Thursday, October 04, 2007

mind matters......

"Great minds discuss ideas - Average minds discuss events - Small minds discuss people."

Given the "Britney" coverage and all sorts of celebrity related media coverage these day, I personally believe, the above phrase, sadly says a lot about the common man.

Personally, there is an overwhelming media coverage on rather redundant and petty celebrity news/events. From Britney's MTV appearance, to losing custody of her kids -the O J Simpson 90's trial flashbacks to his recent arrest - Halle Berry's pregnancy, Brangelina and another buncha countless trivial stuff.

To me, it's all mind boggling - the extent of coverage for such petty issues and the number of *analysts* who come on these shows to give their *quantum physics* take on the chain of *events*. Top it all with million dollar paychecks of clowns who manage to *sensationalize* such trivial news to the average Joe & Jane.

Likewise, more recently in the UAE, I've noted Gulf News and other broadcast media covers similar redundant news on Bollywood. Personally, it's quite upsetting to read or watch stuff about a bunch of clowns with zero substance or talent - dished out much media coverage. I cannot understand, why someone would need to know if two actors are shacking up, wearing designer clothes, having each other's babies or just climbing trees. Aren't there alternative news & events of substance to cover within the UAE? Surely our minds need to know more than just celebrity news?

As soon as I sense anything remotely celebrity related on television, I switch channels. Sadly, there aren't many more channels to switch, given most of them broadcast such stuff.

Which brings me to ask - what is wrong with the picture tube today? Why do the average Joe & Jane love such such coverage - why let the media continue to cover such *stories* - especially, given there are a hundred alternative news events of substance happening across the world?

When Oman went thru Gonu, causing much havoc to life and property - here in the US, we had to a 15 second comment from CNN and FOX. The worst part - the FOX lady, read that portion, like it was *unimportant* - similar to how grannies discuss laundry or something. Instead, we were dished with coverage of some drunken, partied out, top heavy Blonde gone missing - with all sorts of analysts and private detective clowns giving their take on - "what could have happened to her" -mind you, these are national TV stations.

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