Tuesday, August 05, 2008

been a while

Apologies for my absence. Had a few issues kicking up a storm at work and in life. They say life comes at you fast, things change quite quickly - it's true. Life does come at you fast. I have finally realized things that matter in life are those which make our hearts long that extra bit. Life is definitely worth all those troubles and worries and more.

Co-incidentally, a fellow blogger had a post of taking her life short. Am not sure why, but felt I had to say something, not just to herself, but also to myself.

Ups and downs are part of life. Life is precious because we live only ONCE. It's precious 'cause, everything we've always known - ever, is from living it. The good and the bad. Those positive memoirs, our family, friends, dear & near - all those and more that we've experienced is because we've lived.

Talk of taking life short is short sighted - 'cause you don't know what tomorrow, or the day after holds. It doesn't take much for lives to change.

I have my share (and more) of downs every year. However am always thankful for the opportunity to live - to have lived, to meet people, to experience growing up, to have mom and dad in my life, for my friends, to have travelled and meet people I may have never known, for the lovely fall days and foliage colours, for the beautiful UAE winter days and those rare blue skies, for those long drives, for beautiful melancholy moments and tears and so much more - for all those very reasons that prove our existence and lives are absolutely worth it.

In short, take a look at all those lovely blessings in life. Take a look at how much you shall miss being with all those who matter, how much you shall lose out on - forever. Now say a silent prayer, and smile at tomorrow's coming.


Tainted Female said...

Thank you. There is much more I wish to say, but dare not in public.

May you be blessed always.

Mars said...


moryarti said...

Not sure what you are you going thru exactly, but hope all is well bro..

Keep your chin up

the real nick said...


kaya said...

Mashallah what a heartwarming post.Dil se as we say.
Everything you say rings true.
In my deepest darkest hours when I had reached out for the bottle of panadol, I am glad I was too chicken to go through with it.
But nothing stays the same, not time, not the love we think will last forever, not even the day.
But you know what just around that corner; another day beckons, another love, and you just have to belive in that around the corner.
Tell your friend,as I tell myself, I have only this chance to live this life, and I am damned if anything will break me. It can bring me down, but as they say what wont kill you will make you stronger.
LOOK rosh!!!
The sun is coming out.

BuJ said...

welcome back Rosh :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Have a lava hike Rosh.. it will for sure make you live and experience 'the moment' !

That's what we need the most.. to experience the moment and forget all about the past and the tomorrows..


frances said...

Thanks for the superb post Rosh. Feel as though I'm lying on a million pillows.
Seriously, you're right, life is short and it's always changing. When a person is feeling low, the worst thing is to be all alone. I commend you for reaching out to the fellow blogger who must've needed a friend.

sea life said...

Welcome back, dear Rosh :)
I hope everything is fine with you.

archer14 said...

I believe it takes a lot of wallowing to truly emerge from the depths of those melancholic days...from my personal experience. But give it time, and the sun will shine through. And then there's no turning back!

rosh said...

Hola Tainted: thank you, and thank you :)

thanks Mars

Hey Mori, all's well bro - am learning to *grow up* and *find* myself :) there's plenty of reality checks :)

Amen Nick.

Kaya-g, you sweet humble soul. Thank you for the kindest words.

Mr BuJ/IYM - lava it is then :)

Frances/Sea life: very true, thanks for your kind words. Am well.

Welcome to my blog Archer: true indeed. I really like your blog :)

i*maginate said...

Rosh, the grin slides rightways.

How on earth can we find such beautiful words that influence us in some way or another.


You are amazing.

aoc gold said...

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i*maginate said...

You have this kind of mesmerising way with words that has such a magical effect...

You create happiness out of what may seem sadness for others.

And if there's something good in life that one can remember, it's that one read words such as yours -totally uplifting. And people just need other people who make each other feel good :)

xx one of your fans...

rosh said...

Jeez princess, is that your way of saying - "dude, blog more often" ? :) Shukrans for those very kind words. I shall be back with more thoughts (positive and lousy) - way too much going on in life these days. Wallah, no time :)

Hope things are well.

i*maginate said...

I don't think it's necessarily how often one blogs...it's just nice to read nice posts once in a while!

Take care and hope all is going well.

Jawahir Jewels (JJ) said...

welcome back to you and moi heheh

hope things are brighter at your end by now and it is true lif is a beautiful gift

i*maginate said...

hello rosh, was thinking about you

existential al ain said...