Sunday, October 28, 2007

naaaoooo :)

I've been hit with a severe case of HEARTBURN :)

Why's this stinker happening in the UAE? Is that woman wearing winter boots, in blithering dry summer heat? Oh wait, it's B'wood, nothing "should" make sense - blah fook!


BuJ said...

No comment.

rosh said...

Yes thank you - please don't comment : ) everyone, no comments please.

BuJ - me had heartburn reading this and I sorta wanted to wail it all out somewhere...... 'cause no body's gonna hear my heartburn here in Toronto, so me took it out on me blog :) At the same time, I didn't want people talking about it and give it much importance tsk tsk.

Seriously - I've met some intelligent & mature desi's & more, who's all crazy about this stuff. Personally, I've been put thru a torture chamber (the ex-Strand Cinema) twice in my life, thanks to my cousin, on her first trip to DXB, who btw was raised in Kent, hence I was quite surprised, people knew of this sh*t in the UK as well?. She dragged me to watch some sharook khan movie - I cannot express the agony & pain felt during those 6-9 hours (or was it 3 hrs?)

Anyhoooooooo, I've got two crusades going - (i) anti-cricket (because no talent required there) & (ii) anti-b'wood (never seen such amount of uncreative crap :)

nick said...

I guess she has ugly calves hence the boots.

I think we should forward these photos to some Islamic committee - this writhing and tighs clenching could definitely be considered "lewd" behaviour in public ?!

Ahmed said...

In Bollywood/Dubai...anything goes!! ha!

SevenSummits said...

The first pic reminded me of some "Lambada Déjà Vu" - sorry you guys don't know what the h*** I am talking about! Anyhow the difference was that the little girl dancing was really sweet!

Ehhhh - ????????? - who on earth is this slutty looking .... Hope I don't have to know!

rosh said...

Nick - I must alert Al. He'd be fuming with this crap going on, and shall agree with all he says :)

lol Ahmed, hope that ain't true, at least in DXB :)

7S: I think most of us can recollect Lambada. Kids "danced" to it whilst I was in school, it was about being provocative, "kewl" & inappropriate....sigh, teenage hormones at work.

al-republican said...


I have seen worse than this right outside my office (in DIC)! It's crazy the amount of make up these actors and actresses wear. And if that wasn't enough to make them whiter, they have these HUGE reflective screens that people hold for sunlight reflection on to their made up faces!

It looks really silly, man. Everyone is busy talking about work going about doing their thing and then suddenly there are these idiots dancing around with their entire entourage. They make a circus out of the corporate environment!

And some idiots stop and watch it all being shot...

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh, wanna throw up for real, watch this:
How can I enjoy my peaceful time on Jumairah beach after watching this !

Al Sinjab said...

Oh man, I dig it! Forget Orlando Bloom, I wish Hrithik Roshan would film a movie in Ras Al Khaimah! Oh that would be amazing! I'd like to meet his extra thumb!

I like Bollywood. But then again, I did tear my pants at work today when I was doing a creative dance move so maybe I'm not one to judge style.

rosh said...

lol Al :) I didn't get "whiter .... & reflective screens" - isn't that what people do to tan themselves by the pool?

Oh the nerve to hold this circus outside DIFC *fuming now*. GAWD it must look quite silly?

IYM - ewwwwwwwww for that! I shall return the favour and send you pictures of my morning breakfast, I had an hour ago!

Al Sinjab - double "naaaaooooo"! not you too? But you are a smart, educated and a worldly lady.

*completely confused* - how can this happen dear lord?


I am going to start a petition for "ban" on b'wood shootings in the UAE. Oh the joy!

SevenSummits said...

Ah, nice You Tube clip. Compared to those topless women I found on Jumeirah beach this is still sort of harmless. Displaced, but nice sexy wiggles – if the UAE and its citizens will allow it? I didn’t see anyone protesting??? Sincerely wondering of the film quality - - will there be a plot? Try this in Saudi Arabia and you will see what will happen! The yellow T-Shirt saying Du*Bai was topping it!

BuJ said...

Rosh.. i'm all for banning all forms of bollywood in uae.. come on.. u'll be a great mascot for the cause :-)

IYM.. thanks for that clip.. elhamdilla i was fasting when i saw it.. but if i wasn't then i surely wouldn't be able to eat for quite a few hours.

Inspire Your Mind said...

LOL Rosh.. LOL BuJ..
Beaches should be reserved for 'beachy' purposes only !!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Please don't take me wrong on this.. 'beachy' purposes are relaxation only.. :)

Al Sinjab said...

No guys, please! You'll dhoom my chances of meeting Hrithik.

But seriously, what's wrong with a little cheesy cinema? Movies that make you feel good, corny songs that bring a smile and get you tapping your feet? Didn't any of you watch Gene Kelly when you were young? It's the same type of fun, isn't it?

Plus, I'm tired of American romantic comedies that always involve a partner leaving their fiance for some stranger they hardly know.

al-republican said...


I take it you have never witnessed a movie shoot?

You haven't missed much, I swear!


The only thing more torturous than that jiggalicious video (ewwww) would be watching them shake it while you sing!

That would have to be Yaum al aakhirah! A'uthubillah min Dhaalik! :P

al-republican said...

By the way, 7S, this seems like a shoot for a pashto movie. Pashto being the mother tongue of the Pathans - the ethnic race that the Taliban belong to!

Hahaha! Now we all can appreciate how Taliban were doing a good job and banning all this stupid, cheesy dancing! :P

SevenSummits said...

Al, trust me I am no clue what you are talking about. :-)
In fact until recently, I did not even know what “Bollywood” means (yeah, I know that I am sort of backward) There used to be a music hype, must have been ages ago in this direction and I actually bought a sampler back then, labeled something “ethnic”. It was a mix from Africa to India and a real strange combination.

Anyhow, just this year I was finishing a paper at around 5:30am, grabbed a bit to eat from the kitchen and zapped through my TV channels for a little distraction. There are only few genre choices at that time of the morning and you guys/girls wouldn’t really want to know the details (doesn’t go well with dinner). Suddenly my remote spotted this smashingly beautiful woman, with an unbelievable immaculate face and extremely long black hair and hence I found my “relaxation” entertainment. Ehhh, was there really a plot??– somehow it was concerned with romance, love, jealousy, family, money, marriage, two handsome guys fighting for this woman and …. lots of singing and endless dancing scenes. The movies was really long, but I endured it to the end, because I remembered that several guys in the UAE told me that these films are so nice – they probably were not happy with my ignorant face having zero insides into this material. My first Bollywood film and I personally did not like it – apart from the actors.

Somehow I agree with al sinjab, that we should be tolerant and respect others tastes. But how do you attach that certain plot to “American romantic comedies”? I can only think of one right now (French Kiss), but maybe I just don’t watch enough romantic movies? Or movies in general – only get to see them on flights and in the UAE.

On the other hand I totally agree with IYM and BuJ that something like this should not be allowed in public (on the beach) in the UAE. Just like I would like to see alcohol being banned once again! I make a special effort to only use hotels that do not serve alcohol (in AD no problem, but in Dubai that is sometimes really difficult!)

However, as stated above, I would like to see some local action!
Just a few Emiratis giving a call to the international media, preparing a banner saying e.g. “Please respect our culture” (more original of course!) and place themselves right there at the scene. A tiny little effort that would go around the world and of course nothing would ever happen to them. I mean the UAE is not going to shoot or use brutal force against its citizens, besides they cannot put a proportion of those few in jail. Just a small gesture would make the government react, because they cannot afford this type of civil action and the bad publicity. Autocracy has never stopped anyone in the world making a difference, so what exactly is the problem? You will have to do it yourself, since foreigners (guests) are not allowed to take such actions and that should be respected at all cost. Is that the problem?

That is what I meant in saying people will just tolerate what is happening!

SevenSummits said...

Meant to say: I have no clue .... :-)

BuJ said...

SevenSummits.. next time you're in town, check out the Taj Palace or

but my favorite remains the Riviera Hotel and is 100% alcohol-free as dictated by the owner. It's also one of Dubai's oldest hotels, right next door to the old Carlton hotel which was Dubai's oldest hotel!

Go to the Riviera!

SevenSummits said...

Thanks so much BuJ,
last time I put everyone into the Hilton, while I stayed at a tiny Indian place to make a political statement.
Funny was the fact that since I was the "tribal chief", everyone just followed me to my tiny place for get togethers and dinner - nobody even mentioned the fact that this place was 100% alcohol- free.

Your recommendation sounds a lot better though :-)

BuJ said...

ya 7s.. it's not good to dwell in the past.. it's good to learn one's lesson and move along.

so which hotel did you stay at? was it the Taj? I been to all of those, and the Taj has good food but my absolute favorite is the Riviera.. since my childhood.

if you go there, say bujassem said hi :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Hahaha Al-, NOT funny at all.. NOT funny

nick said...

Did you all know that Rosh chose his nickname because he secretly admires Hritik Roshan..

rosh said...

Yup Nick - I do. Infact I dance like him, look like him and guess what my first name is his last name - hurray, can't wait to kick start my B'wood career of fluff, fantasy and all that defines "nonsense" to the T.


rosh said...

You know what Al - am sooooo tempted to agree with you on this aspect of the Taliban. As they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining - lol :)

rosh said...

Sinjab - I've met Hrithik R - have to admit, he came across as a nice chap. Quite handsome ofcourse and more importantly, very genuine, quite down to earth - and a very simple chap. It was a pleasure meeting him for those 2 minutes. Can't help wonder what he's doing in this monkey business?

But seriously, I don't "hate" all of this movie business...... However, just given the hysteria and "blind" faith most sub-cons have about B'wood (even the educated ones) - I can't help understand, why this blind faith, because most often, it's just fluff innit?

rosh said...

..........and perhaps you are correct, must be more tolerant.......but then again, did you watch IYM's link?


Am sure there are alternatives, sub-cons in general can be proud of, like the Taj Mahal for instance.

Al Sinjab said...

Ok, I just watched the link. No comment :P

It's not that I'm more tolerant, I just genuinely like them. I confess, I've only seen a handful of Bollywood films. Here's what I dig:

1. The dancing! Some of them have amazing choreography and I'm not ashamed to say I've pulled some Bollywood moves on the dance floor myself.

2. The music. It's light, fun and catchy. That's what pop music is supposed to be. It's not a substitue for other forms of music, but it's something enjoyable. And at least in the English translations, the lyrics are better than their English pop counterparts!

3. The simple, classic love stories (that aren't about someone leaving their fiance because of 'destiny' or a bunch of sexed up teenagers waiting for the big night).

4. They are suggestive and sensual but clean. I hadn't taken my Mom to the cinema in years but I've finally found a genre we can watch together, where she doesn't fret about violence, language or excessive sexual details.

Mostly, they are just fun. They give me the same feeling of the American movies from the 1950s that I used to watch with my Dad when I was a little girl. Those movies are classics for a reason and as cheesy as Bollywood can be, there is something timeless about it too!

rosh said...

Al Sinjab,

I fainted/passed out after reading all that........

....shall comeback with thoughts, to bring you over from the "dark side" ;)

*mubling to self* - knew, it was gonna bite me at the rear end.


Al Sinjab said...

That's not to say they should be taken too seriously (blind faith is always a dangerous thing) but I don't think pop culture should be dismissed either. Politically, it is an interesting reflection and creator of different identites.

Plus, it's still culture and it's popular because it strikes a chord with so many people.

I see it as complementary to other cultural aspects (like traditional dance and music, architecture, literature etc.) not in opposition to it.

Al Sinjab said...

Oh, lol, you're online now!

Damn, and I was just about to jhoom jhoom my way over to a friend's birthday party...

david santos said...

My friend, Please!

Send an email to the Brazil embassj your country and repor the injustice that the brazilian courts are making with this girl
Release on Flavia’s accident and status of the process.

The resignation is to stop the evolution. (David Santos in times without end)

Thank you

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh.. BuJ.. OMG
The devil is back..

nick said...

My friend, Pleazzz!

Send an email to the Indian embassji your country and repor the injustice that the Indian camera are making with this girl with boots.
Release on road accident and status of the process.

The resignation is to stop the evolution. (David Santos in times without end, nor sense)

Thanking you so much, Sir.

PS: Find Madeleine!
Go look.
Thank you.

al-republican said...

I am guessing David Santos is the bad guy here?

Inspire Your Mind said...

Rosh, you're missing out on what's happening here on your blog..
The weirdo is back..
Maybe I should check Kuwaiti blogs and other khaleeji blogs that this Santos guy is fooling around with !
Now my previous theory about him is getting confirmed ! right !

BuJ said...

yeah, stronzo came to my blog too.. i suggest you go find Madeleine first you boring boring guy.

rosh said...

It's less creepy of a message this time. I guess he goes around posting this to garner attention to the issue, in addition to all the media coverage dished to me daily.

rosh said...

Nick - honestly, I don't think Indians care about each other. They may show they care about everyone else, but(for the most part) when it comes to standing up for another Indian, prime example is those labourers in the UAE, and how fellow Indians take advantage of them.

I haven seen it here in North America (so have fellow UAEians) and in the UAE. I say so, given the number of times I've been at the receiving end of Indian angst, especially those fresh of the boat. It's quite sad, really.

rosh said...

Sinjab -

Re: tolerance and all, am on board with ya, likewise, agree bollywood musicals/movies should be taken at it's value and perhaps not anything more.

Personally, what does get to me at times (fully realizing none of this is critical talk) - is the level of "importance" and "value" extended towards such lackluster "creative stunts" - personally, it comes across quite tacky. I've seen educated folks, going bananas over some lousy movie.....most of which made zero sense and even lousier actors :)

There is much passionate debate amongst some desi's on such movies - most of which makes little sense to me. Often, I am left with disbelief, folks can't see thru such tacky work?

True, the music and dancing(?) can be pleasing, and some women folk are quite pretty, however, these don't make a movie similar to say -A Roman Holiday, Gone with the wind, Forrest Gump or even a cheesy Titanic eh? So you know, the actors don't sing, apparently someone else does the singing, actors sorta mimic it all - I guess, that's creative in some way.... :) ?

Talk about moving with the times, except for a - Hairspray (which I loved by the way), hollywood doesn't repeat itself from the 40's or 50's - fully realizing, am a sucker for the oldies :)

I could go on - however, to each his own........guess I'll never know the "beauty" of b'wood, and quite honestly, don't think am missing much :) Given a choice (to vent) I rather not have such trend across the globe, including UAE.

If you like Desi movies, I'd recommend, Bend it like Beckham - it had a soul, nice music & was quite well made.

nick said...


hollywood doesn't repeat itself from the 40's or 50's

luckily TCM repeats them daily!!

Out of the 700 channels I got at home, guess what I am watching every night..

Al Sinjab said...

Agreed :) It's tacky, the acting stinks and the singers lip sink (although I think they make an effort to match the same singer to the same actor in different movies, kind of an artform like dubbing used to be). In no way does it compare to a serious dramatic movie - hollywood, desi, or otherwise. And really, isn't that the charm?

After all of this talk, I decided it was time to kick it to some new tunes so last night I rented Lagaan, a musical about (your favourite!) cricket and evil British Landlords.

Which makes me think that Buj should set about writing a UAE musical soon...

rosh said...

Lagaan eh? cricket/ b'wood combo! Talk of an intense heartburn - big time hahahaha :)

You are correct you know, some people do find the beauty of it, because it is different - guess, I just don't have that gene/brain cell etc perhaps?

BuJ - please don't start a UAE b'wood musical of sorts - phuleasze, I beg you :)

SevenSummits said...

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

Ha, ha, ha …. Nick, welcome to our non-aggressive blogspot!
"… I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." :-)

Promise, we will not tell that you have a romantic side as well :P… and damn, she did go with the wrong guy! ROFL! :-)))

SevenSummits said...

Sorry Rosh :-( - get well soon!
(check your email!)

Yes, you were absolutely correct – you can do nothing about a cold onces you caught it. Stay away from those meds!

However you can do a lot to prevent getting it in the first place. Sports (especially outdoor!), a healthy diet and staying away from all drugs (alcohol and smoking as well!) can get you an immune system that is strong enough to cope with all those attacks. I have not had a cold for years, but the results of my regular check up correlate with this phenomenon. Totally healthy and simply not a wimp! (Will get my snail mail in a T-Shirt while it is 0°C out there)

Urban folks are often responsible for all those tiny illnesses they are suffering from – you can see it, as soon as you walk into the next supermarket – everyone is coughing and sneezing! Why – because everywhere indoors is totally overheated and people are dressed like they are planning an expedition to the North Pole, while it is currently about 5C° out there. No wonder everyone is getting sick ….

Have you tried a sauna session? It is hell, I know and last time I tried it, was with an Emirati friend of mine (to proof a point) Well he did better than me in the end, both enduring the heat and brrrr – I don’t even want to think about it. Anyhow, they say that it is very healthy for your immune system. (if you don’t have a cardiac insufficiency)

nick said...

Lagaan wasn't really a Bollywood flick, though. It's one of these manipulative 'cross-over' films like 'Bride and Prejudice' - you know, some white people in it and less dancing.
The only thing that makes it still Bollywood is the atrocious acting.

It wasn't always like that though.

Since I like classic movies I also watch some old Hindi movies. There was some serious acting going on in black and white. And the song's made sense, somehow.

nick said...

get well, but don't trust the Germans - a sauna session whilst already sick can literally kill you. You see, only the 'master race' can do that, t shirt at 0 degr. etc ;)

Instead try the homeopathic 'echinacea' over longer periods before season changes, or a shot of 1000mg Vitamin C at the slightest sign of flu.

Casablanca was too contrived...Instead, I prefer something like Marx brothers, the 'Thin man' series, Philadelphia Story and anything with Spencer Tracy

rosh said...

Nick, you too "naaaooooo!!!" how can this be!! :)

A friend dragged me to watch Lagaan, I walked out after 10 mins into the movie - I walked back in an hour & a half later - people playing "cricket", turned around and walked out again, and didn't come back :) After that she'd never asked me out for a movie again :)

I am sure, there must be rare positive stuff from B'wood? But all this tacky stuff that's doing the rounds, just gets to me - it's like everybody's talking about it, like "in your face" or something...

I did happen to see some shooting for a Sharook Khan movie at Times Square few years back....don't know what is it they were shooting, except some girl kept running into his arms (the b'wood way) over and over again(??) and he'd hug her and she would "throw" her hair at him and he'd smile, she'd smile - they'd twist and turn (in a cheezy dramatic way) and she'd run (or was it jog) away from him....and he would repeatedly run his fingers thru his hair and grin?

This is all they shot that weekend morning, for 2 freakin hours???

Bride and Prejudice was aight, I watched portions of it more for Ash Rai than anything else :), but loved Bend it like Beckham - that was sooo well made.

rosh said...

Thanks Nick - I'll live.

Hmmmm "homeopathic 'echinacea' shot of 1000mg Vitamin C" eh?

Philadelphia Story - now you talkin Nick! LOVED IT!


BuJ said...

Rosh your story with the film is like my story with the Titanic. Can't stand it. I saw it in the Al Nasr Cinema.. surely you can reminisce :)

BTw, no plans for a bollow-wood musical, thank you very much!

SevenSummits said...

Oh yeah, Katharine Hepburn – great choice. :-) Spencer Tracy films as well! I personally really liked him as well as Burt Lancaster and William Shatner in the “Judgment at Nuremberg”
… but sometimes one just needs a “contrived” movie to switch off.

Get your specs – Nick, the sauna recommendation was under the prophylactic section! Not while Rosh is sick of course ….
'Echinacea' ???? Sounds almost like a female imposition! Vitamin C – yes – but please only in a natural form! I heard that ginger will help as well?! If you instantly want to sleep it out try self – distillated Vogelbeerschnaps (rowanberry schnaps)
If all this does not help, find a Nigerian restaurant in NY and request a real Nigerian Pepper Soup (Yoruba version)! That will cure it instantly – not only that you will sweat it out, but all those germs will leave voluntarily. (But I am not sure, if they will be allowed to serve the real original in the States :-)- a lot of people would sue.)

As for the “master race” - it is impure, mixed with Viking blood and whatever else caused me to have hazel eyes, so no need to worry – besides, that was my grand-and great-grandparent’s generation! I am at any rate “pro crossbreeding” – making Heidi Klum and Seal the best example of a perfect couple! ;) (Also shows that men have to be neither handsome, nor extremely rich to be loved – just damn lucky!)

... better go and suck in an episode of Boston Legal – I need my daily dose of humor. :-)

rosh said...

Heidi Klum & Seal - Nice!

Thanks for all the tips and kind wishes - I'll recover, soon, hopefully. On the bright side, I got to breathe a bit, think of life and stare at those beautiful fall colours.

Si si BuJ - Al Nasr brings tonsa memoirs, too bad it's no more...:(

nick said...

except some girl kept running into his arms (the b'wood way) over and over again(??) and he'd hug her and she would "throw" her hair at him and he'd smile, she'd smile - they'd twist and turn (in a cheezy dramatic way) and she'd run (or was it jog) away from him....and he would repeatedly run his fingers thru his hair and grin

LOL. Rosh, spot on - that's all that is to a Bollywood movie.

With all the other scriptwirters striking you may well be onto a new career!