Saturday, October 27, 2007

visiting ontario

Been in Toronto, the past week (and will be here) thru this weekend into the next week - it's one of those travels given my work. I like coming into Toronto, 'cause there are many ex-UAE folks who now reside in Toronto and parts of Southern Ontario -plus my mom's aunt lives in Ottawa, I'll visit her next Friday for some quality time.

It's been raining off and on yesterday and into this morning. I am scheduled to meet with some friends at another friend's new home this afternoon. She & her better half are remodelling their new home - in Brampton, a beautiful suburb of Toronto. Brampton and north of Brampton is quite mind blowing & beautiful during fall. I can't wait to see my her new home - she says, their backyard looks out into open miles of colourful trees and pine trees. She's put up a new deck, and we'll be doing some paintwork on that, plus help fit & paint some windows across the home.

I am staying at downtown TO, and there isn't much to do aside the usual downtown activities - most of which I've experienced, when I lived here a few years ago. Personally I prefer the countrysides of Brampton, Barrie, Peterborough and when I retire Muskoka - much more to the city life. I think when you live in a city for too long, it just makes one perhaps more materialistic, and hard from within - life tends to pass by much quicker.....and perhaps we lose in touch with all that really matters in this short period of life on beautiful earth.

Ah - the rain has stopped for now, the sun seems to be coming out. I better change and get driving to my friend's place. She's cooking some amazing Pakistani/Arab dishes this evening, given my visit. Can't wait to sit on that deck (it's going to be a bit chilly) have drinks, food and just splurge on good times with friends.


Inspire Your Mind said...

Hey Rosh, if you going to Ottawa maybe you can pass by Montreal as well..
Or else let's meet at Ottawa's Red Lobster ?

rosh said...

I'll know my schedule more by Tuesday PM. If I stay thru Friday, I intend to visit Ottawa, it's been a while since the last visit.

The drive on the 401 to Ottawa this time is of such scenic beauty. Ottawa is quite colourful in fall. It's quite chilly in Toronto and it's not November yet?

Inspire Your Mind said...

Not that chilly here in Montreal.. only 2-4 degrees in the early hours of the morning; raining; it's my favorite season..I love having a walk in such weather..
I might not be available on Friday, we're leaving on Thursday to this resort 'Chateau Bromont' for our annual inter-university debate; will be back to Montreal Friday evening..
Just wanted to get you your 'Thank-you' Shawarmas !! LOL

BuJ said...

Very niceeeeeeeee.. guys, I'm fed up with the UK.. how about we book a table for 3 at the Red Lobster? :-)

Ok ok.. I know it's rude to invite onself!

Anyway, see if u can find someone with Canadian Wasta to cancel your ticket amigo.

I got old Dubaian Iraqi friends who live in Montreal and I wanna visit them.. maybe we can do a double trip.. ah.. Rosh, I just remembered when we used to visit their pad in Al Mulla Plaza back in the days it used to be COOL! A landmark!

rosh said...

hahaha "Thank you" Shawarmas at Red Lobester - no way :) I ain't taking fake shawarmas from Red Lobster, me want authentic ones, with real meat, bread, vegetable, the smoke - the real deal - zain :) and you are not going to find it in Ottawa, perhaps Montreal.

Sure, I shall let you know by Tuesday. I am on project work and working with a bunch of lawyers - usually get a few hours advance notice of their plans for the day/week, it's a bit crazy....o I haven't committed to my aunt as yet.

Debate eh! Man, this I gotta listen. What's it about? Any chance to upload this on your blog? Friends who've stayed at the Chateau Bromont, have wonderful things to say about the place. You know IYM, Quebec/Montreal has so much Charachter, energy & life than Ontairio/Toronto - it's sorta old Enlgish & Victorian here.

rosh said...

Zain Mr BuJ - table for 3, but IYM's the host :) Sadly Vitamin W doesn't work in too many instances here - sad, I know. If you do intend to visit Montreal area, we can always do a road trip, it'd be so cool.

IYM, fall is also my fav season of the year - it's just amazing how beautiful everything becomes. I just love fall - summer, is the least favourite :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Why not BuJ.. I can cook 'Biyya7' for you at Red Lobster if you want..
Wasta in Montreal.. no way, no way, no way.. I even get insulted by Taxi drivers sometimes (not the one who fell for Sara of course)..
I'm not presenting at the Debate this year, I did last year and we won the debate, and to the surprise of my Arab colleagues, a major part of it was about sexuality !! I don't really know how I got the courage to debate about that, and for sure I won't be able to post it on my blog (it's not filmed anyways)..LOL
Will take pics at Chateau Bromont and post it on my blog then; zain !

BuJ said...

ya Rosh.. u know me.. i'm a sucker for road trips! yalla.. sounds good!

remember the door is open if u guys ever wanna visit the UK.. there's a LOT to see here.. trust me.. it will exceed your typical expectations of the UK.

sorry IYM but what's Biyya7? and yes to any kind of home cooking.. if someone takes the time and effort to create beautiful food then i will most certainly appreciate it.

ya IYM.. why not post that debate you mentioned? after all your blog is 100% controlled by the IYM-proxy as it's only by invitation :)

rosh said...

Sooooo tempting BuJ - I am sure UK is gorgeous! ShukraN for the invite, who knows, we might just show up with an SUV and roadtrip gear at your doorstep - surprise!:)

Sah, Vitamin W (Wasta) no good here in North America - it's good as well as bad.

Shame you aren't presenting this year IYM - we would have loved to hear (if not see) what you had to say. For sure - it'd beat all the "expected expectations" and set new precedents, much to some folks comfort levels :) Any chance you'd have a copy of (your) last year's presentation to upload onto your blog? If not, send me a copy and I'd be glad to host it on mine (crediting you, but of course).

What is this "Biyya7" - is it related to "Shawarmas" in any taste/form? If not, I am not interested hahahaha :)

BuJ said...

ahlan wa sahlan! you know i've been wanting to buy an SUV here in the UK for a while.. i really like the Volvo XC-90.. and i wanna get it with extra large x4 fog lights only to intimidate those boring slow british drivers.

can you imagine, yesterday i was stuck behind a row of traffic (the brits love to be stuck in rows of traffic, coz it matches their genetic code for queuing) and the traffic light had to open up 3 times for me to pass thru!!!!

this was sunday evening.. it's the most off-peak time in the week! but it was coz these pillows would take about 10 seconds to put the car in gear after it turns green, then would take another 10 seconds to reach 10 mph, then hurrah, after 10 seconds it's red, allowing only 3 cars thru.

honestly, i gotta love the brits, but these little things just get my goat big time. why bother having roads and driving on them? if you never wanna arrive, then take the bloody bus!

btw, i never understood how Vitamin W sneaked into this conversation! Why do we need it if all we're doing is talking about Shawarma? or you wanna cancel your speeding ticket before mom finds out?

tobasco said...

Hi rosh I am long time reader first time posting here. I was surprised to see you added me on your blogroll list (cheers *thumbs up*).

I lost track of everything here though too many thing going. Ottawa, Montreal, NYC, Lobster, Shwarma and Wasta.

lol@Buj's comment with the queuing cars. The amount of times I've done seriously outrageous overtakes because of how slow they are here.

BuJ said...

hala tobasco :-)

i've done those overtakes as well.. i once overtook a copper on the M4.. and the guy sped up to me to tell me to slow down!!!! thank god i didn't get ticketed, but for god's sake,, the car was doing 60 mph in the motorway where the limit is 70, and you're allowed 10% so that's 77, and most people are doing a minimum of 85.. give an arab a break!

rosh said...

Volvo XC-90? I didn't know you are 45 year old, dad of two kids Mr BuJ :) Only kidding, 'cause Volvo is sorta associated with middle age, married folks - no?

How about the Q7 :) quite sophisticated and beastly!

Yes, I know about the Brits, and their careful, cautious, polite l ways of 1920's ways of driving - very polite. This one time (my) evil twin, honked at a lady, whilst driving around Bristol. Believe me, she almost started crying - face was all red & about to burst into tears. The twin was concerned and apologized profoundly, I just stood there consuming all the "culture shock".

I agree, why bother to drive so slow - please park the car and walk to your destination, saves your monies & my time.

lol Mr BuJ - think, it was you who mentioned Canadian wasta? :)

rosh said...

Ahlan Tobasco, welcome. I've been reading your blog often, though not necessarily leaving a comment or two :)

Think, the debate went something like this:

- going to Ottawa
- wanna meet up @ Montreal or Ottawa's Red Lobster?
- nope, wanna have shawarmas instead....
- Oh hurray road trip?
- maybe, could be, not sure...
- may leave to NYC by Tuesday
- can u not use Vitamin W?
- I'll cook "Biyya7"
- roadtrip in the UK?
- Am buying Volvo XC-90

Hmmm still makes little sense, does it?


tobasco said...

Crystal clear now Rosh ;)

I must admit I have been guilty of driving slow on the roads but only when the guy behind me pisses me off by tailgating so I slow down on purpose and watch him throw a tantrum, brings inner peace to my heart.

Inspire Your Mind said...

'Biyya7' is a fish, known to UAEiens.. very tasty.. my favorite..
And it's OK if I'm not presenting this year at the debate, these are the rules.. you just present once, and then give your colleagues the chance to shine.. at least I was the first middle-eastern to present.. it was fun big time..
Will visit UK soon Inshallah, gotta explore the countryside.. I heard it's beautiful..
I'm falling asleep.. chaw now

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. there is this restaurant in Old Montreal that makes the best chocolate cake ever.. it's called Gibby's.. yummy yummy

BuJ said...

ya Rosh.. thanks for the compliment.. to be compared to a meek 45-year old is not something i hear everyday :-)

i guess you don't know that i'm a big sucker for old mature things.. i don't like @new@ things... except the smell of new things like new books, new perfume, newly washed linens, etc.. :-)

you been playing with ur A4 for ages, while i have my S40.. and i love it to bits.. it's the most reliable and comfortable car in it's class.. and it's so minimalistic so i love it even more.. i'm not a big gadgets man.. not whilst driving at least.. i live on the minimalistic so i can focus on 1) the road 2) the music

the audi is quite nice.. but it's a 4x4.. and my favorite 4x4 has gotta be the merc G500 :-)

ya rosh.. lol@ ur bristol scare.. i had something similar.. i had to ENDURE the sound of my squeaky secretary complaining (for 20 min) how this creepy guy was following her.. and apparently he only left her alone after she pretended to dial her pet at home to seem like she's calling the police or something.. yeah right.. anyway i was bored beyond belief.. and i later went to the ear doctor to check that they are still working.. ENT docs are not cheap in the UK!

BuJ said...

hey IYM.. please go easy.. i wasn't aware that Biyya7 was a kinda UAE fish.. u know i'm sensitive about my origins.. don't no one say 3eemi (double-negative in "sic" mode)..

well i guess we learn everyday :)

as for your visit.. it goes without saying.. give me a shout if u need any assistance and advice.

btw, if u like books, i'd recommend going to Hay-on-Wye as it's the city of (used) books.. really amazing.. in the middle of nowhere.. probably 4 hrs from london and 2 hrs from birmingham.

rosh said...

"my S40" - you drive a scooty?

A4 - rrrrr rrrrrrr rrrrrrrr!*burning wheels*


Yes the A4 is Quattro i.e. runs on 4 wheels, all the time. Very usefel, especially during winter when all that white sh*t gets slushy on the roads, the car does not skid away.

BuJ said...

the S40 is NOT a scooter!

I didn't realise you had the quattro model.. btw, Audi are the first guys to introduce 4x4 on saloons.. before merc even!

anyway i don't need more grip here coz the main prob is rain and people not snow. but you realise the car takes more fuel if it's got 4x4

don't mess with the volvo

SevenSummits said...

Guys - careful what you say, Germany is reading this blog!
You are talking about something that is “sacred” to us – no jokes please!

More grip, fuel consumption? Change your tires!!!!
Rosh – excellent choice for a place with winter weather conditions :- )

When I hear VOLVO, I always think of Ingvar Kamprad, owner of IKEA and one of the richest men in the world. He is known to be super modest and is still driving a 15-year-old Volvo 240 GL.

rosh said...

Zain Mr BuJ - I shall try and not blow away scooty errr, the S40 off the highway :)

7S: Danke many Danke! Ja Ja - it's truly sacred. I love my lil Audi baby, it's not too extravagant or a show off like the Beamer (which to me screams, "I've got money, look at me!" :) - well built, and fit for the elphant size pot holes & freeze of NYC roads. said...

my brother studies in toronto, if you need someone who knows his way around, let me know and ill get him to shwo you around :)

rosh said...

Thank you Ammar, I am leaving early morning (Friday) back to NYC.

Am familiar with Toronto, it's another home away from UAE/NYC.

Many Shukrans for the offer, very kind of you :)