Saturday, May 03, 2008


I like having an optimist,or perhaps two, around. Someone with a positive outlook on life. Someone who shall always find something positive in a given bleak situation, look at the sunny side of everything and make that sense of optimism shine an extra bit. Someone who can just be as enthusiastic/happy/content given smiles & success of others as you are about your own. Someone perhaps too positive to give into worry, anger, angst or fear.

I've always had an optimist who guided silently thru life. And though I've not had constant direct guidance come my way often, I've seen and experienced she help and talk people into a positive frame of mind. She spoke her mind and held her own thru worried times, neck above water and emotions at bay. And though she has extended more than she could afford toward those less optimistic and to those who've wronged her, she's often been an optimist to many I've known. She isn't perfect, given any stretch, but she is fine. She found words and help find the spirit, if not the perfect solution, and help those feel the spirit of optimism.

Personally, in a way, I find it sort of surprising, 'cause I quite didn't realize or think much of all the above, until way thru in life, more so recently. Hence this simple post & few casual thoughts to mom, whom I've come to realize as the eternal optimist.


i*maginate said...

That is mothers.

My sunshine, my eternal love!

I wish I could understand what it is like to have an offspring to unconditionally love.

Mothers - a blessing.

Tim Noble said...

It's best to be optimistic I've found!

Great Blog!

Tim ;)

BuJassem said...

bless your mom, and all our moms and good moms out there always!

the glass is always at least half full!

Tim Noble said...

Wise, wise words!

Anca said...

God bless all our mothers and keep them healthy!
I call my mother "my favourite loader"; no matter what kind of troubles, I just call her and she loads my battery!!!

Tim Noble said...

To me my mother is like a ray of sunlight in a dark sky!

rosh said...

Hi i* - true that, moms make all things just right. Am sure you shall feel the blessings soon enough :)

Hello Tim - welcome to my blog. I agree, best to be optimistic - and yes, I've come to realize mom is my ray of light and positive thoughts when am down. At times I just take it all for granted, but as I grow/mature I've learned to value her presence so much more. Thanks for your kind words :)

Ahlan Mr BuJ: yup best to look at it half full, 'cause what you have is more worth than what you don't :) Spoken like a true professor - yet again.

Hi Anca: welcome to my blog, same here mate, am often uplifted :)

Anonymous said...

May God protect & bless your mother as well as all mothers. No matter how much we try, we can never pay back for the love & sacrifices of our mothers.

Jayne said...

Mum's are special people. My own mum has always been available for me to 'offload' (amongst other things!) & I tell her often how much I love her. Grandma (my motherbylaw) was the eternal optimist bless her & would always find something positive to say in a bad situation.
I'm a mum & my (soon to be) 27yr old son knows I'd do anything for him, but I also understand that he has to be allowed to make mistakes & learn from them.

Mum's are special Rosh. We offer unconditional love, we nurse scraped knees & wounded egos. We lend money when we're broke ourselves & we we try our best never to say "no" :-)

I'm sure your mom is one very wonderful lady :-)

ammaro said...

optimism is good... no matter what situation you're in, its one of the few things that is going to get you through the day/week/year/life!

keep it up,

Lilliy said...

Your right we underestimate our moms and take them most of the time for granted because we know they love us no matter what..
Optimism is great I find that its a hard virtue to have in life these times, life is too complicated and filled with disappointments, but at the same time there are also triumphs but we tend to always overlook them and concentrate on the negative aspects.. thats why its nice to have the optimists.. they tend to remind you that life has the smiling side even when the other side is showing us its nasty face.