh said...

Thanks MM - yup it's a "phase" :)

BuJ - so you know as am typing, am also drooling thinking of that shawarma! man it must have been awesome!

So far, I've been unable to find the real deal here in the city - most places serve that Greek version called "gyro" - it's on a pita bread with meat and hot sauce - tastes nothing like the real thing :( Can't wait to get home and just dive into it all :)

Tobasco - same here mate, we've got extended weekend given thanksgiving holidays. So I am off Thursday thru Sunday - yipeeeee!

*rosh singing Boney M's - hurray hurray it's a holi holiday*


the real nick said...

Yeah, shawarma always helps, great oily comfort food.
I'm off to Eat&Drink at Safa park then!

rosh said...

Dear lord, IYM - men go thru menopause? Man, I am at the "tender" age of 31 :)

Whole heartedly agree - I can sense many unwanted thoughts in my head....these days, often....my thought process goes on tangent. At times, I could be having a conversation with friends, and suddenly my mind is somewhere else, thinking about something else altogether - a friend is convinced I've got ADD :)

"Four agreements" - do I have to read it doc? It's painful enough sitting thru the accounting pronouncements shelled out frequently. Like you docs, us, accountants, need to keep abreast of all these accounting stuff.

IYM - I am game, we shall sky dive! ya! *thumping palm on office table - sips coffee*

rosh said...

the real nick - welcome to my blog :)

careful careful mate - you are talking about uaeians national food here :)

BuJ said...

can't u find shawarma in boston ya rosh?

rosh said...

It's a 4 and 1/2 drive from the city into Boston.......perhaps shall do so, when am desperate & beyond :)

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tobasco said...

I don't know what it is today but I had a friend text me just to let me know that he's having a shawarma in the best possible restraunt. How unfair is that. Beirut express is the bomb, I didn't like Al-Dar too much. Is queen of Sheeba a smallish restraunt not far from Hyde park ?

The Blog Sheikh said...

take a break but don't quit blogging!

i*maginate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
i*maginate said...

14 f*ing comments before me? Hmm. Well, here's mine:

*rosh, I like your posts: they are so real!

What can I say, I feel quite "similar": totally fatigued for no reason. Doesn't that call for an Al Mallah shawarma?

Or a long-lost Kit-Kat due by Buj?
Buj...a third reminder...

hmm lol ;-)

tobasco said...

Why is it when you say a long kit-kat, it just sounds different.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Yes Rosh.. since I'm so used to women-patients given the nature of my job.. I consider every moving creature on this earth a woman !

Don't get me wrong on this.. it just means you deserve that special treatment women are priviledged with ! that is TLC; especially with your long face these days..

And yes, men go through menopause and they PMS as well !!

BuJ said...

Tobasco.. you HAVE to check out the Queen of Sheeba.. drop me an e-mail if you need more info, basically it's just off Praed Street, near Paddington Station.. it's tucked away but so good.. amazing yemeni food.. my friends and me swear by their madbi over there.. and the mandi.. oh man... the lamb is soo... ok ok

get a grip buj

you're right tobasco.. the word kitkat doesn't sound so tasty when I*maginate says it..

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. Noodles.. you're just NOODLES !

rosh said...

i* - aw thanks mate. I posts whatever I feel about - no inhibitions.

tobasco/Mr BuJ - have mercy on a shawarma deprived soul,do you really need to shell out the "details"?

blog sheikh - hell no way bro :)

IYM, you are this huge heart shaped soul :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Merci Rosh.. but you're still NOODLES !!

BuJ said...

ok not that it's my business, buy you need to fix whatever you busted with IYM now.. i can't stand hearing the word NOODLE around.. esp after that film.. and it just gives me images of gay filipino men sipping instant noodles.. which does NOT suit you ya rosh.

as for the shawarma.. well the place i was recommending does not do shawarma, just excellent yemeni food.. btw, shawarma is low-class street food (with charm of course) but this is a proper restaurant, etc.. i'll take u there rosh if u ever come to london :)

i*maginate said...

What the hommous is going on here?

Psychic natural I am, I only mentioned the word "shawarma" because our dear friend Buj brought it up first, in previous posts! Lo and behold, my eyes scan down the rest of the comments, and shawarma becomes the topic of the evening. Hmm. Whatever! Blame it on buj! He's the one who started talk on Al Mallah's shawarmas!

As for the Kit-kats, again, buj is the take-away specialist on this delicacy - he owes me one or two post the sevensummits essay.

A break, anyone?

tobasco said...

Thanks I will have to check the Queen of Sheeba out next time I am in the City again.

No to sevensummits essays I try reading them then I start drifting off. Haven't had that feeling since I left Univ.

Enjoy your break.

BuJ said...

I*maginate.. i don't get you sometimes.. i know you like attention which is fine.. but i really don't get the kit kat business.. if i owe you one then just tell me how we can settle this.. i'm not in the mood to keep arguing about it...

give me a place and a time and we'll settle it like grown people.

TOBASCO.. please please try it.. u will love it.. let me know closer to the time and i can send u a map or give u their tel.. i don't thnk they have a website yet. but they been open 2 yrs now.

the egyptian guy there (sherif) that does the shisha is made of gold.. so funny and good!

al-republican said...

Kit Kat wars!!

Actually, Kit Kat is my favorite chocolate, buj! Followed by Twix, Lion bar (I dont know if they still are available in the baqalah's here?) and snickers.

Uff, all this chocolate talk is making me crave for one! But, bloody the closest grocery shop at my new place is pretty far away. Maybe I will have one tomorrow at work!

rosh said...

BuJ - I wanna a Kit Kat too, now!:)

Holy, Al, you remember Lion Bar? It was chunky, sweet & cheewy and used to cost Dh1 :)

rosh said...

Al - new place? Did you move to SHJ?

i*maginate said...

hey buj, umm yah you owe me a kit kat - simple! I was thinking of the kind which you could send over virtually, but if you're trying to ask me out, I'd have to think about it. Plus hmm there'd be loads of jealous guys on this blog so I'd have to consider your offer very carefully!

And attention? Me? Hmm. I'm used to it honey, the cameras snap everywhere I go...the flashes are blinding at times! ;-)

Ummm al republican I prefer kit kat "chunky" - have u tried that?

Yeah, and where have u moved to?

ohhh yah and I love ritter sport...that has got to be the yummiest!

where is 7up? Is he caught up in a conflict?

BuJ said...

to be honest I*maginate, you're a sweet girl, but the way you publicise sex and relationships is a big big turn off for me.

So for that reason only I will not be even contemplating asking you out. There are many other reasons as well, but since we're talking about kit-kat then I will stick to the main topic.

If I owe you one, then let me know the most suitable way to settle this. It's gone on for way too long and I don't even remember when it all started or why!!

You're just one insistent kiddo :P

as for Rosh and Al.. well as soon as I figure a way to send some to I* I will be sending some your way.. but I'll send u a box instead to taunt I*maginate.

rosh said...

BuJ - buds, send it the facebook way i.e. virtual kit kat :)

al-republican said...


Hahaha! I am NOT into these cute e-pleasantries of *oooo al-republican passes candies to the others* (twinkling eyelashes). That's so NOT me, hahaha!

I just mentioned it because I love kit kat! And all this kit kat talk makes me crave it.


I moved to the Nahda-2 area. It is somewhere between Nahda in Sharjah and Qusais. I am pretty close to Zulekha hospital. I like this place, but there is so much construction going on here and there is sand flying all over the place! My car gets dirty way too often and I am so obsessed with keeping my car clean. It's a nightmare I tell you!


The chunky kit kat bar is not fun. The whole kit kat idea is to bite those slender, crispy, chocolate covered wafers! One has to be very delicate with the original kit kat! They are so delicate that every bite makes you inadvertantly spill some chocolate on your fingers and lips! (Uff I am craving it again!) Although I like the new wrapping as it keeps the wafers more crispy. The chunky one requires a hard, animal-like bite, which I find very "uncivilized" hehe :P It's just not kit kat, mate! (Adapted from "It's just not cricket, mate!")

So, there, thats another thing we don't agree on! Although, all jokes aside, I would have to agree with buj on your love stories. I think you need to take it easy on that. But, obviously it's your call.

rosh said...

lol Al - cute e-pleasantries, are not that bad bro hahahaa :)

Al Nahda 2 is good - nice place, it's not too far to drive into SHJ city center and not too far away from DXB at off peak times. They are constructing buildings like crazy - seriously there is probably as much work going on in SHJ as much in DXB! Man I hate it when the tires are covered in sand :) This sand is not like the sand we find in the desert.

You know what I agree, the fun of kit kat is that thin wafer and just the right amount of chocolate. The chunky ones don't quite feel that way.

Lilliy said...

Hang in there rosh you just need to recharge.. try to relax when you can.. and I agree with about the Kit Kat I like the thin ones are just right especially with the one wrapped in foil.. that you cant find every where it tastes much better than the ones you find now wrapped in regular wrap.. where did the foil go!

BuJ said...

AL-R.. I'm a pleasant guy but like you I do not do e-pleasantries :)

Too soft for my liking, and also a bit fake.

rosh said...

Thanks lilly - I had a few days off, given US thanksgiving holidays. It's back to work tomorrow - Monday blues, are quite unbearable at times :)

BuJ - bro, you surprise me - thought you'd be one of those folks who'd like e-pleasantries and all? Guess I was wrong.

BuJ said...

Lol Roshy, why does life have to be all in certainties.. I love dealing with shades of gray.. so yes.. no e-pleasantries for me at the moment.. me thinks they are cheap.. but a good prelude if u will follow it with the real deal :)

Lilliy said...

Hay Rosh my new post "fun lilliy weekend women delight" has someof my suggestions on relaxing.. so I thought I should tell you to check it out thats what I do when I try to take care of my self.. lol some are female stuff..lol... but come on you can, I am sure your man enough to handle being a little in touch with your feminine side.. :)
p.s. I thought I give you a shout out.. since you havent bloged for a while.. hope all is well..