Saturday, January 29, 2011

storm & snow

We got so much snow the last couple of weeks. It's been fun, but it's sort of become.. bit of an onslaught. There is so much snow -- hills of snow, everywhere. I don't think it's ever going to melt away.

Commuting in to work takes forever, but the humour helps :) It's good to know everybody is in together, and just trying to get through the day.

..and finally, some calming sunshine!


el Shahlab said...

*is nostalgic*

I miss the US.

Where is your baby by the way, the Audi?

rosh said...

Hey El, I hear you. Where did you live whilst in the US? Boston?

The baby is holding up brilliantly, the Quattro is just perfect for this sort of mayhem. I have to say the A6 has a firmer grip on the snow & slush, yet easy maneuverability to the A and the S4s from the past. She just goes over all that snow like nobody's business lol!

BTW, my mom was going on about the 15 minutes of subtle mayhem back home..or at least in SHJ couple of days ago. What was that?

Al-ain Rose said...

wow snowww
send us some here in the UAE

or at least in SHJ couple of days ago. What was that?

you don't hear of what's going on in the middle east? :P

Al-ain Rose said...

have a break from lookin' at that cold white stuff and have a look at the flowers photos I took

el Shahlab said...

Washington,DC but I've been to Boston and NY. I loved NY more. I was in NY once during winter and another times in the summer. I liked it more in winter.

When are you getting the R8? ;)
Come summer, that should be your new ride in NY!

Mayhem in Shj? Hmm, Shj is the capital of mayhems. Traffic jams, swamps from the rain, pollution, never ending construction work..I am not sure which one your mom meant? lol

There is mayhem in the Middle East though.

Check my latest post at elShahlab's.

rosh said...

Salam Rose. I'm thinking SHJ had a mini tornado (?) I am following what's going on in Egypt. Sounds like the beginning of 21st century revolution in the Arab world.

Sorry Rose, things at my end have been a bit uncanny the past few weeks. I shall visit the Al Ain photo blog following this message lol.

El, you went to Georgetown?

I agree, NY is the nicest place in Fall and Winter. It's a horrible place in the Summer lol! Nah, mafi R8 for me. I don't have that kind of fuloos. Even if I did, I wouldn't spend on a car.

Hey hey hey, the mayhem town is also home :) OK, so there isn't the glam sham or the fuloss (or the order) to get things done the DXB or AD way, but the town has a soul, unlike any other, which sort of offsets the shortcomings, I say :)

I did read your last post. It's very well written, and said. I do read all your posts. I shall circle back with a thought or two. In a way it's pretty incredible what's going on eh. A lof of people are watching Egypt carefully. Gas prices have already shot up overnight in this part of the world. Now only if Americans rose up against Wall Street fat cats and brought down the raw, greed capitalism.

Faisal Haji said...

:D I love a fresh coat of snow!

el Shahlab said...

AU, rosh. Was about to have my Master's at GT, but that's when the Sept 11th events took place. So I came back home. Forced, rather, by my parent :) Things got ugly for Arab students who were living there at the time.

rosh said...

Hey FH. I love snow and winter too! But with the winter beating this year, I'm sort of cautious what I wish for lol :D I can't wait for Spring. Last year, we didn't have much if spring. It went from Winter to Summer, with a few days of spring sprinkled in between.

El, was it really bad back then for the Arab students? I'm only asking, because I've heard about it often, however, the people I knew at the time didn't ever directly face serious issues. My brother and I were here at the time. His friends (few Arabs and GCC raised kids) and he, were at Columbia and SUNY, and it was OK..generally. Anyway, all in the past.

el Shahlab said...

I didn't face any kind of probelms or harassments, but several guys I know did. Truth be told, for me it was quite the contrary, my professors, Univ offices, and many friends were very supportive during that period. That's why I wanted to stay, but couldn't convince my parent :)

rosh said...

Hey El, sorry for the delayed comment. Work + biz travels = no time for self.

I too was fortunate to have positive folks around me. I'm not Arab, but most folks at work, at the gym / the tennis club knew where I grew up, and were incredibly nice. Because I’m not a US citizen, I had to register myself with the FBI every year..the lawyers took care of the paperwork, but other than that, it was all smooth sailing. You know what it is - ignorance. If most folks took the effort to understand / experience the everyday folks in the ME region, they'd understand the drivel from the media, is just that, drivel. You’d find the isolated cuckoos everywhere.

el Shahlab said...

You said it; ignorance and skewed media coverage, and each one leads to the other.

I recently recommended a book on The Emirates' Blogazine covering the latter issue (People Like Us), a really good read.

Firefox said...

Love it.