Friday, May 29, 2009

allo allo..

I should blog more often. I apologize for ignoring this blog - not a nice thing to do. I've got no excuses, except, work and travels. Travels take much away from time to self. I'm not quite liking business travels anymore. They say the world's become smaller. I find my days, weeks (and life) have become shorter, for the most part.

Summer's here in the city. I'm no fan of summer, especially in NYC. Tons of tourists. Often they'd get and walk about (S-L-O-W-L-Y) in midst of morning (and evening) rush hour, taking pictures, casual chat & strolls - Oh fun! And people refuse to wear clothes. I've never understood when the once fine line being comfortably clothed and blatant nudity vanished..?

I have thoughts to pen, however it's past One in the morning. I need to call mom & dad, short chat, say prayers and hit the sack. THANK GOD for the weekend! I'm going to be lounging by the pool (it's on the 58th floor, with a view into Central Park - nahahaa!) soak up the sun, enjoy that subtle breeze, read a book and let the soul come out and live for the day.